Thursday, May 10, 2018

Make the initial effort, then ask for help from Allah

As time passes by, to really consistently learn about Quran is getting more and more difficult (for me).

There is always this distraction that pulls me away from memorizing and learning about this amazing devine book of Allah.

I really have to make extra effort in order to overcome this.

I really make doa to Allah to make things easier for me.

Come to really (deeply) think about it is that there are 2 things here:-

1. You make the initial effort
2. You ask from Allah to make it easier for you.

If we think that it is ME that make it a success, then you are missing the point.

Surah Fatihah verse 4
To you (Allah) we enslave ourselves to
and to you (Allah) we ask for help

We make the effort, we ask for help from Allah.

That was why all good things are difficult initially. Just like driving a car, we start from gear 1 (low gear) and we end up in gear 5 (high gear).

Oh Allah. I have made the effort of learning the Quran. Give me the strength to continue learning your book and implement/practice them in my life

Reminder to me to remember being Slave of Allah

What I constantly remind myself is to be SLAVE of Allah.

Meaning to do what Allah commands and abstain from what Allah forbids in order to achieve Taqwa.

This is our Syahadah:

There is no God but Allah (meaning we enslave ourselves to Allah)
Muhammad is the messenger of Allah (by following what Rasulullah did).

That is the essence of being a true Muslim.

To achieve that, we must acquire the knowledge of Quran and implement the sunnah of Rasulullah. 

Whatever happens is the will of Allah and we as slaves will accept the situation with redha.

Oh Allah. Make me among your slaves.


Close friends passed away

In the past 4 weeks (blessed month of Syaaban), I have been attending many of my friends funeral.

Just before the start of Ramadan for this year (1439H) I have attended 6 of my friend's pengkebumian.

They are
1. Hamzah Nordin (Office colleague) 57
2. Nik Nasir (Family Friend) 62
3. Amir Hamzah (University mate) 54
4. Awaluddin (Office colleague) 54
5. Norlia Harun (Distance relative) 60
6. Latifah Md Salleh(Office colleague) 60 

Hamzah and Latifah were very close to me.

Oh Allah. From You we come and to You we return.

My turn will definitely come and this is a reminder to me that I will have to always be a Muslim at all times, because when I die, I want to die as a Muslim.

Ya Rabb, please make me die as a Muslim. Aamiin..

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Hafazan Surah An Naaziaat

I finally succeed in memorizing Surah An Naaziat.

My initial target was end Dec 2017. I manage to achieve it end Mar 2018 ( 3 months delay).

The most difficult Surah to memorize. And the longest Surah (46 ayat).

The key, is to hear it daily.

Thank you Allah....

Let this small achievement be an example to my fellow readers.

Make doa to Allah

We often hear people say to make doa to Allah.

We also often hear people say "Allah has not granted my doa".

But, let us look closer to Allah and His attributes.

He is the Most Merciful Most Forgiving.

He loves His slaves MORE than a mother loves her children.

He gives you what you want at His own terms, because He Knows what is BEST for you.

You are in good hands. You are being protected.

But, people say, why do bad things still happen to good people.

Ok... let us define "bad things". 

Whatever brings you closer to Allah is define as GOOD THINGS.

Whatever brings you further from Allah is define as BAD THINGS.

So, when calamity befalls you, Allah is drawing you closer to Him. Do not distant yourself from Him. He wants to test you and He wants to remind you to be closer to Him.

Meaning when you want something, you expect Allah to give it to you. Else He is not with you.

You put the gift in your heart, while you put the Giver (Allah) in your hands.

It should be you put your Giver in your heart, while you put the gift in your hands.

If the Giver gives you the gift, it is good for you.
If the Giver does not give the gift, then it is also good for you.

The Giver is in your heart. The gift may/may not be in your hand.

Ya Rabb... guide me to be with You... always   

Old shop that have closed down

I was just pondering on the good old days.

There were many

1. Small provisional shops
2. Video rental shops
3. Kodak (Film & Photo shops)
4. Cassette/Music Shops

These shops have closed down because what they sell are overtaken by technology.

Those days, I use to hang out at these shops to buy goods, to rent a video, to buy film for my camera and to buy album in a form of cassette.

My kids will not be able to feel what I felt 40 years ago....

Saturday, February 24, 2018

My 2018 blog post....

In 2018, I found it very difficult to write my blog.

My motivation of writing is at its lowest.

I am very grateful and happy of my life.

Solat, Sabr and Syukur is always in check and practiced.

Naaziyat is at 40th ayat... still struggling.

Man Utd is 2nd in Premier League.

My children are OK.

Work is

But writing my blog seems to be extremely difficult.

I love to write about myself. I used to write daily diaries when I was at school.

I long to be like Doogie Howser MD (the 80's TV series who wrote in each of his episodes).

But lately, I lost the zest to write. Maybe I am getting old for this. Maybe I have written what I intend to write. Maybe my writing becomes boring (to me and others).

Let see how it goes.....

Allah Knows Best