Friday, June 10, 2016

Powerful video...

I want to share with you a very powerful video...


Hope it benefits you as it has benefited me

My target this Ramadan 1416

This particular Ramadan, I am taking it on a slightly different turn..

1. I will try to pray jumaah in masjid/musalla

2. I will try to guard my tongue in order not to hurt people

3. I will try pray within 1/3 of the night (before subuh)

4. I will try to do more sadakah.. insyaallah

5. I will try do tadabbur Quran (to understand the meaning of the message) rather than finishing the whole Quran in the month of Ramadan

Make doa for me my friends, in order for Allah to give me the strength to do the above ibadah

Monday, June 6, 2016

The passing of Muhammad Ali - World's Greatest Boxer

I received the new of the passing away of former world heavyweight boxer, Muhammad Ali on Friday evening 3 Jun 2016 when I was on holiday with my family in Singapore.

I felt sad. Muhammad Ali was my late father's favorite boxer. He used to be excited when there is a fight involving Ali.

I still remember how my late father used to talk about how great Ali is when he danced around the ring. "Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee"

May Allah give His mercy to both Muhammad Ali and my late father Mustaffa Menfari.

However great we are, we shall return to Allah.

Allah hu Akbar

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Some amazing Quran facts

A little fact about the Amazing Quran

1. An ayat in the Quran that has all 28 alphabet of the Arabic. (Alif & Hamzah is considered 1alphabet) is Surah Fath:29

2. A surah that has Allah in ALL its ayat is surah Mujadillah.

3. Besides 2 Masjidil Haram, Masjid Al-Aqsa & Masjid Quba', there is one mosque mentioned in the Quran (Taubah:107) that is Al-Dirar.

This mosque was situated near Masjid Quba in Madinah. It was built by the munafiquun. It was destroyed by fire.

As Ramadan approaches, let us be closer to the Quran... insyaallah

BPL season 2016

My earlier (Aug-15) prediction for BPL 2016.
 1. Man United
 2. Man City
 3. Arsenal
 4. Chelsea

 My Mid-season (Feb-16) prediction for BPL 2016
 1. Leceister City
 2. Man City
 3. Arsenal
 4. Tottenham

The result is
 1. Leceister City
 2. Arsenal
 3. Tottenham
 4. Man City

I am correct about the top 4 finish

I am correct that MU finished 5th (miss to qualify for European Champions League)

MU won the FA Cup and Man City won the League Cup

Relegated teams are Newcatle United, Norwich City and Aston Villa

Pity that 2 historically successful team with many supporters are relegated (Newcastle and Villa)

Many2 congratulations to Leceister City. Truly2 remarkable achievement!
Hail to Claudio Ranieri

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Let me show you something better

Islam is NOT about "Ïslam is better than your religion"

Islam IS "Let me show you something BETTER for you"

If you follow, it will be good for you. If you do not follow, then you are the one who will be at loss.

With this statement is the dakwah to non-Muslim.

If they follow us, well and good

If they do not follow us, truly we have done our obligation to show them something special and they do not want it. Give your best.. and leave the rest (to Allah)

Ya Rabb, make us ALL Muslims and invite us to enter your jannah