Friday, June 29, 2012

EURO 2012 Poland/Ukraine

I have to write a bit about Euro2012.

I did not watch ANY of the matches of Euro2012. Simply because in my mind, I have this conclusion that NOT the BEST team wins the tournament & I see a lot of frustrations rather than joy.

It can be from ANY of the best 6 best teams. But you need LUCK, strategies & tactics to win (in that order)

Strategies includes confidence,mental & physical strenghts and very high TEAM spirits. Tactics includes using your squad in the right manner. But most of all, LUCK plays its parts.

This is where ISLAM nicely falls into place. You can do your part, but ALLAH will determine the outcome. Injuries, referee decisions, cruel deflections can determine the outcome.

The press does their job. They want to "SENSATIONALISE" the event. They will write anything in order to sell (translate to people reading).
Here are some to ponder:

"Group of Death (Group B)"; Germany, Holland, Portugal, Denmark; Fact is Group C is the Group of death as both Spain & Italy reached the Finals

"Germany has not won a Major trophy since 1996". So what! Only France, Brasil, Greece, Italy & Spain won major tournament since 1996. There are 200 countries in this world & not winning anything since 1996 is VERY GOOD indeed! Portugal has not won anything yet. So is Malaysia. Does that mean Portugal and Malaysia are at the SAME football level?

Penalty shootout depends on luck. You can practice taking penalties a million times, but still you can miss it when it really matters!

Actually, football is a game to enjoy, not to be frustarated. Just enjoy the wonderful game. That is why I never watch these Major tournaments. There are too many frustrations & you end up not enjoying the game.

The Final, well again it does not matter who wins. Let's enjoy!

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