Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reviewing Yr2012

2012 will come to an end. Another year passed by. We are all nearer to the grave. Who knows what lies ahead in 2013?

People always make a remark that.. how time flies..

Time does not fly, only us are being deceived by time. Time is the same be it in 2012 or 1912. Most people fail to reflect on their lives as they are always "busy" on doing things..

I took 11 days leave to reflect of what I have achieved in 2012. When I review back, there was a lot that I achieved in 2012. My "IngatAllah" always reminded me of my 4 objectives. Hafazan (Surah2 lazim), Jawi, Asmaul Husna & Bahasa Arab.

My constant conciousness of the existence of ALLAH is always being checked. Next 27th Ramadan 1434, I will celebrate my 50th birthday in Islamic Lunar calender.

"Ya Allah, give to me strength, so that I can be your slave in true sense like Prophet Muhammad SAW. Please do not test me with something that I cannot handle. Protect me & my family from the fire of hell. Give me the knowledge to eleviate myself higher. Give me sincerity in doing ibdah to you" Amiiiin ya Allah 

MILO & how I grew with it..

I was thinking about my past that I came across something that I must write.

It is about MILO. A NESTLE product chocolate drink that has been around for nearly 50 years.
When I was small, I drank 5 mugs of MILO everyday. The MILO was mixed with condensed milk (susu pekat) & was very sweet.

This nourishing drink was my favourite drink since I was 4 years old back in 1969. I remember drinking it until 1977 when I was in Standard 6 in SRK Alam Shah (1), Petaling Jaya. I obtained 5As in my so called UPSR examination.

When I entered Malay College Kuala Kangsar in 1978-82, MILO will be my order every weekend to KK town. Again, the MILO was served with condensed milk & I love the sweet & chocolate taste of it. On average, I took 2 mugs every week.

When I first went to England to take my "A" levels & OND in 1983, I finally managed to stop drinking MILO on a regular basis. Nonetheless, I used to pack 2.5kg of MILO to bring back to England whenever I came back to Malaysia for my summer break.  But that 2.5kg MILO will only last me for 1 month in the UK (1983-88). I could not find MILO in the UK. When I finally found a shop selling MILO in Woolwich, South East London in 1987, the taste is not the same as Malaysian produced MILO. So, I did not buy it.

When I came back to Malaysia in August 1988 to work, I started to drink MILO again on a regular basis. This time I took 2 mugs a day without fail, still with condensed milk (1 during breakfast and 1 after dinner).

When I got engaged in December 1992, one of my "hantaran" to the bride was a tin of MILO. That was to show the importance of the drink in my life. When I got married in 1993, I still drink MILO once a day (during breakfast). This habit went on until 2002, when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.

I started taking MILO "kosong" (no more condensed milk). This habit went on until October 2010 when I have a blocked artery. I finally stop drinking MILO on a regular basis. There will be the odd ocassion that I drink MILO, but I am no more a regular MILO drinker... only air kosong

MILO will be a part of my life... That Green tin/wrapper will forever be in my memory from the age of 4

Outing with family and the story of mosquitoes..

On Christmas Day 2012, me & my family (wife, 4 daughters, 1 niece) 7 of us, we went excursion to Kuala Selangor Nature Park, near Bukit Malawati,Kuala Selangor.

It was a very nice outing. Driving thro 2 new expressways (Guthrie & Latta), we reached Kuala Selangor from Petaling Jaya in 50 munites. We took off from PJ at 11.15am. Took lunch, perform Zuhor prayers at nearby surau & commence our walk thro the Mangrove swamp area beside the Malawati Hill.

There were many floura & fauna, but what really strike us were the amount of mosquitoes that bite us. Literally, hundreds of them. Maybe it is the rainy season that made this situation. We were the only 7 people in the Nature Park. Kind of imagine that the whole area belongs to us..

My youngest daughter (Anis) again asked me, why did Allah make mosquitoes? Well, I did tell her once that whatever Allah create in this world, there is a use to it... Now how shall I answer this question.. I asked her to walk along, as I buy some time for me to find the perfect answer..

This was my answer
 In Surah AlBaqarah:26 Allah did mention about mosquito. In fact that is the only surah that mentioned about mosquito in the whole of Quran. It says that "Allah tidak segan untuk membuat perumpamaan berupa NYAMUK". Allah made mosquitoes to make a comparison that this WORLD and whatever contains in it is like a mosquito to Allah, something that is NOT WORTH and make your life miserable.

Allah also made mosquitoes so that human being must keep their compound clean & make sure that there is no contained water that can breed mosquitoes. He made mosquitoes so that humans take good care of their houses and compounds. 

So there you go Anis, Allah made mosquitoes for a purpose.
1. To compare that this WORLD means almost like mosquitoes (almost worthless)
2. To make humans to take care of their surroundings to be clean with no contained water that can breed mosquitoes..

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where do we want to go...

We always hear in many occasions these questions from corporate Consultants:-

"Where do you want to go" & "How do you want to get to where you want to go" in many corporate strategic planning seminars.

My own observation is that NOT MANY corporations really know where do they want to go... Profit seems to be the No.1 place where corporations want to be heading to....

When you really THINK deep... the really place that ALL of us (no exceptions) are heading is to the GRAVE.

There is no SINGLE person that is not heading to his/her death. Even the famous Harry Houdini or Alexander the Great is not spared from going there.

So, we really have to make the most of what we have in our lives in order to make this world a better place. How to achieve this.. Simply follow the Quran & Sunnah of prophet Muhammad SAW.

There is a saying.. "Too many good things is NOT GOOD". Too many sugar or too much eating is not good. Likewise, too many exercise or too much diet is also not good.

So, just take whatever is necessary in order to feel good & share the rest with other people. The pleasure of GIVING.

So in simple words, the answer to
"Where do you want to go?" - To DIE and meet our Creator

"How do you want to get to where you want to go" - By following the Quran & Sunnah of prophet Muhammad SAW & only taking whatever is necessary & share the rest with others.

What a wonderful world for ALL of us before we eventually DIE...
Allah hu Akbar

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Below are 30 points to improve your life. They are divided into 3 main categories. Your own self, your relationship with others and your relation with ALLAH

1. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
2. Don't have negative thoughts of things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment
3. Don't over do things; keep to your limits
4. Don't take yourself so seriously; no one else does
5. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip
6. Dream more while you are awake
7. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need..
8. Forget issues of the past. Don't remind your partner of his/her mistakes of the past. That will ruin your present happiness.
9. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don't hate others.
10. Make peace with your past so it won't spoil the present
11. No one is in charge of your happiness except you. Don't ever let other people upset you. Take full charge of yourself
12. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.
13. Smile and laugh more
14. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

Other people:
15. Call your family often
16. Each day give something good to others
17. Forgive everyone for everything
18. Spend time with people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6
19. Try to make at least one person smile each day
20. What other people think of you is none of your business
21. Your job will not take care of you when you are sick. Your family and friends will. Stay in touch with yr family & close friends

22. Put Allah first in anything and everything that you think, say and do.
23. Allah heals everything
24. Do the right things
25. However good or bad a situation is, it will change
26. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up
27. The best is yet to come
28. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful
29. When you awake alive in the morning, thank & praise Allah for it
30. If you know Allah you will always be happy. So, be happy.

Life is full of JOY!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

London Underground

When I used the London Underground (famously known as the TUBE) every morning & evening during my business trip to London recently, I observed that almost ALL of the passengers are like in a hurry. Their facial expression showed they are not happy. The TUBE is very packed during rush hours (7-9am). That is why they are in a hurry, it is Rush Hour..

I asked myself, are these people happy? Here I am in arguably the most modern & fashionable City in the world asking this question.

I found out that the majority are not. They are like a bunch of bees, flying around to find food for the day. It this the way of life? No doubt, most of them dress in a fashionable manner, carrying smartphones, reading newspapers and listening to Ipods. But, they looked that there is still something that is missing from their lives.

Then I realised that only in the rememberence of Allah will you find peace and happiness. I smiled to an elderly lady in the Tube, and she smiled back. That made my day.. and hers too! At least I know.. one person is happy!

Remembering Allah in a sincere manner makes you happy wherever you are in the world.. whether in the remote areas of Bawean, Indonesia or in Leceister Square, London, UK... 

Business trip to London...

My business trip to London started on 26 Nov 2012. Arrived at London Heathrow on Monday morning 26th Nov. Brings back memories during my student days way back in summer of 1988 (24 years ago).

I have been back to London on 3 occassions, all on business trips in 1995, 2002 and 2005. If the pattern continues, the next business trip to London will be in 2015 (years ending with 5!)

Anyway, this time, I came to represent the company on Asset Management Annual Conference and Dinner. The venue is at Queen Elizabeth II Convention Centre in Wesminster. I can clearly see the Parliment House, Big Ben, Eye of London & Wesminster Abbey from the Convention Centre. The trip includes business trip to 3 companies in Isle of Man, Warwick and North London (Potters Bar). Visited the new Malaysia Hall near Bayswater.

Weather since I arrived was rainy, with Northern part of UK being flooded. Temperature in daytime was around 0-5 Celcius, with night temperature below freezing. That is COLD for a typical November standards!

I got to know that I was selected to go to this conference on 23 Nov 2012! It was just 48 hours before the flight departure. Anyway, this is what they call FATE. Allah arranged this trip for me and I used this opportunity to have the time to ponder upon His greatness & continuing Blessings. Constantly reminding myself to always be concious of Allah at ALL times...

Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar.. Laila haillallah 

Seperated between continents within 3 days

Never imagined that within three(3) days my family is being seperated in 4 different continents.

My sister is starting her Chemoteraphy session, I asked my eldest daughter to help her in Auckland, New Zealand. My better half is acompanying and helping my aunt on a long trip to Vancouver, Canada. My aunt is 70 years old, and needs help in the long haul flight, as her knees are relatively weak.

I got to know that I have to go to London to attend an Annual International Conference on Asset Management. While the other three(3) daughters are staying in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

My daughter's flight to Auckland was on 23th Nov, my wife's on 24th Nov and mine on 25th Nov.
By the 26th of Nov 2012, my family members were divided into 4 continents; Asia, Oceania, North
America and Europe.

Wow! What a story to tell...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Coretan sedikit berkenaan dengan amalan baik dari Jepun 5-S

Seiri - Sisih - Sorting
Seaton - Susun - Setting in order
Seiso - Sapu - Shining
Seiketsu - Seragam - Standardise
Shitsuke - Sentiasa Amal - Sustain the practice.

Sebenarnya dalam Islam ada amalan2 baik ini.
Umat Islam selalu dinasihatkan supaya bersikap sederhana. Kita cuma simpan apa2 yg perlu sahaja.
Umat Islam juga disarankan supaya sentiasa menyusun hidup supaya sentiasa dalam keadaan teratur.

Suatu yg selalu umat Islam lupa ialah KEBERSIHAN. Adalah suatu amalan mahmudah yg sentiasa umat Islam lupa bahawa umat Islam mesti sentiasa bersih baik dalam keadaan fizikal (badan) mahupun dalam keadaan persekitaran (bilik air, tempat solat, tempat kerja, bilik tidur, tempat makan & dapur).

Ini yg selalu umat Islam lalai dalam melaksanakan. Bahkan umat bukan Islam lebih bersih dari umat2 Islam sendiri. Sempena tahun hijrah baru ini, saya menekankan KEBERSIHAN sebagai matlamat dimana ia bermula dari sikap kebersihan persekitaran dirumah & ditempat kerja.

Tapi perkataan BERSIH ini ramai yg gerun.. Mereka kata BERSIH yg kotor.. entahlah

Selamat Tahun Baru & Selamat Beramal

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who needs Batman

When you have Robin (Van Persie)..

My prediction is that Man United will be EPL Champions for the 20th time ahead of Man City & Chelsea for season 12/13.

Sir Alex made the most important decision in buying RVP from Arsenal. Another great Dutch striker (Ruud Van Nisterooy was the other).

Robin can convert half chances into goal, and once MU lead, there is no stopping them from collecting 3 points. Rooney can also swap places with Robin whenever necessary.

Another big advantage is if, Robin & Rooney fail score until 70th minute, then MU can bring in Hernandez or/and Wellbeck & defenders will have a difficult time adjusting to the new incoming striker(s). Just like in 1999, MU have Yorke&Cole (1st choice strikers) and can easily switch to Solkjaer/Sheringham (2nd choice); making defenders did not know how to handle the switch.

The only department needing strenghtening is the central defence. But with Vidic, Jones & Smalling coming back from injuries, this will be temporary. Special praise to Jonny Evans, who have been outstanding! Another player worth mentioning is Antonio Valencia, his runs & crosses are phenominal.

Thanks also to Fletcher for his courageous comeback from illness. Special tribute to oldies Scholes & Giggs, who have been fantastic in giving their experience to the young players..

Viva Man United 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


It can be said that a person is leading a good life when he has:

1. Peace of mind and contentment of the heart (Reda)
2. Blessing in the family : a pious wife and obedient children; they are the source of coolness to our eyes
3. Blessing of age : He is like a flower giving fragrance to other people and his time is spent meaningfully, always busy with the preparation for the life hereafter.
4. Blessing in earning : enough to fulfill his needs & giving in the path of Allah
5. Love and respect from ALLAH
6. Prayers which is accepted by ALLAH
7. Unseen & help & mercy of ALLAH is ALWAYS with him

If the kings of the world know the peace of mind that Allah S.W.T. bestows on His beloved servant, they will be very envious of what they have been deprived....however they are so much intoxicated with this world that they don't understand the reality of good life.

Check yourself whether you have achieve the true meaning of A GOOD LIFE...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Some Wise words.. practice them

Free from Hate, free from worry, be simple, Give more, expect less

The key to everything is PATIENCE
Life is a journey, not a destination
Never let Fear of Failure get into your way
When you lose, do not lose the lesson
To handle yourself, use your head.. To handle others, use your heart
Soft answer turns away wrath, harsh words stirs anger
Tongue of the wise uses knowledge, mouth of the fools pours foolishness
Don't judge each day with harvest that you reap, but the seeds that you plant

Keep smiling, as long as you smile, you still have hope

Thoughts-> words-> actions -> habits -> character -> destiny

Thinking about.... death

I am writing about my feeling lately....

Nothing serious, but more of a reflection of my life. I suppose I come to a stage whereby I have to think about... preparation to meet Allah.

Life is about making the most before you eventually die. Everyone must die. It is a question of how you die, rather than when you die.

I have started jogging again, just to keep my health in good shape. I also did a lot of reflection about my life until now. Well, I can afford to smile, as I think I have been living a good life. Alhamdulillah, there is not much pain that I went through.

I learn that life is what you make from it. Your reaction towards life shapes you. If we always have a positive attitude, then life is such a wonderful thing..

If love is what you show to people, then love is what you feel coming back to you...
We cannot change the past, neither can we control the future. It is the present that we really have to manage. Anger must always be checked. If we can refrain from talking too much, then it is for the better. Solat must be perform as early as when we hear the azan.

Syukur to Allah for whatever He has given to me until this moment. Allah knows best of what to give to me & I am in a state of redha. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paksa anak2 solat & belajar utk Ujian

Saya diberitahu bahawa ilmu adalah elemen yg sangat penting dalam ugama. Allah meninggikan darjat seseorang yg berilmu. Majlis2 ilmu juga diibaratkan sebagai taman2 syurga. Dengan ilmu, kita dapat meningkatkan ketaqwaan kita kepada Allah. Dengan ilmu juga iman & amal menjadi lebih mantap.

Peringkat ibadat ada 4
1. Paksa - Sebelum mencapai kemanisan iman, seseorang itu mesti dikerah & dipaksa melakukan sesuatu. Misalnya solat, kita mesti memaksa anak2 kita solat 5 waktu.
2. Doa- kita mesti sentiasa berdoa agar anak2 kita solat 5 waktu. Setelah berusaha, sekarang sampai tahap tawakkal & berserah diri pada Allah supaya Allah memberikan petunjuk & kekuatan kpd anak2 kita
3. Rela - Anak2 kita rela supaya kita sentiasa tegur mereka dalam melakukan solat. Mereka tidak lagi "liat" dalam mengerjakan solat, tapi mereka minta kita bantu mereka dalam memaksa mereka solat 5 waktu
4. Reda - Ini peringkat tertinggi. Anak2 kita tidak perlu lagi disuruh atau di ingatkan supaya solat. Mereka sudah mula mengecapi nikmat kemanisan iman & amal.

Moga2 kita semua dapat mendidik anak2 supaya sentiasa jangan tinggal solat 5 waktu.

PS. Dalam minggu peperiksaan pada 8-12 Oktober ini, saya membuat kelas bimbingan untuk anak bongsu saya (Anis Sofia). Kelas meliputi Bahasa Arab & akhlak. Nampak macam ok aje. Kita tunggu keputusan beliau nanti.

Saya juga mengajar Fizik peringkat SPM untuk anak kedua saya (Aisyah). Yg ini sangat mencabar. Harap2 dia mendapat keputusan yg baik dalam SPM nanti (bermula minggu ke-2 November)
"Allah, kau berilah kekuatan supaya anak2 dapat melaksanakan solat 5 waktu & reda kepadaMu, serta berilah keputusan yg baik dlm peperiksaan mereka"

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My short trip to Auckland, New Zealand 7-9 Oct

I got a telephone call from my sister (NZ) at 7pm on 2nd October 2012. She said, she was just diagnosed by the doctor of having breast cancer.

I felt shocked, but I knew that this is qadar from Allah. She told me she is going to do an operation on 8th October 2012. She asked me whether I should break the news to everyone. Not knowing anything, I asked her what she thinks, and she said, she does not know. I said, let us keep it to ourselves first. But, she wanted everyone to make doa for her. I said, let me think first. I will tell everyone when I think that they can take it, and then we make the doa and solat hajat for you.

On 4th October, I told my wife and my kids. Then, I called her to tell our brother and sister herself.

On the 5th (Fri), I told everyone in the family. On that day, I made solat hajat and doa after Isya' prayers specifically for her.

I also told my Bawean counterpart to make similar solat hajat & doa for Zaidah Mustaffa.

On 6th October, my uncle called. He said, why don't I fly to Auckland and give Zaidah moral support. That will really boast her spirit before the operation. I said okay, & my uncle was kind enough to buy the ticket for me. I flew from KLIA at 2145hr and arrive in Auckland at 1300hr (7th October). I was questioned by the NZ immigration for buying the flight ticket less than 12 hour before departure time. I explained the true story. They believed me, but not until my luggage was completely checked.

I was received by my sister & her husband. We talked, mainly about her (Zaidah) ambition to help sisters who are newly converts to Islam. We did not discuss much about the operation tomorrow. We solat at Manukau mosques, then proceed to Mission Bay by the sea & my favourite walking trail in Auckland, the Domain. Beautiful walk. I told her to be strong & always remember Allah. Everything that happens, has its silver lining.

Next day was operations day. First stop, to the imaging place, then had some breakfast. We went to the surgery place at 12.30pm. The breast doctor & the surgeon (Dr Crenshaw) came at 1pm. Again I asked Zaidah to be strong.

By 2.30pm, the operation was completed. No real complications. From 1-2.30pm, me and Rudy (brother-in-law), went to pray at Ponsomby mosque and had fish & chips for lunch. We always have faith in Allah. Zaidah came out from ops room at 3pm (still feeling very dizzy because of the GA).

Her friends came at 4pm, but she was still sleepy. She was fully awake at 7pm. Alhamdulillah.

Next day, the surgeon said that she can be discharged, but having this drip to help drain her blood. Both Zaidah & Rudy sent me to Auckland airport. I smiled at both of them. Zaidah is on high spirit. I am very confident that she can overcome this shortfall & become a much stronger & better person. That was my 48 hours experience to boost the morale of my youngest sister in Auckland. The 10 hr 15 min flight started from 1515hr NZ time and arrive at KLIA at 2045 (Mal time). NZ and Malaysia have 5 hours time difference.


Site Visit - Transmission substations

It has been awhile since I got the chance to go to substation site. I was given the chance to visit Transmission substations within Melaka & North Johor States from 1-4 Oct 2012. Together with me were my collegue Nizam, Farah and Hanim.

I did some route planning, so that the mileage can be optimised.

1st day
PMU Jementah, Segamat, Bukit Siput, Bukit Kepong, Tangkak & Tangkak Industry (6 stations). This route considered that I started the journey from KL at 8am.

2nd day
PMU Jasin, Gerisek, Sungai Mati, Tanjung Agas, Sungai Abong & Muar (6 stations)

3rd day
PMU Merlimau, Telok Mas, Ujong Pasir, Semabok, Bandar Melaka, Bona Vista, Malim Jaya, Batu Berendam, Cheng, MetaCorp, Mahkota Melaka (11 stations)

4th day
PMU Melaka,Tangga Batu, Bukit Rambai, Masjid Tanah, Powertek, Kelemak, Zarina, Kampung Gadek & A'Formosa (9 stations) + driving back to KL

Alltogether 32 substations. We stayed 2 days at Philea Resort, Ayer Keroh and 1 day at Casa del Rio in Bandar Hilir (near Jonker's street)

We prayed at masjid Pogoh in Segamat, masjid Jamek Muar & masjid Kg Gangsa, Batu Berendam.

It was really a memorable experience for me. Alhamdulillah

Sunday, September 9, 2012

If you have Allah, you have EVERYTHING

‘Reality is, mostly, not as we perceive it to be. We view it through lenses painted by our current state of mind. There are many shades of interpretation and sometimes we need to change the lenses with which we view the world. We will not understand the wisdom behind every moment in time unless He (Allah) blesses us with the ability to discern between what is reality and what is, in reality, a figment of our imagination.’

So how would we know what we really want?’
‘Well, that’s a bit harder to know, and it takes quite a bit of work and effort,’
'You see, what we understand depends on the state of our heart… So the better I make myself the less cluttered my heart will become, and the more clear my view of the world and the better I would understand things.’

'So… what I need to do is to try and make sure that I keep my heart at its best and put my trust in Allah to help me to see everything for what it really means. And He will help me to realize what it is that I really need.’

‘No one loves you more than Allah. No one cares for you more than Allah. No one knows what is best for you except Allah. Even we don’t know what’s best for us most of the time. But He does—always. He knows what is best for you, when it’s best for you, where it’s best for you and in what way it’s best for you. All you need to do is just hand it all to Him and He’ll take care of it all and give you, without doubt, what is best for you.’

If you have ALLAH, you have everything!!!

If we are close to ALLAH, everything in LIFE is so WONDERFULL.... You are very happy & smiling ALL the time, knowing that ALLAH is always close to you....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Perkara2 Fardu & IngatAllah at ALL times

We just finished Aidil Fitri and time for most people to start Puasa6 sunat Syawal.

It just crossed my mind that we must ensure we do the fardu first, and then supplement it with the sunat.Dari itu, saya cuba menyenaraikan amalan2 fardu supaya boleh dibuat dengan baik & mendapat reda Allah

Fardu Ain. Dimana ia WAJIB dilakukan oleh setiap Muslim.

Ibadah2 khusus seperti solat, zakat (puasa & haji) sudah sedia maklum.

Amalan2 baik seperti bersih, cekap, amanah, berbuat baik, rendah diri, tolong menolong, tawakkal, malu, kasih, reda, sabar, syukur, jujur, adil, silaturrahim, tepati janji .. seolah2 tidak ditekankan kerana ini merupakan amalan2 yg bukan khusus.

Namun begitu, saya telah senaraikan amalan2 ini supaya saya cuba dgn segala daya upaya untuk menjadi seorang Muslim yg sebenar.

Sempena pemergian Ramadan, kita harus memeriksa bahwa adakah peningkatan dalam taqwa kita kpd Allah? Ini yg harus kita titik beratkan.

Bukan satu perkara yg sukar untuk menjadi seorang insan yg baik. Tapi kita harus selalu ingat-mengingati sesama kita kerana kita hidup dalam suasana (persekitaran) yg tebal dari segi material & kita dgn senang boleh dilalaikan oleh "kebendaan2" ini.

Satu perkara yg mesti ditekankan kpd diri saya sendiri adalah - The Allah factor.

Allah MUST ALWAYS be in our hearts & mind at ALL TIMES. This is VERY IMPORTANT as only with this kind of constant awareness can we be at peace & Allah's help is achieved.

I seek doa to Allah to give me the strenght to ALWAYS remember ALLAH at ALL times. & I plead to my dear readers to make doa for me to remember Allah at ALL times.

Thank you...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

1 Syawal 1433

Pagi,7.00am, ke kubur emak, bapa saudara, datuk saudara, kawan baik diTanah Perkuburan Islam Kiara.
Pagi 8.30am, solat sunat Aidil Fitri diMasjid seksyen 16, PJ bersama seisi keluarga.
Pagi 10am, makan ketupat & lodeh dirumah mak saudara, PJ
Pagi 11am, kekubur ayah, datuk & nenek di Kampung Tungku.

Tengahari 1pm, kerumah mak saudara (Bangsar)
Tengahari 2pm, kerumah bapa saudara (Ampang)
Petang 4pm, rumah saudara (Gombak)
Petang 6pm, rumah tok saudara (Sg Udang, Klang). Semasa dalam perjalanan ke Klang, dapat panggilan dari adik perempuan, dia selamat melahirkan anak ketiga di PPUM- Alhamdulillah...

Malam 9pm, ke PPUM melawat adik, namun tak diberi masuk.. Takpe...
Sambil banyak bertakbir pada hari tersebut....

Semasa memberi duit raya kat anak2 & anak2 saudara, terasa satu perasaan yg sungguh indah (The pleasure of giving)..

Masya Allah, kata pepatah, tangan yg diatas lebih baik dari tangan dibawah.
Memberi bukan setakat duit sahaja. Berikut adalah kategori2 BERI yang baik.
1. Beri SALAM. Dengan memberi salam, kita dapat pahala yg mudah
2. Beri Senyum. Dengan senyuman yg ikhlas, kita dapat memberikan rasa keceriaan kepada seseorang
3. Beri Telinga. Jadikan diri menjadi pendengar yg baik. Ini sedikit sebanyak dapat melegakan hati mereka yg menghadapi masalah. Kebanyakan mereka yg meluahkan perasaan hanya inginkan seorang pendengar yg baik. Mereka tidak memerlukan apa2 "feedback"..
4. Beri Tenaga. Dengan memupuk perasaan suka menolong, kita dapat meringankan beban seseorang.
5. Beri Doa. Kita sama2 dapat menolong seseorang untuk mencapai apa yg dihajati.

1. Hanya hati yg ikhlas, dapat kita merasai kemanisan memberi
2. Dengan membantu orang lain dalam kesusahan dengan 2STD(Duit, Doa,  Salam, Senyum, Telinga, Tenaga) supaya mereka gembira, dengan secara otomatis, kita juga akan merasai gembira

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri; Maaf Zahir&Batin, Selamat beramal...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat tinggal Ramadan 1433

Coretan kali ini mengimbas kembali Ramadan yg baru ditinggalkan...

Alhamdulillah, ia memberikan kesan yg mendalam kepada saya. Solat sunat Tarawih, amalan sedekah & baca Quran begitu impak kpd saya.

Sunat tarawih yg dilaksanakan di Masjid Bulat seksen14 Petaling Jaya, dengan imam (sdr Lokman) yg membaca surah2 pilihan AlQuran dgn bacaan yg sungguh memberi kesan.

Begitu juga bacaan harian AlQuran secara tartil sangat memberi kesan kpd saya. Saya tidak lagi membaca dgn cara pantas untuk mengejar khatam pada tahun ini. Alhamdulillah, saya sampai keJuz 24 pada malam menjelang Syawal. Namun begitu, saya akan sambung bacaan Quran ini dalam bulan Syawal, insyaallah.

Kita harus memupuk jiwa supaya sentiasa ingat pada Allah. Dalam apa jua situasi baik mahupun buruk, kebergantungan pada Allah pada setiap detik harus dicapai.

Alhamdulillah institusi Ramadan kali ini akan saya amalkan dibulan2 lain...

Allahhu Akbar 9X walillah hilhamd

Monday, August 6, 2012

Peninsular Malaysia electricity demand growth (update)

From my earlier posting, I forecasted that Peninsular Malaysia electricity demand growth to be around 2%.
  Electricity Demand Growth in Peninsular Malaysia

Based on the latest data (workplace), electricity demand growth stands at 2.3% from last year. This is despite ALL the transformational program that the government has promoted to become a "high income" nation. This is the SECOND lowest recorded max demand growth, with the lowest being in 2009 (1.7%).

What this means is that there is no worry about meeting electricity demand growth. The present plan is sufficient to cater for 2% per annum growth (whatever is the government initiative to stimulate economic growth)  Heavy industry sector (namely steel & cement) that contributes to elecricity demand growth will remain to be around 2% or less.

Then again, this is just a forecast. Only Allah Knows the future....

Ramadan saya 1433H

Persiapan Ramadan kali ini saya buat dengan sederhana

Saya berazam untuk sembahyang fardu (berjemaah) dimana boleh supaya mendapat lebih pahala
Saya juga berazam untuk sembahyang terawih (berjemaah)pada setiap malam Ramadan
Saya berazam untuk memberi sedekah dimana ada peluang.
Saya berazam untuk bangun sahur pada jam 5 pagi, dan menunggu subuh dengan bersembahyang tahajjud. Kemuduan solat Subuh berjemaah.
Saya berazam untuk membaca Quran dengan cara tartil. Jika saya khatam Quran, ia adalah yg terbaik, tetapi jika saya tak mampu khatam, saya akan sambung dalam bulan Syawal.

Cuma buat masa ini saya tidak mampu untuk membuat ibadat iktikaf dimasjid/surau dimalam2 10 terakhir Ramadan. Saya berdoa pada Allah untuk beri kekuatan supaya saya dapat melaksanakan ibadat ini ditahun2 seterusnya (jika saya masih diberi peluang oleh Allah dgn hidup yg panjang)

Maaf kerana menulis seolah2 saya menunjuk-nunjuk. Bukan itu madsud saya. Ia sekadar menulis azam2 Ramadan ini supaya saya dapat kotakan apa yg saya tulis..

Selamat Beramal..

Friday, August 3, 2012

Perkataan Arab yg diMelayukan

Tergerak hati untuk tulis sedikit pasal bahasa Arab yg di"Melayu"kan; yg mempunyai madsud negatif

Saya ingin "berkhalwat" untuk mencari ketenangan jiwa
Saya baru berjumpa "ulamak" Prof Ungku dan Prof Khoo Kay Kim

Madsud sebenar Khalwat dimelayukan ialah bersendirian
Madsud sebenar ulamak dimelayukan ialah Orang2 yg berilmu
Macam perkataan Allahyarham - madsudnya Allah memberi rahmat kpdmu; kalau kita nak cakap kat orang hidup Allahyarham sipolan; memang alamat nak cari pasal.

Tasbih (benda untuk berzikir)diMelayukan lain dari Tasbih Arab (ertinya perkataan Subhanallah)
Takbir  (perbuatan melawat dari rumah kerumah dimalam Aidil Fitri) diMelayukan lain dari Takbir Arab (ertinya perkataan AllahhuAkbar)
Majlis Tahlil (diMelayukan) lain dari Tahlil Arab (ertinya perkataan Laila ha illah)

Daripada apa yg saya dapat kumpulkan, banyak perkataan Arab yg di"Melayu"kan membawa madsud negatif. Saya berpendapat bahwa bahasa Melayu lebih cenderung kepada madsud negatif. Mungkin itu sebabnya orang Melayu telah dibentuk dengan pesepsi2 negatif. Sukar mencari orang Melayu yg sentiasa bersikap postif & senyum sentiasa.

Sekadar berkongsi..

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Didikan anak dizaman moden penuh cabaran

Sedikit coretan berkenaan mendidik anak2 remaja dizaman serba moden ini.

Seperti kita sedia maklum, handphone (smartphone), internet, dan Astro serta Shopping Mall yg banyak menjadikan para remaja dibuai dengan kemewahan & keseronokkan hidup dibandar.

Sebagai ibubapa, kita mempunyai cabaran yg paling hebat dalam mendidik anak2 remaja masakini. Jadi cara2 kita mendidik anak2 juga harus bergerak seiring dengan cabaran teknologi. Ya, memang didikan agama yg kuat akan menjadi pendinding untuk anak2 supaya tidak dilalaikan oleh bermacam2 jenis hiburan yg ada. Tapi mereka memang pendek akal. Mereka berkehendakkan hiburan tanpa mengetahui akan akibat2 yg bakal mereka alami.

Cuba kita rampas smartphone mereka & halang mereka dari menggunakannya. Adakah ini jalan penyelesaian terbaik? Cuba kita ambil smartphone mereka semasa mereka hendak tidur, kemudian berinya kembali sekembalinya mereka dari sekolah. Ini mungkin satu kaedah jalan tengah.

Kita nak dedahkan mereka dengan teknologi canggih supaya mereka boleh gunakan teknologi ini untuk munafaat mereka. Tapi kita nak cuba menyedarkan mereka bahwa kalau terlalu banyak ber"internet", akan mengakibatkan kesan yg negatif. Memang cukup sukar menjadi ibubapa zaman moden. Depan kita bolehlah mereka baik. Tapi belakang kita, Allah saja yg tahu.

Mendidik anak2 umpama bermain layang2. Kita mahukan layang2 terbang tinggi, tapi kita tidak mahu ia terbang terus. Sesekejap, kita kena tarik talinya kemudian perlahan2 lepaskan. Begitu rumit, tapi kita mesti lakukannya. Doa sentiasa diminta dari Allah supaya anak akan diberikan hidayah menjadi insan yg berguna.

Saya harap dengan persekitaran bandar KL yg cukup mencabar ini, anak2 saya boleh hidup dengan menapis segala macam gejala buruk & memanafaatkan teknologi untuk menjadikan hidup ini lebih baik (dan bukan sebaliknya). Tempoh canggih sebeginilah, syaitan (yg tak pernah putus asa), akan terus cuba melalaikan para remaja supaya semakin jauh dari mengingati Allah dgn lalai dgn Smartphone, Astro, Shopping Mall, and Internet.

Ya Allah, berilah kekuatan bagiku anak2 supaya mereka dapat mengharungi cabaran ini dengan menjadi insan yg sentiasa mengingatiMu.

"Mintalah doa kepadaKu, nescaya aku maqbulkan" Amin

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Berkongsi ilmu Quran dipejabat

Baru2 ini saya berkongsi ilmu dengan sesama kawan dipejabat. Seronok rasanya kerana dapat berkongsi bersama perkara2 yg bermunafaat.Kami berkumpul, kerana Allah, dengan berkongsi ilmu tafsir AlQuran & saya mulakan dengan Surah Yasin:80

"Dia menjadikan untuk kamu dari kayu(basah) hijau itu api, maka tiba2 kamu darinya nyalakan"
Ayat ini turun di Makkah lebih 1400 tahun yang lalu. Masa itu ahli sains belum sehebat sekarang dengan penemuan2 sains.
Tapi kayu basah hijau yg dimadsudkan Allah dalam ayat ini adalah oksigen dalam tafsir sains sekarang. Proses klorofil yang memerlukan pokok (kayu), daun (hijau) & air (basah) menghasilkan oksigen untuk kita semua. Dari oksigen, proses pembakaran dapat berlaku.

"Dia yg menjadikan untuk kamu oksigen, maka kamu nyalakan api daripadanya" adalah tafsiran secara saintifik. Satu lagi perkara, ayat 80 itu boleh dimadsudkan 8 sebagai simbol 2 sifar atau O2, iaitu nama saintifik untuk oksigen.

Surah ArRahman mengulangi ayat "Maka nikmat Tuhan kamu yg manakah yg kamu dustakan?" sebanyak 31 kali. Dengan semua dalil2 dan bukti2 yg ada, kita masih lagi tidak yakin sepenuhnya dengan kekuasaan Allah. Bagaimana lagi kita dapat menolak Kekuasaan Allah? Tunjukkan rasa syukur kita kpd Allah dengan membuat perkara2 yg disuruh & menjauhi perkara2 yg dilarang

Allah Maha Besar

Friday, June 29, 2012

Perjalanan ke2 keBawean

Pada 10 Jun lepas, sekali lagi saya ke-Bawean, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.

Kali ini misinya, membawa 4 lagi ahli keluarga supaya silaturrahim bertambah erat. Saya sudah terima bahwa Bawean itu menjadi kampung halaman saya & saya diterima balik pada bila2 masa.
4 ahli keluarga ialah anak sulong (Aliah)18 tahun, adik lelaki (Faisal)41 tahun, emak saudara (MakAlang Timah) 71 tahun, emak saudara (Busu Esah)65 tahun. Kedua2 emak saudara saya ingin berjumpa abang mereka yg telah terpisah selama 50 tahun.

Perjalanan dari LCCT ke Surabaya tiada masalah. Kami bertolak jam 9.30 pagi.Sampai di Surabaya jam 12.00 tengahari, terus ambil teksi ke Gresik (pekan Pelabuhan). Saya tempah 2 bilik. Di Gresik, kami rehat sehingga maghrib. Kemudian keluar makan di kedai makan berdekatan. Esoknya 11 Jun, kelima-lima kami menaiku feri pada jam 9 pagi menuju ke Pulau Bawean.

Sampai pulau pukul 12.15 tengahari. Orang2 kampung dah tunggu di dermaga. Gembira sungguh mereka melihat saya & rombongan. Beg2 saya diangkut mereka.

Saya sendiri melihat betapa saat kedua2 mak saudara berjumpa abang mereka yg telah 50 tahun tak jumpa. Mereka berpelukan & menangis tanda gembira selama lebih 10 minit. Alhamdulillah, tali persaudaraan telah berjaya saya sambung.

Pada hari2 berikutnya Selasa, Rabu, Khamis, Jumaat, kerja saya adalah rutin. Bangun subuh di masjid, baca Quran sikit. Habis Subuh saya kepasar borak2 dengan kengkawan dikedai kopi berhampiran pasar.

Tengahari saya kewarung internet, check email saya. Walaupun slow, tapi berjaya menmbaca email2 pejabat. Tengahari Zuhor dimasjid, kemudian makan & tidur tengahari. Kengkadang saya jalan2 tengok sawah pada pukul 3 petang. Ronda2. Lepas Asar, saya bawa anak saya jalan2 naik motor. Anak saya ambil banyak gambar sekitar kampung Bawean. Amat berbeza sekali dgn kampung di Malaysia. Malam Maghrib/Isya makan, sembang2 & tidur awal.

Saya berjaya mengajar cara2 menyelesaikan Rubik's cube kepada seorang anak sepupu. Saya katakan, dialah orang pertama yg boleh solve Rubik's dalam Pulau ini..

Feri yg seharusnya pulang pada Ahad, terpaksa di cepatkan kepada Sabtu, kerana gelombang tinggi diramalkan pada hari Ahad. Kami bergegas kemas2 untuk pulang hari Sabtu itu. Separuh kampung kedermaga mengiringi kami. Sedih rasanya hendak meninggalkan mereka. Mereka adalah keluarga saya. Bila saya lihat, mereka menitiskan airmata (termasuk jiran sebelah rumah yg tiada tali saudara dgn sayapun menangis), secara otomatis air keluar dari mata saya. Soalan mereka "Kapan nak kembali keBawean?" Saya jawab, insyaallah tahun depan.

Feri ke Gresik, Gresik keSurabaya, Surabaya ke LCCT, LCCT ke rumah. Alhamdulillah semua berjalan cukup lancar. Saya risau bawa 2 orang yg berumur dalam rombongan saya, namun saya yakin, Allah membantu saya dalam perjalanan ini. Kalau niat baik & caranya baik, pasti bantuan Allah sentiasa diiringi.


EURO 2012 Poland/Ukraine

I have to write a bit about Euro2012.

I did not watch ANY of the matches of Euro2012. Simply because in my mind, I have this conclusion that NOT the BEST team wins the tournament & I see a lot of frustrations rather than joy.

It can be from ANY of the best 6 best teams. But you need LUCK, strategies & tactics to win (in that order)

Strategies includes confidence,mental & physical strenghts and very high TEAM spirits. Tactics includes using your squad in the right manner. But most of all, LUCK plays its parts.

This is where ISLAM nicely falls into place. You can do your part, but ALLAH will determine the outcome. Injuries, referee decisions, cruel deflections can determine the outcome.

The press does their job. They want to "SENSATIONALISE" the event. They will write anything in order to sell (translate to people reading).
Here are some to ponder:

"Group of Death (Group B)"; Germany, Holland, Portugal, Denmark; Fact is Group C is the Group of death as both Spain & Italy reached the Finals

"Germany has not won a Major trophy since 1996". So what! Only France, Brasil, Greece, Italy & Spain won major tournament since 1996. There are 200 countries in this world & not winning anything since 1996 is VERY GOOD indeed! Portugal has not won anything yet. So is Malaysia. Does that mean Portugal and Malaysia are at the SAME football level?

Penalty shootout depends on luck. You can practice taking penalties a million times, but still you can miss it when it really matters!

Actually, football is a game to enjoy, not to be frustarated. Just enjoy the wonderful game. That is why I never watch these Major tournaments. There are too many frustrations & you end up not enjoying the game.

The Final, well again it does not matter who wins. Let's enjoy!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anak tanya soalan buat saya tersentak!

Semalam, anak bongsu saya (Anis) yg berumur 9 tahun bertanya 3 soalan kepada saya. Tersentak hati saya nak menjawabnya.Soalan pertama. "Ayah, lepak tu haram ke?" Jawab saya, "Kalau masa lepak tu ingat pada Allah, takde lah haram, malah dapat pahala". "Kalau lepak2 aje buang masa, lepas tu buat ibubapa rasa gelisah, itu dah boleh jadi haram"

Soalan kedua. "Ayah, tengok bola pagi2 tu haram ke?"
Tersentak saya dibuatnya. Saya ada juga, sekali sekala tengok bola pagi2. "Kalau masa bangun pagi, sebelum tengok bola, sembahyang tahajjud dulu, zikir pada Allah, lepastu tengok bola, takdelah haram, malah dapat pahala lagi" ujar saya dgn tersenyum.

Soalan ke-3. "Ayah, baguske ayah kerja sampai malam baru balik dari ofis?" Lagi sekali saya tersentak. Eh, budak ni banyak betul soalan dia. "Kalau kerja dengan niat baik cari rezeki yang halal kerana Allah, insyaallah, Allah mudahkan kerja kita. Jadi bila kerja dah mudah, boleh balik ofis awal. Setakat sekali sekala ayah balik malam dari ofis tak menjadi hal. Tapi kalau dah tiap2 hari tu, kita kena tengok balik kenapa perlu kerja tiap hari sampai malam" saya cuba jelaskan.

Masyaallah, anak saya tanya soalan2 topik yg saya biasa tulis dlm blog. IngatAllah, ManUtd dan Kerja! Terus saya tuliskan dalam blog ini. Dalam ketiga2 soalan tersebut, saya cuba memberitahu anak saya yg kalau niat baik kerana Allah, perkara2 HARUS seperti lepak, tengok bola pada pagi hari & balik kerja lewat malam boleh dijadikan PAHALA. Saya tekankan soalannya yg positif belaka.

Dalam surah Lukman, Allah berfirman betapa seorang hamba bernama Lukman, yg sangat pandai mendidik anaknya. Beliau (Lukman) bermula dgn kalimah "Wahai anakku". Betapa dia sangat sopan dalam memberi nasihat kepada anaknya dengan penuh hikmah & bijaksana. Rasulullahpun dalam dakwah beliau tidak pernah meninggikan suara lagi bersifat kasar terhadap umatnya.

Setakat berkongsi...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

BPL 2012 - The Conclusion

Man City won the BPL by defeating QPR 3-2 on final day.

I watched the BPL with my uncle. His house has 2 Astro channnels. One downstairs, the game was tuned on Sunderland vs Ma Utd. Upstairs TV was tuned to Man City vs QPR. On 90th minutes, the score was Sund 0 ManU 1; ManC 1 QPR 2.

I was downstairs, and I could not believe that ManU has won its 20th title. In my heart, I was very happy. Nonetheless, I felt sad that ManC were the better team for the whole season. They only have themselves to be blamed. They only drop 1 point at the Etihad, and what a way to finish the season by a home defeat to a 10-man relegation candidate team!

Sunderland match had 3 minutes of added time. While ManC match had 5 minutes of added time due to Joe Barton's sending off fiasco. On 2nd minute of extra time ManC scored. Sunderland game was over with MU winning 1-0. If the score stands now, still MU will be champions. Then on the 5th minute of added time Khun Aguero scored and that really was the last kick of the game. ManC won and that was really dramatic.

People asked me, am I frustrated that MU did not win. I did not feel that way at all. Man City deserved to win. Eventhough they win on goal difference, they were the better team. They led the table. They did the double against MU. MU had to bring back Scholes from retirement, even though long term injuries to Vidic, Fletcher & Anderson effected the team.

So from my forecast
Man City (Champions) - correct
Arsenal & Tottenham (ECL) - correct, although Tottenham did not qualify because Chelsea qualify due to them winning ECL.
Bolton (relegated) - correct.

3 out of 3. Not bad for a amateur football punter.
Man United has given their best. I love MU. Thank you for giving me entertainment every weekend and I will support MU more than ever... No sadness only proud for supporting a great team...

I close this posting by asking a question. Does winning a trophy makes a successful season. Liverpool won the League Cup, but they still sack their legendary manager.  Chelsea won the FA Cup & they too want to get rid of their manager. How do we define successful.

The answer is..... MONEY. Teams that qualify for ECL with huge TV income are the real winners. Teams with a lot of TV life matches, with full stadium capacity every other week, teams with big sponsors (Etihad,AON, Emirates, Samsung) and teams with big fan-base that can sell their merchadise worldwide. They are the WINNERS..

Can't wait for August 2012..

What a wonderful morning to praise Allah

As I was writing this posting at 7am at my garden home, it strike my mind how lucky I am to be still alive & breathing.

I watch the sun rise (praise be to Allah). How much have we been taking for granted that the sun will rise everyday without fail. I watch the birds chirping, how much have we taken for granted that the birds are being protected by Allah and not being instinct.

Oxigen that I breathe into my lungs, they never become less. The fossil fuel (oil, gas & coal)that we use, there a abundance given by Allah to His slaves. Are we not being grateful to Allah for all that he has given to us
Good health. Again we take for granted. How many people realised that all the organs in the body are being given by God so that we can continue to live. What if the kidney failed, or if the heart wanted to stop because it has been working for years without stopping?

Anyway, I cannot list down all that Allah give to me & humankind. Sufficient to say that we must always be mindfull to praise Allah in a form of Syukur & Sabr. I almost forgot, my hot cup of tea. Wow, tastes wonderful together with the wondeful feeling that I feel this morning..... 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sifat Qanaah - mencari ketenangan jiwa

Berikut nak tulis sedikit fasal sifat Qana'ah untuk renungan bersama.

Dari segi definisi, qanaah bermadsud "perasaan yg sentiasa tenang dalam semua keadaan".

Bagaimana nak dapat perasaan begini. Satu drpd jalan ialah suka memberi pertolongan kepada orang lain, samada dalam bentuk harta atau tenaga. Secara kesimpulannya, qana'ah ialah sifat berasa cukup & puashati dgn kurnian Allah, walau apapun pandangan manusia. Terdapat sifat sabar, reda & taat.

Dgn adanya sifat ini, hati kita akan sentiasa tenang & rasa reda kpd Allah. Kalau Allah kurniakan permintaan kita, kita berasa SYUKUR. Sebaliknya jika Allah tidak kurniakan permintaan kita, maka rasa REDA kpd Allah kerana Dialah Allah sekelian alam yg Maha Mengetahui akan segala sesuatu.

Sama2lah kita memohon kpd Allah agar diberikan sifat ini untuk mendapat ketenangan jiwa.

Man United Season 2011/12 - Conclusion

This EPL season 2011/12 is the most interesting season since EPL was introduced in 1993.

The Champions, Champion League places and relegation battle is still not settled coming to the final day of the season.

Who will be crown Champions: Man City or Man United.
Who will be joining both these teams (2): Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle
Who will be relegated: Bolton or QPR

If we want to be predictable, then Man City (Champions), both North London teams in ECL and Bolton will be relegated.
But, as much as I like to be predictable, let me (for the first time) be adventurous. Man Utd (Champions), Spurs & Newcastle (ECL) and Bolton joining Wolves & Blackburn.

Just last week I made an sms to close friends -"Hoping for Magpies to tie City to give United the edge". My nickname is magpie. I was a City supporter and I am a United fan. (Ironic). That did not happen.

During my younger days 1977, I used to see Star Soccer on TV1 every Sunday evening. 2 stars stood up - Stan Bowles (QPR) and Frank Worthington (Leceister City). Both teams were doing well in 1976/77 season when I first started my interest in English Football. Both these teams were also my favourites together with Man City before I finally chose United.

So coming back to the conclusion of season 2011/12. Praying for Malaysia (Bolehland) & Sparky to tie City to give United the title. Mark Hughes will always be remembered for his heroics that saved MU from defeat. Sparky & Joey Barton has something to proof to MC. Most of all, QPR needs to draw in order to secure survival. Man City will feel the pressure. The longer they did not score, then the more nervous they become. This is like season 2009/10, where MU wanted Chelsea to draw against Wigan. They won 8-0.

No doubt that this will be a miracle if it happens. You never know. It might be the final twist to a very interesting season.

But, I think MC will win handsomely.They have been leading the table for 32 out of 37 weeks of EPL. They have a +8 goal advantage. If they win, they fully deserve the title. In Yaya Toure, they have the experience to have what it takes.

As for me, my interest in football tidak akan melalaikan saya dari mengingati Allah.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Allah granted my wish

Wanting to follow-up on my blog on Turn to Allah, you will get yr wish

I prayed & made doa to Allah to seek for help starting on Fri 17 Feb 2012. My wish was granted by AlMighty Allah on 23 Mar 2012. All praised be to Allah for granting me my wish.

Allah does not give me immediately, but 35 days later. That gave me 2 important lessons:-
1. Sabr (patience) is required
2. Perseverance (never give-up) is another important element

From this lesson, my belief (yaqin) is to submit to Allah whatever my wish.
Wa iyya ka nasta'iin. (& you alone, we ask for help)

I seek help from Allah & I believe that Allah will grant it to me. If Allah does not grant it to me, then He knows what is best for me.
Radhi atan mardhi'ah. Well pleased (with yourself) and well pleased (with Allah)

Allahu Akbar..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Choosing a career-passion

Lately, as I reflect myself of my age (47+), I began to wonder how much years I still have before I die & kembali keRahmat Allah.

At this juncture, I am assisting my daughter to apply for pre-University. My advice to her is to take up a career that you are PASSIONATE about. Do not choose a course because I asked you to.

I began to have reflections of what I was passionate about in the past. When I was 6 years old, I wanted to be truck driver. I used to have these small 18-wheeler trucks (MATCHBOX) in my collection, and someday, I want to drive one. There was this TV series back then (1971) (Pok Amai Amai) when I was a participant in that program, I brought my trucks along. The hostess asked, adik besar nak jadi apa? And without hesitation, I said I wanted to be a truck driver & proudly showed my 18-wheeler MATCHBOX truck. There was also this TV series entitled "BJ and the Bear" that I watched as a small kid. This TV series was about a trucker by the name of BJ with his pet Bear (a chimpanzee), a story about a trucker who drove an 18-wheeler truck across USA. That enhanced me to be a trucker.

After SPM, when I became a young boy (a bit mature), a wanted to be a Football Manager. I wanted to be like Ron Atkinson (Man Utd Manager at that time-1983), but not as flamboyant as him. I wanted badly to manage a football team, to strategies and to WIN trophies. I wanted to go to England to study about football coaching & management. I ended up taking Electrical Engineering in England.

After working for 10 years, I wanted to be a good person. I wanted to share my experience with others. I wanted to be a good Muslim, to learn about Quran & to make me a better person with knowledge. I went to UM to take Sijil Pengajian AlQuran (SPAQ).

In conclusion, your passion change with respect to time. I did become a truck driver (as I have an MPV). I became a football manager for SOFC(System Operation Football Club)in TNB from 2002-06 (eventhough I am an Electrical Engineer by profession). But most importantly, I strive to become a muttaqin (orang bertaqwa). Whatever we become, eventually the ultimate aim is to be a true.... Slave of Allah. It is the most satisfying passion of them all.


Saturday, March 31, 2012

A tale of 2 GLCs

This is what I think will happen within this year. For the benefit of my followers within the MESI circle, feel free to comment as this is my take on what is going to happen on the matter.

T & P are 2 GLCs negotiating on the new pricing formula for imported gas. Future gas will be imported in liquid form (LNG) and P is currently building RGT (facility that re-gasify gas from LNG). Gas volume will not be an issue, but the pricing will.

I do not think that both T&P will ever come to any agreement on the pricing. So both will seek the help of Brother Jib (or is it Brother War) to settle the issue. Not wanting to upset the Rakyat, either Brother will not make that decision as any price hike will lead to increase in electricity tariff.

So, P will tell T to find contract LNG on your own, and use the RGT to re-gasify at a certain rate. T will find out that imported gas is INDEED expensive and will again seek advice from Big Brother. Big Brother will not make that decision, so again it will be a stale-mate. The RGT is ready but will not take LNG until the issue is resolved.

In the mean time, coal will be at maximum. Any further energy mix growth will be on MFO until the imported gas is resolved..

Wallah huallam

Thursday, March 22, 2012

SPM results

My daughter's SPM results was announced on this date 21 Mar 2012

She got 7As & 2Bs. That to me is very good. To her, she expected 8As & 1B.

Anyway, it is still a proud result, considering it is the beginning of your career. There will be many more exams coming.

My daughter is still in Auckland, NZ. I planned for her to be with my sister in NZ for 3 whole months. She went to summer camp, did some work in a vet & earn some money baby-sitting.

She cried when she knew her results. I did call her and said,
in working life, people no longer strive for As (Allah).

They want Cs. 6C is the maximum
C- Being Chief (CEO/COO)
C- Cash, lots of them
C- Credit Cards (lots of them)
C- Condos (People can easily score C+; ie Condo + Cows)
C- Car (a lavish one)
C- Club membership..

She did not take the joke!! Anyway, syukur to Allah, my daughter has SPM certificate. Praise be to Allah (Alhamdulillah)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ingat 5 sebelum 5

Sejak kebelakangan ini saya merasakan otot2 badan sudah mula menunjukkan tanda2 tua (aging).

Pertama, mata. Sekarang hendak membaca kena membuka cermin mata. Ini ialah kerana otot2 mata dah mula tidak boleh memfokus dengan baik seperti semasa muda dahulu

Kedua, rambut. Rambut dah mula botak (sebenarnya dah lama dah rambut ini menipis) & berubah menjadi putih (yang ini baru!).

Ketiga, otot2 kaki. Dahulu kalau lari itu boleh pantas aje. Tapi sekarang cuma boleh buat macam jalan pantas (ala-ala Big Walk) aje. Lepas jalan pantas, sekejap aje dah mula rasa penat.Lagipun lutut ni dah buat operation ACL pada tahun 1988.

Keempat, saluran jantung. Dah ada sumbat & doktor dah letak "stent" (spring) kat dalam saluran otot2 jantung tersebut pada tahun 2010.

Kelima, gigi. Ada yg dah mula goyang2. Nak makan benda2 keraspun dah tak boleh sekarang.

Itulah, Allah nak tunjuk yg proses penuaan telahpun bermula.

Saya bersyukur pada Allah kerna tanda2 seperti ini adalah sebagai satu peringatan kpd saya yg hidup dah semakin menuju kepenghujung. Namun itulah lumrah & fitrah hidup.

Ingatlah 5 sebelum datang 5
Senang sebelum susah
Kaya sebelum miskin
Muda sebelum tua
Sihat sebelum sakit
Hidup sebelum mati

Allah humma..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

School Holidays 1st Term 2012

School holidays started on 10th March 2012.

Went to Hyatt Kuantan with family members. Had a good time basking on the beach, poolside, good dinner (seafood) at Tree Under.

Today marked 6 years my father passed away. My doa for arwah Mustaffa @ Ahamad Hj Menfari.

11th Mar 2012, marked one year Tsunami hit Japan..

Stayed in Kuantan until 12th Mar 2012. Really had a wonderful time.. Not forgetting Allah coz He gave us EVERYTHING.

On this date too, my youngest daughter (Anis) turned 9 years old. Happy birthday.

Man Utd were top of the heap for the first time this season.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Turn to ALLAH, you will get yr wish!

I had a proposal turned down on Friday 17Feb 2012.

So, nowhere to turn to, I realised that I always have ALLAH as the ultimate level to ask for my wishes.

I realised that if I turn people, then I will definitely be frustrated if a person turned down my proposal.

So from that day, I have been making doa to Allah to grant my wish.
Not only that, I will have to check my actions in order to comply with ALLAH's rule.

Until now, my doa has not been fulfilled, but I know one day, ALLAH will DEFINITELY grant my wish, because I have this strong feeling of bond with my CREATOR.

Thank you ALLAH..

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Surah AlBuruuj

Hari ini saya berjaya menghafal Surah AlBuruuj (22 Ayat); Surah ke 85.
Saya memang bercita2 untuk menghafaznya, namun usia meningkat membuatkan hafazan menjadi sungguh sukar sekali.

Namun begitu terdapat 7 lagi surah yg merangkumi Juz Amma (Juz ke-30)yg masih belum dihafal:
84. Insyiqaaq (25ayat) - terbelah
83. Mutaffifin (36ayat) - curang dlm timbangan
82. Infitaar (19ayat) - terbelah
81. Takwiir (29ayat) - menggulung
80. Abasa (42ayat) - masam muka
79. Naaziat (46ayat) - pencabut nyawa
78. Naba' (40ayat) - berita besar
Saya rasa tak boleh hafaz lagi, kerana surah2nya panjang sangat buat saya.

Namun begitu kejayaan menghafaz Surah AlBuruuj tetap saya kecapi dengan perasaan yg sangat gembira.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ujian Allah

Sekarang tulis blog pendek2.

Ada nak share with my followers. Setiap manusia akan Allah uji.
Sama macam murid2 sekolah, kalau nak graduate, akan diuji dahulu. Ia akan memisahkan yang baik dengan yg buruk.

Yang miskin, diuji dengan kesabaran. Ini ujian yg mudah dibanding dgn orang kaya. Ini macam ujian PMR

Yang kaya, diuji dengan kesyukuran. Ini lebih mencabar. Ini macam ujian Sarjana Muda di Universiti.

Jadi, sama2lah kita renung kembali bahwa kita diuji oleh Allah untuk menentukan nasib kita diakhirat kelak. Renung2kan & selamat menempuh ujian hidup...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Muhasabah diri

I am referring to my earlier posting

The person that I visited (mother's cousin) at HUKM. He passed away. According to sources, he suffered from a rare cancer. Innalillahi wainna ila hi rajiun

Sikap kebanyakan manusia
The person I visited (my 2nd cousin) in Chukai, Terengganu is suffering from Azheimer. Her health is deteriorating. She is bed ridden & is being fed with only milk. But, the husband is in good spirit.

Doa for Allah for these 2 people...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Electricity demand growth in Pen Malaysia

It has been a while since I write about work.

It is about electricity demand, (my own analysis)

Doing forecast is more of an art rather than science. It is the starting point for planning. It will start by having an assumption(s) of the future outlook.

Just sharing my thoughts, I assume that 2012 will see a 2% growth in electricity demand in Peninsular Malaysia. I assume that natural growth will just about dominate the electricity growth. The Government of Malaysia will not be able to attract FDI as much as they promised, simply because they are busy preparing for the GE13.

Demand in Europe will slow down. US is always planning to attack Iran. The future really looks fragile. As for TNB, no need to worry too much about supply of electricity with a 2% annual demand growth. Business as usual.

This is my take. In planning, my forecast can be totally wrong, but plan we MUST.

Allah hu bikulli syai'in alim
(Allah knows everything)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1st posting 2012

Just dropping a simple posting, my 1st for 2012

5I untuk diamalkan

I - Ilmu; sangat penting. Kita dituntut mencari ilmu dunia & akhirat. Orang2 berilmu dinaikkan darjat oleh Allah kpd hamba2Nya yg berilmu

I - Iman; satu lagi nikmat Allah. Dgn hidayah kita beriman

I - Ibadah; sudah dapat ilmu & iman, kena zahirkan dengan beribadat

I - Istiqamah; buat amalan dengan secara konsisten walaupun sedikit

I - Ikhlas; ini adalah yg paling sukar. Cuma Allah yg tahu darjat keikhlasan hambaNya

Jom kengkawan. Sama2 kita beriman kpd Allah..