Saturday, August 30, 2014

Visiting relatives and pondering the Greatness of Allah

This posting is about me having visited my relatives yesterday.

I went to visit my relatives at 3 different places.
1. An uncle, who is at a nursing home
2. An distant aunt, who is also my late mother's close friend, at her house
3. My late distant cousin's family

All these 3 visits made me realise how short life is. It also made me think that we are all growing old and eventually will  die to return to Allah and meet Him.

All of the above relatives are close to my late mother. When I started talking about the good times they had with my mother, tears flow from their eyes and that made me sad. But, that also made me happy as all of us had the opportunity to treasure those very precious moments and remember that only Allah is ever lasting.

I hope that I have many more opportunities like this in order to cherish those moments with my relatives and friends.

And let us remember that Allah is the Greatest and we will be DEFINITELY be returning to Him. 

My loving daughters

I have not written about my daughters for some time.

They have all grown up.

The first one is now in Auckland, New Zealand. She should be mature and independent now. Just have to learn about life and experience it on her own.

The second one is studying architecture in UiTM, Shah Alam. She is acquiring skills to be a very good achitect, and I see great talent in her.

The third & forth are still schooling, and I make a point to recite Quran with them 3 times in a week. I sincerely hope the third one will finish (khatam) the Quran before Eidil Adha this year. That is my target for her.

As a father, I will support them and make doa for them to make the best of life in this world.

I seek Allah's power to guide them to the right path and enter jannah together.


BPL season 2014/15 - predictions

Manchester United under Luis Vaal Gaal (LVG) is in a period of transition. It will take time before MU will a force again.

Many wannabe pundits (including me) want to give their prediction at the start of each season.

So here goes, for BPL top 7, I will stick to the same teams as last season. But the order will be different.
1. Chelsea
2. Man City
3. Liverpool
4. Arsenal
5. Man Utd
6. Spurs
7. Everton

This comes from me. I am no pro pundit.

It is going to be a long season with many twists and turns.

I will support MU and cheer for them in every match.

Enjoy the season. 

Electricity demand Peninsular Malaysia 2014

I have not written about my work for some time.

But, I made a stand not to dwell to much on my work, as my strong believe is that Islam is VERY much important than work.

Anyway, just to update on electricity demand in Peninsular Malaysia, which is very much have an impact on my organisation's Capital Expenditure.

The growth is 2.0%, the second lowest in the history of electricity growth since 1990. The lowest was at 1.7% recorded in 2008 (economic crisis year). 2014 was never a slowdown year, but as far as electricity demand is concerned, the manufacturing sector has slowed down and the service sector has dominated the economic scene. But service sector does not require large amount of electricity.

My prediction for 2014 electricity growth was between 2.5-3.3%. It turned out to be on the high side.

Next year, with the introduction of GST by the Malaysian Government, my prediction is NOT more than 2.5% max.

May Allah help Malaysia in the coming challenging years....

Monday, August 25, 2014

Come to Allah.. He is waiting for us

I am extracting some common themes that I gather from the Quran.

The many Makki surahs, Allah repeatedly remind us that He has the power to resurrect people who have died. There are numerous ayats that confirms that Allah has the power to resurrect dead people, just like He can make the earth back to life again by sending water from the sky to the dead and barren land. This is easy to Allah.

We, as slaves of Allah, must strongly believe in the akhirah. The day that we will all be judged on our deeds and we will be rewarded or punished.

Remember that the mercy of Allah is much-much bigger than His wrath. Always seek repentance, as Allah is Most Forgiving, even if you think that what you have done is so bad that Allah will not forgive.

Do not ever think that way!! Allah is so Merciful that He can forgive ALL your sins. Have that believe in your mind. Make doa that Allah forgive our sins. Best way to make repentance is during 1/3 of the night (before Fajr). Seek Allah's mercy. He is waiting for you, always waiting for you to come to Him.

Dear friends, come back to Allah and always remember Him in whatever circustances. He will DEFINITELY remember and protect you. If a calamity befalls you, always know that He is testing you for your own good. Tests are made to make you strong and draw you nearer to Him.

Remember Allah... Make doa... Aameen

My Ramadan and Eid 1435H

It has been awhile since I last posted on my blog.

This Ramadan 1435H has been a very challenging year.

I approached this year's Ramadan in a mild way. I wanted this Ramadan to have a lasting effect on me.

The fasting, Isya' jemaah (+ tarawikh) prayers and the reciting of Quran are all done in a small but consistent manner.

I wish that what I did during Ramadan is almost the same as what I did in other months, eventhough what we do in Ramadan has a multiplying factor.

I still feel that the main intention of Ramadan is to obtain taqwa, and if I can continue doing what I did during Ramadan in other months, that in itself is an increase in taqwa.

Alhamdulillah, with small but consistent deeds, I hope that these deeds are continuous until the day I return to Allah. The Aed Fitri is also the same. It was celebrated in a moderation manner. The main agenda of Eid is remembering Allah who has given us so much.

May the training in Ramadan has a lasting effect on me and on all Muslims.