Saturday, November 19, 2011

19 Nov - eventful day

I visited my late mother's cousin in the afternoon. He just got his left leg amputated. He suffered from blood cancer..

But, the special thing is, he is in high spirit. He laughed & cracked jokes. He got his IPAD2 with him almost all the time, which he uses to browse & stay connected. He uses his IPOD2 to play Quran verses & memorises them... amazing!! May Allah help him during this trying times & I can only admire him..

In the evening, another of my late mother's cousin passed away in Shah Alam after suffering a long (12 years) illness of Azheimer disease. Again, the family member of the decease, show amazing courage taking care of her for the past 12 years. Ada majlis bacaan Yasin & tahlil.

2 events that really touched my heart. If Allah wants to take something from us, it is so very quick..

Moral of the story.. Always be prepared & remember Allah. Insyaallah, we will overcome the tests that have been given to us by Allah.

Sabr & reda for Allah knows best for whatever he gave to us as His slave.

Allahhu Akbar..

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