Thursday, April 5, 2012

Allah granted my wish

Wanting to follow-up on my blog on Turn to Allah, you will get yr wish

I prayed & made doa to Allah to seek for help starting on Fri 17 Feb 2012. My wish was granted by AlMighty Allah on 23 Mar 2012. All praised be to Allah for granting me my wish.

Allah does not give me immediately, but 35 days later. That gave me 2 important lessons:-
1. Sabr (patience) is required
2. Perseverance (never give-up) is another important element

From this lesson, my belief (yaqin) is to submit to Allah whatever my wish.
Wa iyya ka nasta'iin. (& you alone, we ask for help)

I seek help from Allah & I believe that Allah will grant it to me. If Allah does not grant it to me, then He knows what is best for me.
Radhi atan mardhi'ah. Well pleased (with yourself) and well pleased (with Allah)

Allahu Akbar..


Anonymous said...

Can you please pray on my behalf that Allah grant me my wish from the first sight of kaaba? Thanks. I have been waiting 3 years for this to materialize.

Hisham Mustaffa said...

Insyaallah I make dua fr u. But please remember that we are slaves to Allah. He is d master. It is He who determines the outcome. And never give up hope fr Allah

Amri iam said...

Can you please pray on my behalf that Allah grant me my wish.

my name is amri, and i from indonesia.
my biggest wish is I hope that God will always provide ease of sustenance, so I was always able to save every month in Islamic banks. I also hope that my online business can generate more sales and can earn a lot of money

Hisham Mustaffa said...

Assalamualaikum Amri,
Whatever the outcome, believe that Allah give the best for you. If you did not get what you asked for, that is best for you... only you do not know. Allah knows best.. I pray for what you wish..

Anonymous said...

Assalamwalaikum. My exam results will be out soon. Allah gave me a chance to do well but I didn't make full use of it. I haven't written my exams very well...but I really want Allah to help me in getting good grades because that will make my parents happy. If I get bad grades my parents will become very tensed and I don't want to be the reason of their stress. I want them to be happy. Please pray for me. I promise to work hard after this . I promise to be a better muslim. But I really need Allah's grace and mercy.

Hisham Mustaffa said...

Waalaikum salam Anonymous,

I pray to Allah that you achieve yr exam results that really reflect yr effort you put in. Insyaallah you will find peace..

shamsa Sh m said...
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shamsa Sh m said...
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nic bella said...

salam, could you make doa for me that my only love Hafis will take my hand and ask me to marry him before the ramadaan month this year? Shukran!

Nafrin tasnim said...

Please duaa for me so that all my wishes come true....i feel like ALLAH will not answer my prayers :( ....maybe He can answer my dua through you,but i will not give up praying.INSHALLAH Allah will fulfill my wishes oneday i just want it to be early. :(