Saturday, May 30, 2015

BPL season 2015

The 2015 season finished with Chelsea emerging as the BPL Champions. Man United finished 4th which is better that my prediction of them finishing 5th place.

Arsenal won the FA Cup making them the most successful FA Cup winners ahead of Man United, beating Aston Villa (4-0)

Chelsea also won the League Cup by beating Spurs 2-0.

My earlier prediction Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man United.

It ended up Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Man United, Spurs.

Hull City, Burnley and QPR were relegated while Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich will replace them.

What about next season? I will comment in August then

Preparation for the coming Ramadan

I am preparing myself early for the coming fasting month.

This time round, I know that the main objective is to increase the level of taqwa.

So, 5 main things to focus on:-

1. Read and UNDERSTAND the Quran
2. Remember Allah in every possible instant (in good and bad times)
3. Have a huge quantity of patience (sabr)
4. Do good stuff, no matter what people do to you
5. Leave everything to Allah once you have done the best on your part

May Allah grant all of us the increase in taqwa.. Aamiin

Monday, May 4, 2015

Paradigm shift or Mind shift

I realised one very phenominal thing recently that I want to share with all.

Until and unless we change the way we see things.

Some people call it a "paradigm shift" and some call it "mind shift".

It is changing the way we see things and this has something to do with our heart and our MAKER.

This world and the environment CANNOT change you unless you give permission to do so.

If we set a goal, we should be focusing our mind and soul to achieve the goal. If we fail, we try again and again until we succeed. This is the winning mentality.. never give up.. the human mind is so very powerful if only we know how to use them correctly.

I do not intend to write a motivational book on the matter. Sufficient to mention that if we focus on something, put your mind to it, and do something to achieve it.

One of the way to unlock this unlimited potential is to learn to be GRATEFUL and APPRECIATIVE.

Change the way you look at life and APPRECIATE the things that you have!

Try it... and search for greatness!   

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Preparation before Ramadan comes

It is just less than 50 days before all of us will meet Ramadan again.

You will be surprised how fast the time pass by in these periods and you will observe people pass away during these period ( it might be me!)

We do not know whether we will successful in meeting the coming Ramadan, but we make doa to Allah that He granted our wish.

We should be slowing doing the necesssary preparation for Ramadan. The months of Rejab and Syaaban are trial periods before we reach the real Ramadan!

There are 4 things that we can start doing:-

1. Read and tadabbur Quran
2. Start fasting sunnah
3. Start making solat at night (tahajjud)
4. Start guarding our tongues

Ya Rabb, please give me the strenght to do ALL the above.....


MU lost at home to West Brom.. how unlucky!

Manchester United lost 3 games in a row without scoring a single goal.

They lost 1-0 to Chelsea (a) and 3-0 to Everton (a). But losing 1-0 at home to West Brom was really very disappointing indeed.

When I compare these results with last season's results (under David Moyes), all these games were lost as well (this is not a consolation).

I watched these games with my MU mates (my cousin's sons) and we were very disappointed.

Wait a minute... Yes, I am disappointed but these are all Allah's plans and desire. No need to be disappointed. We are slaves to Allah.

The next 3 games will be crutial. Crystal Palace (a), Arsenal (h) and Hull (a). The worst thing is MU do not collect any points from the remaining games and the best thing is that MU collects 9 points.

Bring on the game. I will support MU and enjoy the games...