Friday, December 31, 2010

Last posting for 2010

This posting will be the last for 2010.

For Kerja - It has been a very2 good year as far as work is concerned. Semuanya beres.

For MU - What can I say, MU are top of BPL with 2 games in hand. Hope they can win back the BPL.

For Anak2 - My 2nd daughter got 8As in her PMR. Alhadulillah. I thought the most she can get is 7As. Anyway Congratulations Aisyah

For IngatAllah - Just finish hafazan surah At-Tarrik (86). Must be consistent in my Arabic, Asmaulhusna, Hafazan & Harfiyah.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Travel Blog 2-11 Dec 2010

Continue my travel blog..

2 Dec
After checking out from camp-site at Roturua, we went to Te Puia (pronouce - Te Puya). It is a volcanic area with geyser (a hot water coming out from earth) and they converted this place to a Mouri Village. Firstly, they showed us how Mouri's treat their guests inside a Mouri hall. There was this Mouri culture show and showed the Hakka dance, a dance to intimidate the enemy. This dance is a ritual when the NZ Rugby team (All-Blacks) do before every game.

We were guided by a tour-guide (Mouri woman). She greeted with "Haire Mai" (welcome) and showed us Mouri homes, Mouri dishes, Mouri handycrafts & Mouri cultures. Nice to learn about other peoples culture. I went for another round of walk around the 10 acres Te Puia. Another nice walk through volcanic paths and hot springs. For me- this is my best place..

After finishing Te Puia, we proceed to Roturua town Centre. It was by the lake and we had a good picnic by the lake. We also feed the birds who joined us for lunch. Next, we went to Kuirau park, which is literally have many hot springs. We dipped our feet in the warm water, but the smell of sulphur was very strong. But they said, it acts as good mineral for the body.

Then we proceed to Lake Toupo, another gorgeous place by a huge lake. The lake is like an ocean. Very scenic drive along 50km stretch by the vast lake. We finally stopped at the National Park (Fakapapa) camping site, and as usual, having to connect electricity mains to the van. When we finally arrived at this place, it was raining heavily, and because this is high altitude, the temperature was 10 Celsius (cold). We spent the night in the van talking and playing computer games, after another wonderful dinner together.

3 Dec,
Went to Mount Raupehu, the highest mountain in the North Island. It is an active volcano. Even though it is summer, but the mountain is filled with snow-cap. It is a skiing resort, but it is closed in the summer. We took lots of pictures with Mt Raupehu as the backdrop. The next destination is Waitomo, which is 200km from Mt Raupehu. I had to drive fast to reach Waitomo, cos we were heading to a cave with glow-worms and the last show was at 3.30pm. When we left Mt Raupehu, it was 12 noon. I managed to reach the destination at 3.05pm and we got the chance to watch the worms glow inside a cave by boat. Mashaallah, the worms did glow and it was like a Christmas light in a cave. As it was our last destination before heading back to Auckland, we decided to stop by the road overlooking the farm, and cooking and eating like having a picnic. It was very enjoyable, having to eat in an evening overlooking a farm with hills & sheep on a mid summer in NZ. Then the last stretch was Waitomo- Auckland (200km) and we reached back to sisters place at 10pm unpacking and feeling really happy..

4thDec (Sat) - Me & wife went to Auckland museum. Main reason for going to the museum was to get free parking for 4 hours. Particularly like the Mouri & Polynesian history & culture. There was this section about Kiwis soldiers having to serve in Malaya in 1950s. Interesting.... Afternoon, when all the kids were ready, we went to shopping mall in Albany (another suburb), while I send back to campervan to change to a MPV. After hopping, we went to Mission Bay (another suburb) to have an evening picnic by the beach.

5th Dec (Sun) - Morning, went to French market in Parnell (another suburb) and proceed to Rose garden to take pictures. Interestingly, there is this rose called PJ Rose. Wife took a picture there, which she said represented her (Her name is Ros and lives in PJ). Afternoon, went to Beachlands (another suurb), to have lunch (Halal BBQ) served by Linda & Shane. Linda spent 1 year (1983) in Malaysia with my family as an exchange student and she still call me "abang". Good lunch and good walk by the beach as her house is near the beach. Linda also showed her old photos of her stay in Kajang. Bring back nice memories. After we say goodbye to Linda & Shane, we went to drive around Auckland at night looking at a giant Christmas tree in Ponsonby Street

6th Dec (Mon) - Went for a walk in the morning. Another trip to the museum for the free parking, before driving everyone for another round of shopping in Albany. After they finally finish their shopping at 3.30pm, had to rush to the rent-a-car to send back the rented car. We spent the night watching TV and sisters apartment after a nice dinner.

7th Dec (Tue) - Went walking alone in the early morning. Then went to Panmure (another suburb) with wife by bus, as wife wants to visit this patch work warehouse. As for me, had another good walk up Mt Wellington, near Panmure by myself. When we finally came back, the kids had gone to the museum with my sister, and we met them back at Chocolate Boutique - where we all have a nice chocolate cake & drinks outside the shop in the summer and waiting for the sun to set...

8th Dec (Wed), As usual, my morning walk along Domain. Then final shopping around Newmarket (another suburb) and Central Auckland. I had to go back to apartment with the 2 small kids & mother as they already very felt tired. Wife & teenage kids went to K Road to see secondhand stuffs. Dinner, we had dinner at Nando's (Halal) as the owner is a Indian Muslim.

9th Dec (Thu) Morning walk. No more shopping, just packing & cooking. All the kids went to watch movie (Narnia). In the evening, we took a car and went site seeking for the final time. Went to One Tree Hill, the highest point in Auckland. Took pictures on top of the hill with sheep and the hill as backdrop. Watch the sun set and mashaallah... beautiful

10th Dec (Fri), To airport, but not until I finish my morning walk. Had to check in early as mother needs a wheel chair while having to sort out the 6 heavy luggage. Flight was at 1pm, but by 11 am, we were already saying goodbye to sister & his hubby. Reached BSB at 6pm local time. Checked in Terrace Hotel and straight went to sleep at 9pm.

11th Dec (Sat), Woke up at 4am. Waited for Subuh. Went for morning walk in BSB town Centre and Kampong Ayer, a floating village. Checked out of BSB at 10am, spent 2 hours at "Gedung", the biggest shopping mall in BSB and straight to airport. No need to go to counter as we already got our boarding pass fron Auckland. Flight from BSB-KL was at 3pm an we were joined by many jemaah Haji Malaysia using agents from Brunei. It was really a "blessed" journey all the way. I can say that I achieved both objective (Silaturrahim & Melihat kebesaran Allah)

Alhamdulillah, everything is safe and sound. Thank you Allah...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

NZ travel blog 25Nov-1Dec

Assalamualaikum semua,

A bit of my travelblog mainly for my reference.

On Thu 25 Nov, me, wife, 4 daughters & mother were ready to start our holiday. Took a taxi to KLIA at 3pm. Our flight is to Bandar Seri Bengawan, Brunei which took-off at 6pm.

Reached BSB International airport at 8.30pm. Since our connecting flight was at 11am next day, we decided to sleep at the airport. We were given the transfer lounge by ourselves. For me, it looked like a huge room, with TV that we can watch, a shower & toilet for a good bath and surau for performing Tahajjud. Subhanallah, sleeping at the airport lounge was nice for all of us.

I woke up at 4am and waited for Subuh. As it was a Friday, I managed to recite Surah Sajdah, Mulk and Waqiah before the azan. After performing the Subuh prayers, I woke everyone up and get ready as by 6am, the lounge was full of people. At 8am that day, I got the privilege of watching the Minister of Brunei waiting to greet the coming back of Brunei pilgrims. Masyaallah, he really hug everyone. Imagine our Minister having to do that...

Flight from BSB to Auckland went smooth. Landed in NZ at 1am Saturday. NZ time is 5 hours ahead of Mal/Brunei time + 9 hours of flying time. Royal Brunei Airlines had one channel on Quran reading and I tuned to that channel all the way.

My sister took us all to her apartment in Central Auckland. At noon, she brought us to the other side of Auckland sub-urban. We went by ferry to Devonport. We played freeze-be and had a good picnic by the beach. Also we went up Mount Victoria near Devonport & took lots of pictures. It was a good climb for me especially for my heart.

Sunday, 28/11, we went shopping in Auckland High street. But the shopping street closed at 1pm as there was a Santa Parade starting 2-3pm signifying that Xmas sales was officially started. It was a good parade, but the temperature on that day was EXTREMELY hot!

Monday, 29/11. Went to Slyvia Park, another posh shopping mall, kind of like BB in KL.

Tuesday, 30/11. Went to take the Campervan. It was a like a mobile home for 6-people. Had to learn about how to maneuver the vehicle. From Auckland, we went to a small town of Matamata. This town is famous for the shooting of the film Lord of the Rings. I did not see the movie, but they have this character called Hobbit & the town has the Hobbit statue. From there we proceed to Tauranga & Mount Manganui. This towns are by the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful white sandy beaches and we had a good time near the beach.

Then we proceed to our final destination of the day - Roturua. We stopped at the camping site. It was my first experience to park at the camping site to connect the electricity to the van. Wife & daughters started to cook and when we finally ate, it was the most wonderful meal. This is what they called barakah, cos we did it all together, cook, eat and finally clean. This was also my first experience having to sleep on a caravan. All of us had a good sleep.

Wed 1-Dec. 1st destination, Skyrides Roturua. The kids love this. We have to go up to the top of the hill. They have a cable car called "Gondola ride", which we took. At the top, the kids went downhill on a Luge, which basically is like a cart with brakes. They have 3 paths and the kids went down on all three paths slow, medium & fast tracks. After finishing 1 path, they went up again by a lift. As for me, I had a good walk downhill and back uphill.

In the afternoon, we proceed to a place called Agrodome. My wife love this the most. This place is a farm, and they converted this to be a farm tour. They showed how to sheer wool from the sheep professionally and they can do it in 3 minutes. They also showed how to milking the cow. Then there is this farm tour by tractor, to feed the sheeps, llama and cows. It was really wonderful feeling to feel the animals come to you and eat food from your palm. They showed the kiwi trees and how they produce the kiwi juice. They also have bees to produce honey.

After the farm tour, we went to ride Zorb, which basically is a giant ball. You are in the giant ball and you move with the ball downhill! Apparently it was 4.50pm & they close at 5pm. They say they are done for the day.. Back to the camp-site and again a good team work to cook, eat and clean-up together.

We had a wonderful time .. Alhamdulillah

Monday, December 6, 2010

Preparation for holiday in NZ

I spent 6-9 Nov 2010 at Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I stayed for the 3 nights of tahlil and I managed to finish Surah Baqarah & Surah Al-Imran. I still feel sad to lose my mother-in-law. But I also "reda" for her passing away.

On 16th Nov 2010, my own mother was admitted to the emergency ward in University Hospital (UH). She is on insulin since early Sep2010. I gave her the jab at 2pm. After the insulin injection, she MUST take food, however little. After I injected her, I went straight to work as I needed to finish work before the Aidil Adha holidays. Unfortunately, she fell asleep and did not take her lunch. Her body sugar level went to bare minimum and she could hardly stand up. She was unconscious and that made it difficult for us to force food to her. We brought her straight to the Emergency ward. They straight-away gave her the drip and by midnight her sugar level was back to normal. I was very afraid that barely 10 days ago, I lost my mother-in-law & now I might lose my mother.Nevertheless I did my Maghrib & Takbir at the emergency ward surau and I also remembered that at this moment, there were 3 million people in Arafah doing their wukuf for the sake of Allah.

My wife & brother stayed back at the hospital, while I went back preparing something for tomorrow (Aidil Adha). Brother called at 5am, saying that mother can be discharged. I told him to wait for me until Fajr prayers that I will fetch both of them. Alhamdulillah mother came back home on morning Aidil Adha.

I went for sunnat prayers, then to my father's & grandparents' grave & straightway went to surau for the korban rituals. Many relatives also came to house to visit mother. Thank you Allah for the blessings that you gave to me & family. Also not forgetting mom-in-law who just passed away. The next 3 days were all reciting takbir & also eating red meat from kurban's. Alhamdulillah.

The following week was preparation to go to Auckland, NZ to visit my sister. This will be my first time to NZ. I am bringing the entire family for this trip including mother. I have 2 main niat for this trip:-

1. To close my relationship with sister (silaturrahim)
2. To observe the beautiful scenes in NZ and praise Allah for all the creation that He made so perfectly.

Verse from Al-Imran 190-191. The creations of heaven & the earth & the alteration of night and day are signs of the people who understand. Who remember Allah while standing, sitting or lying down, & give thought to the creations of heaven & the earth and say "You did not create this aimlessly, exalted are you, then protect us from the punishment of fire"

Bye2 Malaysia & hello NZ...

Mak mertua kembali kerahmat Allah

Sudah sekian lama tak menulis.

Saya tak berkesempatan utk menulis. Tanggal 6 Nov 2010 (Sabtu) adalah tarikh yg tidak dapat saya lupa.

Pada pagi tersebut, memang saya & keluarga dah rancang utk ke Merlimau, Melaka utk satu majlis perkahwinan kak Maznah. Kak Maznah pernah menjaga saya sewaktu saya darjah 1 hingga darjah 3. Beliau menolong emak di rumah semasa saya kehilangan nenek. Selepas tahun 1975, beliau kembali kekampung setelah 3 tahun bekerja di PJ.

Kak Maznah mempunyai seorang anak sahaja & beliau memang berharap saya & keluarga datang pada hari tersebut.

Namun panggilan telefon pada pukul 6.30 pagi mengubah segala perancangan. Emak mertua saya kembali kerahmat Allah dan kami terus ke Kota Bharu. Kami samapai pukul 2 petang & saya terus baca Quran (Fatihah & Baqarah) disisi beliau. Jam 3 petang, jenazah dimandi & dikafankan. Jam 5 petang, jenazah di sembahyangkan. Sejurus setelah disembahyangkan jenazah dibawa dari Tumpat ke Tanah Perkuburan Tok Panjang, Kota untuk dikebumikan. Saya menaiki van jenazah.

Jenazah selamat dikebumikan jam 6.30 petang. Saya rasa sedih atas pemergian beliau.

Sepanjang saya mengenali maa, beliau TIDAK pernah memarahi atau meninggikan suara kpd saya. Saya mula mengenali beliau semasa majlis pertunangan saya pada akhir tahun 1992. Beliau menerima saya seadanya. Sepanjang mengenali beliau, beliau mengidap penyakit darah tinggi & lelah. Tetapi sejak 3 minggu yg lalu, paru2 beliau rosak menyebabkan beliau terpaksa bernafas menggunakan bantuan mesin oksigen. Setahu saya beliau tidak pernah tinggal solat & tdk pernah marah pada orang. Saya yakin yg beliau tergolong dlm orang2 yg beruntung.

Sepotong ayat dari Surah AlFajr (27-30): Wahai org2 bernafsu mutmainnah. Kembali kesisi Tuhanmu dgn reda & meredai. & masuklah bersama hamba2 yg mengabdikan diri pdKu . & masuklah kedalam syurgaKu.

Kepada ibu tersayang.. kembalilah pada Allah dgn rasa penuh reda.