Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anak tanya soalan buat saya tersentak!

Semalam, anak bongsu saya (Anis) yg berumur 9 tahun bertanya 3 soalan kepada saya. Tersentak hati saya nak menjawabnya.Soalan pertama. "Ayah, lepak tu haram ke?" Jawab saya, "Kalau masa lepak tu ingat pada Allah, takde lah haram, malah dapat pahala". "Kalau lepak2 aje buang masa, lepas tu buat ibubapa rasa gelisah, itu dah boleh jadi haram"

Soalan kedua. "Ayah, tengok bola pagi2 tu haram ke?"
Tersentak saya dibuatnya. Saya ada juga, sekali sekala tengok bola pagi2. "Kalau masa bangun pagi, sebelum tengok bola, sembahyang tahajjud dulu, zikir pada Allah, lepastu tengok bola, takdelah haram, malah dapat pahala lagi" ujar saya dgn tersenyum.

Soalan ke-3. "Ayah, baguske ayah kerja sampai malam baru balik dari ofis?" Lagi sekali saya tersentak. Eh, budak ni banyak betul soalan dia. "Kalau kerja dengan niat baik cari rezeki yang halal kerana Allah, insyaallah, Allah mudahkan kerja kita. Jadi bila kerja dah mudah, boleh balik ofis awal. Setakat sekali sekala ayah balik malam dari ofis tak menjadi hal. Tapi kalau dah tiap2 hari tu, kita kena tengok balik kenapa perlu kerja tiap hari sampai malam" saya cuba jelaskan.

Masyaallah, anak saya tanya soalan2 topik yg saya biasa tulis dlm blog. IngatAllah, ManUtd dan Kerja! Terus saya tuliskan dalam blog ini. Dalam ketiga2 soalan tersebut, saya cuba memberitahu anak saya yg kalau niat baik kerana Allah, perkara2 HARUS seperti lepak, tengok bola pada pagi hari & balik kerja lewat malam boleh dijadikan PAHALA. Saya tekankan soalannya yg positif belaka.

Dalam surah Lukman, Allah berfirman betapa seorang hamba bernama Lukman, yg sangat pandai mendidik anaknya. Beliau (Lukman) bermula dgn kalimah "Wahai anakku". Betapa dia sangat sopan dalam memberi nasihat kepada anaknya dengan penuh hikmah & bijaksana. Rasulullahpun dalam dakwah beliau tidak pernah meninggikan suara lagi bersifat kasar terhadap umatnya.

Setakat berkongsi...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

BPL 2012 - The Conclusion

Man City won the BPL by defeating QPR 3-2 on final day.

I watched the BPL with my uncle. His house has 2 Astro channnels. One downstairs, the game was tuned on Sunderland vs Ma Utd. Upstairs TV was tuned to Man City vs QPR. On 90th minutes, the score was Sund 0 ManU 1; ManC 1 QPR 2.

I was downstairs, and I could not believe that ManU has won its 20th title. In my heart, I was very happy. Nonetheless, I felt sad that ManC were the better team for the whole season. They only have themselves to be blamed. They only drop 1 point at the Etihad, and what a way to finish the season by a home defeat to a 10-man relegation candidate team!

Sunderland match had 3 minutes of added time. While ManC match had 5 minutes of added time due to Joe Barton's sending off fiasco. On 2nd minute of extra time ManC scored. Sunderland game was over with MU winning 1-0. If the score stands now, still MU will be champions. Then on the 5th minute of added time Khun Aguero scored and that really was the last kick of the game. ManC won and that was really dramatic.

People asked me, am I frustrated that MU did not win. I did not feel that way at all. Man City deserved to win. Eventhough they win on goal difference, they were the better team. They led the table. They did the double against MU. MU had to bring back Scholes from retirement, even though long term injuries to Vidic, Fletcher & Anderson effected the team.

So from my forecast
Man City (Champions) - correct
Arsenal & Tottenham (ECL) - correct, although Tottenham did not qualify because Chelsea qualify due to them winning ECL.
Bolton (relegated) - correct.

3 out of 3. Not bad for a amateur football punter.
Man United has given their best. I love MU. Thank you for giving me entertainment every weekend and I will support MU more than ever... No sadness only proud for supporting a great team...

I close this posting by asking a question. Does winning a trophy makes a successful season. Liverpool won the League Cup, but they still sack their legendary manager.  Chelsea won the FA Cup & they too want to get rid of their manager. How do we define successful.

The answer is..... MONEY. Teams that qualify for ECL with huge TV income are the real winners. Teams with a lot of TV life matches, with full stadium capacity every other week, teams with big sponsors (Etihad,AON, Emirates, Samsung) and teams with big fan-base that can sell their merchadise worldwide. They are the WINNERS..

Can't wait for August 2012..

What a wonderful morning to praise Allah

As I was writing this posting at 7am at my garden home, it strike my mind how lucky I am to be still alive & breathing.

I watch the sun rise (praise be to Allah). How much have we been taking for granted that the sun will rise everyday without fail. I watch the birds chirping, how much have we taken for granted that the birds are being protected by Allah and not being instinct.

Oxigen that I breathe into my lungs, they never become less. The fossil fuel (oil, gas & coal)that we use, there a abundance given by Allah to His slaves. Are we not being grateful to Allah for all that he has given to us
Good health. Again we take for granted. How many people realised that all the organs in the body are being given by God so that we can continue to live. What if the kidney failed, or if the heart wanted to stop because it has been working for years without stopping?

Anyway, I cannot list down all that Allah give to me & humankind. Sufficient to say that we must always be mindfull to praise Allah in a form of Syukur & Sabr. I almost forgot, my hot cup of tea. Wow, tastes wonderful together with the wondeful feeling that I feel this morning..... 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sifat Qanaah - mencari ketenangan jiwa

Berikut nak tulis sedikit fasal sifat Qana'ah untuk renungan bersama.

Dari segi definisi, qanaah bermadsud "perasaan yg sentiasa tenang dalam semua keadaan".

Bagaimana nak dapat perasaan begini. Satu drpd jalan ialah suka memberi pertolongan kepada orang lain, samada dalam bentuk harta atau tenaga. Secara kesimpulannya, qana'ah ialah sifat berasa cukup & puashati dgn kurnian Allah, walau apapun pandangan manusia. Terdapat sifat sabar, reda & taat.

Dgn adanya sifat ini, hati kita akan sentiasa tenang & rasa reda kpd Allah. Kalau Allah kurniakan permintaan kita, kita berasa SYUKUR. Sebaliknya jika Allah tidak kurniakan permintaan kita, maka rasa REDA kpd Allah kerana Dialah Allah sekelian alam yg Maha Mengetahui akan segala sesuatu.

Sama2lah kita memohon kpd Allah agar diberikan sifat ini untuk mendapat ketenangan jiwa.

Man United Season 2011/12 - Conclusion

This EPL season 2011/12 is the most interesting season since EPL was introduced in 1993.

The Champions, Champion League places and relegation battle is still not settled coming to the final day of the season.

Who will be crown Champions: Man City or Man United.
Who will be joining both these teams (2): Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle
Who will be relegated: Bolton or QPR

If we want to be predictable, then Man City (Champions), both North London teams in ECL and Bolton will be relegated.
But, as much as I like to be predictable, let me (for the first time) be adventurous. Man Utd (Champions), Spurs & Newcastle (ECL) and Bolton joining Wolves & Blackburn.

Just last week I made an sms to close friends -"Hoping for Magpies to tie City to give United the edge". My nickname is magpie. I was a City supporter and I am a United fan. (Ironic). That did not happen.

During my younger days 1977, I used to see Star Soccer on TV1 every Sunday evening. 2 stars stood up - Stan Bowles (QPR) and Frank Worthington (Leceister City). Both teams were doing well in 1976/77 season when I first started my interest in English Football. Both these teams were also my favourites together with Man City before I finally chose United.

So coming back to the conclusion of season 2011/12. Praying for Malaysia (Bolehland) & Sparky to tie City to give United the title. Mark Hughes will always be remembered for his heroics that saved MU from defeat. Sparky & Joey Barton has something to proof to MC. Most of all, QPR needs to draw in order to secure survival. Man City will feel the pressure. The longer they did not score, then the more nervous they become. This is like season 2009/10, where MU wanted Chelsea to draw against Wigan. They won 8-0.

No doubt that this will be a miracle if it happens. You never know. It might be the final twist to a very interesting season.

But, I think MC will win handsomely.They have been leading the table for 32 out of 37 weeks of EPL. They have a +8 goal advantage. If they win, they fully deserve the title. In Yaya Toure, they have the experience to have what it takes.

As for me, my interest in football tidak akan melalaikan saya dari mengingati Allah.