Saturday, May 12, 2012

Man United Season 2011/12 - Conclusion

This EPL season 2011/12 is the most interesting season since EPL was introduced in 1993.

The Champions, Champion League places and relegation battle is still not settled coming to the final day of the season.

Who will be crown Champions: Man City or Man United.
Who will be joining both these teams (2): Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle
Who will be relegated: Bolton or QPR

If we want to be predictable, then Man City (Champions), both North London teams in ECL and Bolton will be relegated.
But, as much as I like to be predictable, let me (for the first time) be adventurous. Man Utd (Champions), Spurs & Newcastle (ECL) and Bolton joining Wolves & Blackburn.

Just last week I made an sms to close friends -"Hoping for Magpies to tie City to give United the edge". My nickname is magpie. I was a City supporter and I am a United fan. (Ironic). That did not happen.

During my younger days 1977, I used to see Star Soccer on TV1 every Sunday evening. 2 stars stood up - Stan Bowles (QPR) and Frank Worthington (Leceister City). Both teams were doing well in 1976/77 season when I first started my interest in English Football. Both these teams were also my favourites together with Man City before I finally chose United.

So coming back to the conclusion of season 2011/12. Praying for Malaysia (Bolehland) & Sparky to tie City to give United the title. Mark Hughes will always be remembered for his heroics that saved MU from defeat. Sparky & Joey Barton has something to proof to MC. Most of all, QPR needs to draw in order to secure survival. Man City will feel the pressure. The longer they did not score, then the more nervous they become. This is like season 2009/10, where MU wanted Chelsea to draw against Wigan. They won 8-0.

No doubt that this will be a miracle if it happens. You never know. It might be the final twist to a very interesting season.

But, I think MC will win handsomely.They have been leading the table for 32 out of 37 weeks of EPL. They have a +8 goal advantage. If they win, they fully deserve the title. In Yaya Toure, they have the experience to have what it takes.

As for me, my interest in football tidak akan melalaikan saya dari mengingati Allah.

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