Thursday, March 21, 2013

The REAL goodness in LIFE

This post, I decided to write about a valuable thing..... to achieve goodness in everything..

People strive to get good things in life. The majority of people think that having lots of money will enable us to enjoy...

We can go on a holiday in Barbados & stay in a 5-Star hotel. Spend the whole day on a sandy beach, then swim in an infinity pool. At night, have a wonderful "seafood" dinner with your love one by the beach. Nice music playing in the background to set the mood..

Next day, drive a cherry red Ferrari along the island. Then take a sailing boat to a nearby secluded island..

Next day, fly straight to London. Buy the latest gadget (I-phone 5), then go straight to Manchester to catch the Saturday BPL match of Manchester United's home game at Old Trafford.... Imagine.... WoW!

Do you really think that these things, IF it really happens to you & me is the best things that has happen to you,  because I IMAGINE those things as GOODNESS?

Think again... These are short term gains..

Hello! We are striving to get a long term benefit here, the feeling that can last a life-time. Feeling of REAL satisfaction, purification, peace & tranquility.. feeling of solace...

Now imagine, understanding the Quran & Sunnah Nabi.. having to do 5 days prayers in congregation, paying yearly zakat to cleanse our incomes, full fasting in Ramadan & having Allah (Our Maker) please with us... double WoW! Do whatever Allah commands & abstain from what Allah forbids. Because whatever He commands is good for you & whatever He forbids is bad for you.. You must trust Allah. 

The feeling is an everlasting peace & happiness.. This is truly a long term benefit.

It might sound funny, but the feeling of having fulfill Allah's deeds is so satisfying indeed. It is like your body needs regular exercise. When you attain the level of fitness, your body will feel the goodness of the exercise & you will feel the wonderful effect of your hardship...

But to achieve this level, you & me have to transform ourselves to be a TRUE slave to Allah. When you accept yourself to be a TRUE slave to ALLAH, will you realise that whatever ALLAH commands you is TRUELY what you need in life & the hereafter.

When we eventually lie in our death bed waiting for the moment that we die & meet ALLAH, we will not remember the holidays that we spent in Barbados... we will only remember, have I really fulfill my promise to ALLAH?

We will not be taking along all our millions when we die, but we are taking our good deeds to meet our Maker..

The choice is in our own hands... Like the TV series "Ripley's believe it or not" ... "Unbelievable?Believe it" is to be a TRUE believer.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My life in MCKK

I am writing about....reminiscence of my life in Malay College 1978-82.

I can still remember when my late father told me that I was accepted to Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) in mid December 1977.

I got good results in my Std 5 examination in 1976. My late father wanted me to go to a boarding school. What better school to him than MCKK. I did not want to go to MCKK. I was in my comfort zone. I have my own room, mother cooking for me the best food, watching TV as I please and going to tuition classes when I found that I was weak in certain subject.

In boarding school, no privacy, no mother's food, no watching TV and no tuition classes. No way!!
My father forced me to enter MCKK. He told me, you will be OK. Give 3 months, you will adjust to the hardship. He was spot on. 3 months on, I got settled with boarding school life. Got first hand experience to be independent. The rest is what they called history...

I played football for Under15 team, subsequently also playing football for U18 team. But I was not the first eleven. Most of the time, I was on the bench, having to come in when needed. I was a fullback and can play either left or right. Will overlap when there was opportunity.

I was also school cross-country runner, but when I represented MCKK in the Kuala Kangsar district, I ended up among the last place. The Indians, they dominated long distance run. Also represented school in 400M (middle distance) run, again outclassed by Indian runners.

But representing my house (Idris), I played almost every game. Football, rugby, field hockey, takraw, atheletics, swimming, water polo, name it

I got 3 individual bronze medals in school sports (cross country, long jump & triple jump).  

I did not win any academic honours in MCKK. There were far too many smart students there. I also did not win any school colours.

I cannot recall many things that happened during my schooldays from 1978 to 1982, but sufficient to say that, the school built my character. From a shy person, I was transformed into a person who can speak in public. That was probably the biggest change for me. Though I remain a quiet person, but given the microphone, I can speak and articulate well.

The school has a tradition of producing Malaysian leaders. The 2nd Malaysian Prime Minister (Tun Abdul Razak) hailed from this school. So do many Rulers of State (Sultan). When I left school, I also have to carry this great tradition of having the character of a leader. I do not know whether I succeeded or failed. It is not for me to judge.

Anyway, I thank God (thru my father) to be in this great school. MCKK has always been known as "Eton of the East" for it's great tradition of producing leaders of Malaysia.

On 10 March 2013, it was exactly 7 years since my dad passed away. (Alfatihah). I went to his grave on that day.. pondering..

MCKK and my father will always be remembered (hand-in-hand) as character builder for me...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Summary of Quran in 2 sentences..

I have been eager to write this topic, but I save it for some time due to commitment.

I am writing something that was shared to me by brother Nouman Ali Khan in his summary of the holy Quran.

He was asked to summaries in 2 sentences about the whole Quran. Wow! That is a real challenge indeed.

The summary of Quran is about:
To accept Allah as Master & accept yourself as Slave.
The Quran is ONLY beneficial to people who accept themselves as Slaves.

Such a powerful summary. The hardest part is to internalize that we are the SLAVES of ALLAH. Surely the slave has to follow exactly what the Master asked him/her to do. When we know that our Master is the ONE and ONLY Master, then our commitment to follow the Master's orders becomes such a fulfilling experience. If we realize that our Master is nice & kind to us at all times, we have very high respect for Him. At this stage, following the orders become sweet and we do it out our undivided love of our Master. What we do, come from absolute sincerity to please the Master & in return, the Master is pleased with us.

We always hear of people who serve under a good master.. " It is an honour to serve you".. Yes, it is INDEED the highest honour to serve ALLAH..

Then the Quran becomes our guidance. If we look closely at the book, we can find many great things about the Quran. There is no contradiction in Quran with respect to it's scientific explanation in a form of a very beautiful language. For the people who really look hard in the Quran, they will find the answer is in the Quran. It will not give you direct answers, but, you will discover that there is an answer hidden somewhere for you to intrepret.

In summary: 2 words that decribes Quran are SLAVERY & GUIDANCE.

May Allah grant us goodness in our lives & may Allah give us the deep understanding of the holy Quran.


Peninsular Malaysia electricity demand growth - Part3

It has been awile since I update with regards to electricty demand growth in Peninsular Malaysia.

It is currently at 3.6% YoY. While I predicted that the growth will be at max 3.0%, Peninsular Malaysia electricty demand growth has proven to me that I have to be more optimistic in my forecast. The economy has been relatively bouyant with growth coming mainly from domestic demand stimulated by private sector.

Anyway, the much awaited General Election is looming and it will have to take place by April 2013 (when the current ruling party period expires). If, in an unlikely case, that the currently ruling party loses, then the consequence is huge. It will tarnish the confidence level of investors especially foreign investors.

With this worse case scenario, the demand growth will be hugely affected. Let us wait & see on the outcome...

On current trend, I still stick to a max growth of 3.0% for Peninsular Malaysia electricity demand growth... taking post-election effects into consideration (and myself still being pessimist)

Then again, Allah is the All Knowing..

Guard your tongue - it can easily do sin

Another topic I wanted to mention in my blog is the wrongdoings/ damage that we can do with our tongue.

Most of our sins are created from what we say. Whether it is intentionally or otherwise, words can really hurt people. When we criticise people, it can dent their ego, and this can lead to unnecessary arguments.

It is better for us to be quiet as compared to be talkative. Talk whenever necessary, and talk about good things in life. Show the positive side of the story & avoid negativity. Talk about the greatness of Allah & mention how wonderful this world is being created.

You will transfer the positive vibrations to other people & you will find out that you are being looked by people around you. Talk with a soft but firm tone, and smile while you talk.

Never raise your voice when you talk. Maybe you need to raise your voice a bit to people with hard hearing, but not to the point of shouting. When you realise that you have offended someone, immediately apologize.

I met someone last weekend. He is half-blind, but his determination to venture into business overcame his shortcomings. Currently he has 4 shops, all doing printing, photostating & binding. One shop is 50KM away, and he rented my small house to station his employee there.

I wanted the house back. He begged to me, to continue renting to him. If not, he will have to ferry his employee daily. He has to spend for the transport of the employee with a distance of 100KM daily.

I honestly gave him a suggestion. Why not he close down the 4th shop, which has 1 employee and is 50KM away. That is the best business option. I gave him an honest opinion. He was REALLY offended. My innocent statement has offended him. He told me that I have insulted him by giving that suggestion. He is blind, yet he struggled to open shops & I suggest to close it. He immediately said to me that he agree to vacate the house as intended just to prove me wrong. He will pay in advance all the money he owed me until he vacate the house.

I was shocked. My statement (unintentionally) has hurt him. I immediately apologise to him. At first, he did not want to shake my hand, but I begged his forgiveness & took his hand to mine. At this point, the conversation became sour.

Anyway, when I looked back, it is really easy to hurt people with your tongue. We have to realise that sometimes words that we utter can hurt people. Sometimes, what we say can be understood wrongly because of cultural differences.

Anyway, back to my story, I achieved what I wanted. I also learned a very valuable lesson. May Allah protect us all especially our tongue from hurting people either intentionally or otherwise.