Saturday, December 13, 2014

Reflections of year 2014

I had the time to reflect on what has happened to me in 2014.

It has been a fabulous year, full of joy and laughter for me, just like the previous years.

I have been blessed with such good fortunes. No doubt there are challenges, but I consider them decorations that make this life so very wonderful and colourful.

My deen (relation with Allah), my family, my work, my team Man Utd (passion) has been very good indeed.

I thank Allah for ALL these. Let it continue with ALL good the things in life.

This whole life, I consider it as a journey. Meeting all kinds of people along the way. Young and old, good and bad.

But the pitiful site is that many people are seeking for pleasures that are temporary and short term. They become very impatient and materialistic. The emotions are constantly being fed with high expectations and this becomes a recipe of negative feelings and emptiness.

If I may just share with everyone, until and unless this heart is filled with the remembrance of Allah, it will NEVER attain peacefulness & satisfaction.

We end up worshipping the gift and not the GIVER. We end up filling our hearts with our desires/goals and not Allah's. We make doa of what we WANT and not what we NEED.

So, if we did not get the gift, then we become frustrated and angry.

Hey! Wait a minute. What are we trying to ultimately achieve here? The pleasure of Allah... not our own pleasures which are temporary and short-term.

Detachment from dunya is NOT that you own nothing, but NOTHING OWNS you except Allah.
So do not be deceive by this worldly things. Fill our hearts with ALLAH. Remember Him and be conscience of His presence ALL the time. Definitely we will achiev PEACE!!


Man Utd vs Liverpool BPL game 2014/15

Manchester United vs Liverpool matches are always considered something special here in Malaysia.

This is because, if you combine the fans from both these 2 teams and compare against fans that support other English teams, then MU&Pool fans outnumber the rest.

The 2 teams won more domestic trophies than any other clubs and the tradition goes back many many years ago.

As I grow older (but not necessarily wiser), I could not care less who wins this classic game.

3 points and a bragging rights is for grabs.

I predict a MU win based on current form.

High Expectations

Expectations are always high when you deal with High Ranking officers (like company CEOs) as they want the organisation to excel.

Nothing wrong with it. But High expectations WITHOUT Allah in the equation usually brings a lot of tension, frustrations, confusion and unnecessary negative feelings.

Mukmins must remember that there are 2 components when we do things:-
1. If Allah permits
2. Our own efforts

When we execute things in order to achieve a certain objective, we have to do our best and make dua to Allah to achieve it. Then the execution becomes complete.

If we have done our level best and we achieve the objective, thank Allah for the success.

If we have done our level best, but still did not achieve the objective, then Allah did not permit it due to His All Knowing. He has something better for you.

If we have did not do our best and we achieve the objective, thank Allah but be conscience that next time we must give our best because we got lucky this time.

Most of the time, we pity people who have high expectations, and are contantly leading a life full of tense and never at peace.

Make dua to Allah to protect us from the above. Aamiin.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Comparison between MU under Moyes and LVG

Comparing Man Utd under LVG and Moyes on a game to game, there is not much difference in terms of points collected up until 14 games.

Both have collected almost the same points. The only difference is the style of play, where you can see that MU under LVG plays much faster pace and with greater determination.

It will be a very long and tough season and I still stick to my prediction that Man Utd will finish among the top 5.

In the mean time, enjoy the matches. Man Utd can only get better as the players blend in and positive results will definitely come.

Friday, November 7, 2014


It is a Friday afternoon, and heavy rain in KL..

Yes, heavy rain reminds us of challenges in life... never ask for a lighter rain. Just pray to Allah for a better umbrella.

That should be the attitude! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Life in NOT about finding the right person, but creating the right RELATIONSHIP.
It is not how we care in the beginning, but how we care till the very end.

Some people will throw stones in your path. It all depends on what you make with them. Be like the bridge, you are the architect of your life.

Search for a GOOD HEART, do not search for a beautiful face.
Because beautiful things are not always good, but GOOD THINGS are ALWAYS beautiful.

Often we lose hope in life and think it is the end... Remember Allah, it is just the MEANS..the end will be the akhirat

Have iman and have a successful life.

Allah gives, gives and forgives
Human gets, gets and forgets

This cannot be coincidence in life:-
1. LIFE has 4 letters so does DEAD
2. HATE has 4 letters so does LOVE
3. ENEMIES has 7 letters so does FRIENDS
4. LYING has 5 letters so does TRUTH
5. HURT has 4 letters so does HEAL
6. NEGATIVE has 8 letters so does POSITIVE
7. FAILURE has 7 letters so does SUCCESS
8. BELOW has 5 letters so does ABOVE
9. CRY has 3 letters so does JOY
10.ANGER has 5 letters so does HAPPY
11.RIGHT has 5 letters so does WRONG
12.RICH has 4 letters so does POOR
13.FAIL has 4 letters so does PASS
14.KNOWLEDGE has 9 letters so does IGNORANCE

Are all of them CO-INCIDENCE?

We should choose wisely, as LIFE is like a DOUBLE EDGE SWORD.

If you think the ALARM CLOCK woke you up, try putting it beside a dead body.
Allah's mercy wake us up every morning. So be GRATEFUL!

Ya Rabb, pleasex2 keep us among the people who are GRATEFUL to you...Aamiin

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A few of Allah's slaves.....

I have a distant friend who NEVER complain. I NEVER hear him complain about anything.

He just accept things as it comes. Some people call him a "blur" guy.

Recently I asked him "Why are you not complaining?"
He answered "Why should I? Whatever happens in this world has a reason by Allah. He knows best"

Masyaallah...I began to respect him so very HIGHLY. By not complaining, this friend of mine shows really HIGH GRATITUDE towards Allah.

I remember 1 ayat in Quran, Surah AsSaba':13 "..a few of my slaves are GRATEFUL"

On the contrary, I seach for "most people" in the Holy Quran and found
1. do not know
2. do not give thanks
3. do not believe

And if you search for "most of them", I found
1. defiantly disobidient
2. ignorant
3. turn away
4. do not listen

I made a quick survey of the the surroundings now. Almost everyone complained in one way or the other. With social media, the amount of complains increased exponentially.

Ya Rabb,make us among a few of your slaves. Make us remember you, being grateful to you and serving you in order to seek your pleasure...


Monday, October 27, 2014

Ya Allah.. continue guide us...

Sometimes ideas to write come easily without even thinking...

Allah owns everything in this world & the next. Our body and soul belongs to Allah.

We do not own anything. We shall return to HIM one day.

So have no worries. This life is a test for all of us. When our time comes, we have to return to Allah, whether we are ready or otherwise.

We have to be prepared to part and return to him.

Allah has given us the guidance in the form of Quran & Rasul. We are to follow them if we want to be successful and return to HIM successfully.

There is a reward waiting for us in our PERMANENT home. There is also punishment.

The best of all people are the people of taqwa. They live the life according to Allah's instructions. They find peace in this world and the hereafter.

These people, nobody own them. They only strive for the pleasure from Allah.

The people of taqwa, Allah protect them. Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah.

They know that Allah is the ONE that gives them guidance. They check themselves as not to be ARROGANT, but to be a humble slave of Allah.

"Ya me to your straight path. Do not let us stray away. Accept us to be your slave Ya Allah. Save us from the fire of jahannam"