Sunday, November 4, 2012


It can be said that a person is leading a good life when he has:

1. Peace of mind and contentment of the heart (Reda)
2. Blessing in the family : a pious wife and obedient children; they are the source of coolness to our eyes
3. Blessing of age : He is like a flower giving fragrance to other people and his time is spent meaningfully, always busy with the preparation for the life hereafter.
4. Blessing in earning : enough to fulfill his needs & giving in the path of Allah
5. Love and respect from ALLAH
6. Prayers which is accepted by ALLAH
7. Unseen & help & mercy of ALLAH is ALWAYS with him

If the kings of the world know the peace of mind that Allah S.W.T. bestows on His beloved servant, they will be very envious of what they have been deprived....however they are so much intoxicated with this world that they don't understand the reality of good life.

Check yourself whether you have achieve the true meaning of A GOOD LIFE...

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