Sunday, May 1, 2016

My current thoughts

Towards the end of April 2016, my thoughts are always towards remembering Allah.

Lately, by choice or chance, I have been remembering Allah on a constant basis.

There are 2 things that come to my mind when remember Allah:-

1. The gratitude and syukr for ALL the blessings that Allah has given

2. The patience and sabr when Allah tests us ALL in this worldly life

There is no better way to find peace and tranquility than remembering Allah azzawajal.

Ya Rabb, continue to give me this constant rememberance of Allah.

To You we submit and to You we shall return....

Friday, April 22, 2016

Don't be sad/grieve

Lately I have been reflecting on my life so far and what I have achieved.

There are many things that have happened to me that are good and bad as well. They all make life so very interesting.

There are many people that I know. Good and bad ones. Again these people decorated my life.

Sometimes I feel sad for a certain things that has happened to me. But wait a minute.... we are Muslims & Mukmin.

We shall not grieve.
We have Allah with us. In Quran there are 13 verses that emphasis on this:

Baqarah: 38, 62, 112, 262, 274, 277 (6 ayats)
Imran:170 (1 ayat)
Maidah: 69 (1 ayat)
An'Am: 48 (1 ayat)
A'raf: 35 (1 ayat)
Yunus: 62 (1 ayat)
Zumar: 61 (1 ayat)
Ahqaf: 13 (1 ayat)

The meaning "no fear need they have, and neither shall they grieve"

A true Mukmin will not be grieve as ALL in this world and the skies belongs to Allah. Even our own body belongs to Allah and we shall return to Him eventually.

It is okay to grieve for a while as we are humans with emotions. But life goes on..

I began to smile by myself. Indeed Allah makes us feel sad sometimes to draw us closer to Him. Thank Allah for drawing us closer to Him with His Wisdom.

Whatever happens has its purpose. If we can channel back ALL that has happened to Allah, we truly are His slaves.

Ya Rabb, guide us to your straight path.



Sunday, April 17, 2016

I lost my collection of thumb drives

The whole collection of my thumb drives that I collected since 2005 was stolen during the period where my office was under renovation.

Almost all of the thumb drives I got it for free when attending seminars/workshops.

They range from 0.25GB to 8GB.

I felt sad as they are my collection... it means a lot to me as I love my collection.

Wait a minute. This reminds me of life.

Life is a gift from Allah. Allah is my Master. He gives it to His slaves whatever He wishes. He takes whatever He wishes.

Just like my collection of thumb drives, they are gifts that I got. When it is lost, just let go, as it is not yours to feel sad about.

Everything in the skies and the earth belongs to Allah.

Remember Him always and we will be at peace All the time.

Ya Rabb, make me and all of us your slaves that you are pleased upon.

We need your Compassion & your Blessing


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tribute to Surau Salahuddin community Section 14 PJ

I have been living in Section 14 Petaling Jaya, Selangor since 1969, almost the entire part of my life.

This posting is dedicated to the community that I lived.

There is this Surau Salahuddin that I normally go to perform my daily prayers. It started operation in 1972. It has been around for 44 years now.

There were many of  the original members that have passed away since. I cannot mention all of them. I can mention only a few that is still around and are very old.

They used to me very young during the seventies when I was a kid.

Thank you my community for being a close knit family and helping each other during good and bad times.

May Allah reward us all. Aamiin

Monday, February 29, 2016

MU youths in the First Team 2015/16

Antony Martial, Joe Riley, Donald Love, C Borthwick Jackson, Will Keane, Jesse Lingard, Paddy McNair, Adnan Januzai, Marcus Rashford, Fosu Mensah are all MU youth players.

If properly nurtured, MU will become a good and exciting team.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Man Utd lost away to Sunderland

I saw the match with my buddy.

Man United were awful. They deserve to lose. Gone are the days that you enjoy the attacking Man United games.

At this rate it is difficult to see Man United in 4th place & qualify for Europe next season.

LVG is in tremendous pressure. Not only with the results but with his philosophy of playing.

I will now switch to observing Leceister City. If they win the BPL, it is truly a fairy tale.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wedding reception - Kota Bharu

The last of the wedding reception was done in Kota Bharu on Sat 23 Jan 2016.

This was to cater for people in KB (my significant other's side) that could not make it in KL on 2nd Jan 2016.

The reception was very nice indeed in a kampong atmosphere.

It started with doa selamat at 11.45am.

Then makan2 from 12-5pm.

Many people came. Estimated was 500 guests. They come & go as they please.

There was also girls from Rumah Anak2 Yatim Siti Aminah in KB which consists of 35 people.

All in all, this last reception was the closure of my 1st daughter's wedding.

I try to invite as many friends as I can in order to celebrate and share the joy of my historic moment.

To Aliah and Khai, best wishes to both of you in your newly married life.

To guests who came to my event, May Allah bless us All.