Monday, December 25, 2017

Pen Malaysia electricity (Max Demand) forecast (Part5) - My perspective

Again I write about my passion at work.

The forecast (Maximum Demand) growth for electricity sector. This will be my 5th posting on the matter. That shows the level of passion I have on the subject matter.

This time I give a historical figure.

CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) for MD in Peninsular Malaysia is 2.5% for the past 7 years.
CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) for MD in Peninsular Malaysia is 2.7% for the past 9 years.

The trend shows high electricity demand when the weather is hot on a lengthy period.

Weather is the main factor.

So my forecast for next year is

CAGR - 2.3% for the past 8 years
CAGR - 2.6% for the past 10 years

For people who are interested, go calculate for yourself.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Blogging in 2017

This year will be my lowest (in terms of numbers blog posting) since 2010.

Except for 2016, I have been posting above 40 postings annually.

This year, I take it very slow as I feel that I am aging and I need to slow down.

I am inspired by Vlog Aida Azlin (Singapore) and Vlog Sean Buranahiran (Thailand).  I think that they have done a marvelous work inspiring others.

So let me review what I have set for 2017:-

1. Maintain to be able to read Jawi
2. Able to hafaz from Surah Annas (114) to Surah AnNaziaat (79)
3. Harfiyah
4. Able to remember Asmaul Husna
5. Exercise twice a week
6. Read Quran 2 pages daily

I am still struggling with memorizing AnNaziyat.

5/6 (83%). A reasonable achievement for 52-year-old guy.

Anyway, time is what I have from Allah and time will be managed as long as we are aware that Allah is our Master and we are all slaves of Allah.

Ya Rabb... Guide me to your straight path


My 6th trip to New Zealand

My 6th trip to New Zealand is to attend

1. My daughter's graduation
2. My brother's graduation
3. Pay tribute to my late sister (Dr Zaidah Mustaffa)

This trip, I take in slow as I travel with my wife, 3 daughters and 1 grandchild who is 2 months old.

I bought a second-hand bicycle and explore these sub-urbans of Auckland with Mauri names:

Te Papapa

Warm greetings from Auckland, NZ

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Man Utd last 2 matches

Arsenal 1 Man Utd 3

I did not want to see the game as I am confident that it will end up in MU losing or a draw at best.

But some how I was awake at 2am when the game was at 30 min and checked that MU was leading 2 up. I quickly switched on the TV and saw the game until the end.

When the score was 2-1, I was very nervous. But when it became 3-1, I know that the game was won.

I have never felt nervous watching a football match than this game. My blood pressure when really high.

Nonetheless, congratulations to MU for winning away especially at Arsenal.

Man Utd 1 Man City 2

I did not watch this game as I was in Auckland during that match. The local time (NZ time) during kick-off was 6.30am Monday 11 Dec 2017.

Again I predicted MU lose or draw at best to a very good and fast Man City team.

MU lost. But so did Chelsea. While Arsenal and Liverpool both drew their matches.

All considered, 3 points from 2 difficult matches is good. Good to be 2nd in BPL (that is)   

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Memorizing Surah An-Naaziaat

This year (2017) has been a slow year in terms of me writing my blog.

I believe that what I wanted to write, I have written and remind especially to myself.

I set up a target of wanting to finish hafazan on Surah An-Naaziaat (79 Surah).

It is December, and I have not been able to finish my target. This Surah has 46 ayat, the most surah that I have to memorise. It is tough for a 52-year-old person. But I will try....

Ya Allah, please make it easy for me to memorise this Surah. I seek your blessings Ya Rabb

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A reminder to my fellow slave..

I feel like writing something really useful for my fellow blog readers.

There are a few things worth mentioning.

1. We are all slaves of Allah. Behave like a true slave.

2. Quran is the book of guidance. Use Quran as a reference

3. Rasulullah is our idol. Follow what he does and leave the rest to Allah.

4. Start every action with Bismillah. Remember that what we do is for Allah's sake

5. Do what Allah commands and abstain from what Allah forbids

6. Be good and kind to people. Give them respect.

7. What happens to you is a test from Allah. What brings you closer to Allah is GOOD for you.

8. Make doa to Allah. Beg Him to accept your deeds and acknowledge you as His slave.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

2 pages of Quran each day

Since 1 of Jan 2017, I began my journey of reading 2 pages of Quran every day.

Even in the blessed month of Ramadan, I still maintain 2 pages of Quran per day.

Yesterday 19 Oct 2017, was the 292th day of the year. I finished page 584 of the Quran.

I reached Surah An-Naaziat, the very surah that I am trying to memories.

Alhamdulillah, that completes my Quran. Masyaallah, just 2 pages a day, and I finished the Quran within 10 months.

Alhamdulillah. Oh Allah, give me strength to continue reading the Quran daily without miss.


Friday, October 13, 2017

I am a Grandfather

On 26th September 2017 (5 Muharram 1439H) my daughter gave birth to a baby boy.

That means I am officially a grandfather.

All praise be to Allah for giving me the opportunity to become a grandfather.

It is a wonderful feeling. It is very different feeling from being a father.

Nonetheless, I am very grateful to Allah that both my daughter and grandson is fine.

Welcome to the world Rayyan Khairul Nazmi.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Huruf2 Jawi

Huruf Jawi adalah tambahan dari huruf2 Arab.

Terdapat 6 huruf tambahan dari 29 huruf2 Arab.

6 huruf adalah Cha, Nga, Pa, Nya   Ga dan Va.

Cha, Nga, Pa dan Nya adalah tambahan 3 titik.

Manakala Ga dan Va adalah tambahan 1 titik.

Cha tambahan 3 titik kepada rumah Ha (pedas)
Nga tambahan 3 titik kepada rumah Ain
Pa tambahan 3 titik kepada rumah Fa
Nya tambahan 3 titik kepada rumah Nun

Ga tambahan 1 titik kepada rumah Kaf
Va tambahan 1 titk kepada rumah Wau

Saya sangat teruja dengan tulisan dan huruf2 jawi.

Semoga Allah memberi kekuatan kepada kita untuk terus belajar tulisan jawi.

Mengenali Jawi adalah sebahagian dari huruf2 AlQuran.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

3 unhappy BPL players and their team performance

Alexis Sanchez, Diego Costa and Philippe Coutinho are world class football players.

They are integral to their respective teams last season.

Sanchez helped Arsenal win the FA Cup.
Costa scored many important goals that won Chelsea the Barclays Premier League.
Coutinho is instrumental in helping Liverpool qualify for the Champions League.

Sanchez plays for Chile.
Costa is from Brazil but opted to play for Spain
Coutinho plays for Brazil.

All of them will play for their respective countries in next years World Cup.

All of them are unhappy with their current club and wanted to move on.

But their club have other ideas. They do not allow them to transfer out.

These 3 "unhappy" players will remain at their respective club. Let us see what effect these players have on their club's performance.....

My take is that, if a player wants to go, just let them go and we move on.

But the question is what will be the effect to the rest of the team? Let us observe...

(Allah Knows Best)

Friday, September 1, 2017

Consistency........ a difficult thing to do

Lately I have been reflecting on my life....

I am still blogging for more than 8 years now.....

I followed a few blogs as well

3. The Inner Peace
4. hak55
6. Sunnah Harian
7. Gartblue Growls

All of the blog writers that I follow above have stopped blogging.

With FB, IG and Twitter, blog is no more needed. I don't know.....

Maybe I should consider to stop as well...

But wait. I write to remind myself. I write to dakwah. I write to share something wonderful for others to read. I write to spread the wonderful things about Islam...

May Allah give me strength

Mr Arsene Wenger (Love him or Loath him)

I have always admired Mr Arsene Wenger as one of the best football managers in the world.

What he did at Arsenal is phenomenal. I used to envy Arsenal. Arsenal under Arsene Wenger, they are sometimes better than MU under Sir Alex Ferguson.

But this season 2017/18, I began to doubt his abilities. He is from the old school thinking. What works 10 years ago will not work in the next 2 years.

Football has changed and managing footballers has changed.

In a way, I am happy that Arsenal are really in disarray at the moment. Am I talking too soon?

Time will tell and time will also tell whether Mr Wenger can last for another 2 seasons....

30th day of Syawal is bigger than 1st day of Zulhijjah

I long to write about Eidul Adha in Malaysia.

The excitement of celebrating Eidul Adha is very much less compared to celebrating Eidul Fitri.

In Islam, Eidul Adha is considered bigger occasion than Eidul Fitri.

But the opposite is happening in Malaysia.

There are many reasons for this:-

1. Eidul Fitri is given 2 days off while Eidul Adha 1 day only

2. Eidul Fitri has songs and decorations to create the festival mood, while Eidul Adha has none.

3. Eidul Fitri has sales for shoppers while Eidul Adha has none.

But the main culprit is, in Malaysia (especially) Eidul Fitri is being celebrated for the whole month long. The amount of food, open houses, clothing, gifts, TV programs, photo shoot and entertainment are being stretched for the whole month.

Corporations celebrate Eidul Fitri until 30 Syawal with food, dresses, photos and music to create the raya atmosphere. By the time Eidul Adha comes 40 days later, people are just out of mood.

My observation is that 30th day of Eidul Fitri is being celebrated more than 1 day of Zulhijjah.

Anyway, both the Eid is for Muslims to glorify the Greatness of Allah

Allahu Akbar x3, walillah hilhamd

Allah knows best..

Monday, August 21, 2017

Manchester United this season 2017/18

This season Manchester United began with a flying start.

They look good in ALL departments. Mourinho has done his job well.

One player I want to mention is Nemenja Matic. He is the key to the team in my opinion.

He added steel to the midfield. He replaces Hererra and Carrick to hold the ball in the middle of the park. He let Pogba and Mkhitaryan roam freely. He tackles the opponent in front of the 2 centre-backs.

The other player worth mentioning is Antony Martial. He is a supersub deployed when MU wants to kill the game after a narrow 1 goal lead. He is very different from Rashford. He is slower, but his presence after the 70th minute when opposing defenders are used to chasing Rashford (and tired by this time) will make an impact. Defenders will be confused when he comes in. Much like Ferguson did when he replaced York and Cole with Solskjear and Sheringham.

Let us enjoy all the Manchester United games.

BPL Prediction for 2017/18 Season

Last season BPL position (May17) is as follows:

Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd

This early season prediction is as follows:

Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool

As usual, my prediction is going to be wrong anyway. But as a football pundit wannabe, I just list the prediction based on my observation.

Will renew prediction in January 2018.

Let the season begin

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Setting priorities in life

To a company, you are just an employee.

The day you resign, your work cubicle will be replaced. Your absence will be missed for a day, then the company forgets you. They went on to make their money for they need to, and they have no time to grieve because the expectations they have to fulfill.

This is why, DO NOT MIX WORK with FAMILY. Do not take your work home, cast your family aside and forget about giving time to your children. Because in their hearts, you are never replaced. Because when you are gone, everyday you will be missed. If anything happen to you, it will be your family and close friends crying like crazy for you. Because to them (even though you are one person) you are their world.

So reset your priorities. Be a good worker.. but be a better father/friend/son.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Allah... my Rabb

There are people on this earth who may seem insignificant to you and me.
But they are beloved to Allah and their names are constantly mentioned among the angels

I should be ever grateful to Allah for the tough times because Allah chose me, thought I was good enough to go through it.

People look for ways to point out your flaws. Allah looks for ways to cover them.

Allah created the bonds of family, so who are you to cut the bonds that Allah has created.

Some come to the Quran to seek benefit and others seek criticism. Allah increases each in what they came for.

You know what is in your past, but only Allah knows what is in your future. Be near Him through patience and prayer.

Realize that Allah knows what is best for us better than ourselves and that He cares more for us than anyone in the world would ever care.

People can put you down and they will. But Allah will never abandon you so long as you don't.

Allah praises the ones swallowing their anger. Good people also get angry but suppress it like swallowing something quickly.

It doesn't matter what people say about you. As long as you have Allah.

Your connection with the Quran is a reflection of your relationship with Allah.

Oh Allah... Help me be among your slaves

Eid Fitri 1438H

This year Aidil Fitri is no different from other years

6am - Subuh at Surau (+Takbir)

7am - Went to mother's grave

9am - Solat Aidil Fitri at Sek16 mosque

10am - Breakfast & gathering at Aunt's house

12pm - Went to father's grave

1pm - At Che Yah's

3pm - At Pokda's

6pm - At Tokcik's

9pm - At Ok's

Ketupat, Rendang and F&N Orange is my signature raya dish since 1972

Ramadan 1438H

This Ramadan is very special to me (1438H).

This year, Ramadan has 29 days. 29 meaningful days.

This Ramadan is special in a sense that the days are filled with small but consistent deeds.

2 pages of Quran in a day
Isya & Subuh prayers in Jamaah
8 rakaat of tarawih.
2 rakaat of tahajjud after sahur and just before fajr.
No talking about other people
Always smiling

Continue my hafazan of Surah Naziat....

The above deeds will continue after Ramadan (except for 8 rakaat of tarawih)

Forgive me Allah..... You are the Most forgiving

I forgive ALL my family and friends

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

BPL 2016/17 Conclusion

My early prediction (Sep16) : Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal (Tottenham, Liverpool)

My revised prediction (Apr17) : Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City, Liverpool (Arsenal, Man Utd)

Conclusion (May17): Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd

Mourinho's first season cannot beat Van Gaal's results!

MU have too many draws. They lack the killer instinct. 

Anyway, congratulations to Chelsea. They deserve to be BPL Champions.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung recently launched Galaxy S8 in April 2017.

Ironically my S5 started giving problems. They are minor problems, but sometimes when it stalled because the screen did not move after several attempts, and you have to OFF and On it again, it became very  irritating.

I guess it was meant to be. New smartphone products now only last 2 years max. It is either the phone is faulty or the Android software cannot support the new applications.

I am the "old School" type. I was "forced" to migrate into smartphones from my Nokia phone by my company due to WhatsApp application that was widely used to communicate within a certain group.

I started to migrate to smartphone in January 2014.

My first smartphone was Samsung S2. It was my daughter's. She gave me after her mother (my wife) gave her an I-Phone. It lasted for 15 months.

My second smartphone was S3. I bought the last phone for a bargain (first hand) in Mar 2015. The shopper said that this was the last piece as they were about to launch Samsung S6. It lasted for also 15 months when it started giving problems.

My third and current phone is S5. I bought it for second-hand at a bargain in Jun 2016. I had it for just 11 months when it started to stall.

Reality is that these gadgets will demand you to update them annually or every 2 years max.

Technology wise, I am 3 years behind time and also 3 models behind the latest trend.

Just embrace them.... Time to find a new smartphone

"Allah hu akbar"

Jan 2017... 4 close people passed away

Jan 2017 came....

I lost 4 close people during this month. They all passed away either on a Thursday or a Friday.

First week, it was arwah Abdul Razak Majid, my prefect during my years in Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK). He is 56 years old

Second week, it was arwah Tuan Syed Mohamed, my neighbourhood friend. We always pray solat jemaah together in our community. He is 80 years old.

Third week, it was Hj Shamsul, my colleague in TNB. He is 41 years old.

Forth week was my beloved aunt, Hajah Aishah Ani. She is 67 years old.

I got the chance to pray solat jenazah for 1st,2nd  and 4th arwah.

They all passed away on a Friday and there were many people praying for them.

They are all very close to me. I pray to Allah that they be among the servants of Allah that Allah is pleased with them.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

My 2017 Target

Just sharing with everyone...

I have 6 things that I must not lose sight

1. Maintain to be able to read Jawi
2. Able to hafaz from Surah Annas (114) to Surah AnNaziaat (79)
3. Harfiyah
4. Able to remember Asmaul Husna
5. Exercise twice a week
6. Read Quran 2 pages daily

These are my 6 targets for 2017

Make doa for Allah to give me the strength to do these things..


Thursday, April 20, 2017

My 5th trip to New Zealand

I went to New Zealand for the 5th time.

This time I explore both the North and the South Island on a Campervan with my family.

Enjoy the vidoe

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Man Utd vs Chelsea EPL April 2017

This match is a test of tactics and strategy.

It produces the best out of Mourinho.

Manchester United is now playing exciting football again.

Manchester United is fighting for top 4 finish.

Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City and Liverpool are occupying the top 4 spots at the moment.

My early prediction on EPL 2016/17 is:
Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal

It is just my prediction, making me a human with weaknesses and prone to making mistakes.

But I got 2 correct in Man City and Chelsea.

With the victory against Chelsea, Man United is feeling very confident indeed.

If MU can overtake Liverpool at the end of the season, then I got 3 out of 4 correct.

Go go MU

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Blogging is considered outdated.

With all the social media available, writing a blog seems to be outdated.

So, I have Facebook  (hisham.mustaffa.39).
Did not realize that there are many Hisham Mustaffa in this world!

I have Instagram (mustaffahisham).

I have twitter (hishamagpie).

I have LinkedIn (Hisham Mustaffa)

And I have my blog (

Whatever it is, I will continue to blog for I enjoy blogging.

Ever since my first blog post in July 2008, I am now reaching 100,000 pageviews.

Whatever it is, here is to continue blogging as I consider blogging is part of my work!

I am back. I write when I feel like writing. Remember Allah

It has been 6 months since I last write.

I thought to myself to give it a good break. I felt guilty even if 1 month I did not write.

But it turned out fine. I write when I feel like writing.

Things have been great for the past 6 months (Oct'16- Mar'17).

Things I promised myself to do:-
1. Jawi
2. 99 asma ulhusna
3. Harfiyah
4. Hafazan on Juz Amar

are ongoing.

My routine exercise have not been consistent due to work commitment.

My children are all fine.

Manchester United are currently 5th in the EPL. They won the League Cup 2017.

Work is good. I am very2 grateful to Allah to blessed me with really good things


Always always remember Allah