Thursday, March 22, 2012

SPM results

My daughter's SPM results was announced on this date 21 Mar 2012

She got 7As & 2Bs. That to me is very good. To her, she expected 8As & 1B.

Anyway, it is still a proud result, considering it is the beginning of your career. There will be many more exams coming.

My daughter is still in Auckland, NZ. I planned for her to be with my sister in NZ for 3 whole months. She went to summer camp, did some work in a vet & earn some money baby-sitting.

She cried when she knew her results. I did call her and said,
in working life, people no longer strive for As (Allah).

They want Cs. 6C is the maximum
C- Being Chief (CEO/COO)
C- Cash, lots of them
C- Credit Cards (lots of them)
C- Condos (People can easily score C+; ie Condo + Cows)
C- Car (a lavish one)
C- Club membership..

She did not take the joke!! Anyway, syukur to Allah, my daughter has SPM certificate. Praise be to Allah (Alhamdulillah)

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