Monday, February 2, 2015

Allah KNOWS, we as slaves do not know....

I discovered a very important surah that I wanted to relate to my followers

Surah Baqarah:30 ".. I know what you do not know"

Surah AlKahfi: 60~82 Is about the story of Musa who wanted to learn from Khidir. But Khidir warned Musa " you can never be patient if you follow me. How can you be patient if you do not have sufficient knowledge about it"

These 2 ayats illustrates to us the VAST KNOWLEDGE of Allah. There is absolutely no way we can understand Allah's knowledge. He is the ALL KNOWING. HE knows the past, the present and ALL the permutations of the future. You can never imagine how many ways things can turn out in the future with what we do today.

Allah knows ALL. We as slaves of Allah have the power to decide our destiny. That Allah give us the limited power to decide. That is why we (slaves) are accountable for what what we do. Yes, Allah knows the outcome of our decision, but the fact remains that we have a certain power that Allah give.

This is consistent with our believe that there are 2 components in our lives.
1. Our own effort
2. Allah's will

That is why in Surah Fatihah
"Only to you we enslaves ourselves and to you we seek help"

2 things to remember
1. Give your best
2. Make dua to Allah

So very powerful and so very simple
I make doa that ALL of us give our best to be closer to Allah. And I make doa that Allah help us to be closer to HIM.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

We must understand the Quran.

Quran is in Arabic. There is a specific reason for it to be revealed in classical Arabic.

We must learn Arabic in order to understand the meaning of Allah's words.

Here is a video emphasising on the matter

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Worst flood in Malaysia.... Dec 2014

This year, the flood situation is unlike other years. There were way too many people affected by the flood.

I can imagine the suffering of people who are affected by the flood. Their homes being filled with water and their belongings destroyed because of the water.

When the flood finally subside, they have to clean their houses and some of the things can no longer be used. They have to spend money and effort during this trying times.

I take this opportunity to send my condolences to the flood victims. They have to bear patience. Use this calamity to make doa to Allah so that Allah make it easy for us all. If a calamity befalls us, and the result is that it draws us nearer to Allah, this should be considered as something good.

Allah made the hardship to draw us closer to Him. Take this golden opportunity to be nearer to Allah.

I thank Allah for HIS mercy and  protection. He has given to me and hopefully draw me closer to Allah azzawajal.

Ya Allah, please make me from the people who are grateful to you in whatever circustances be it good or bad. Ya Rabb, please protect me from the persuasion of Syaitan and from people who also acts like syaitan.

Ya rabb, please give strength to the people who are suffering from floods and make it easy for them. Make them be nearer to you Ya Allah... Aamiin

About Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston

What has Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston have in common?

They all are people who make other people happy. They are very successful people and made a lot of money making people happy.

But they themeselves are not happy. They took drugs in order to forget about their problems. But drugs did not help, in fact made the situation worst. In the end, they died because of too much taking drugs.

Very talented and highly gifted people who ended up dying on drug overdose. Pity them..

We can take a very important lesson from them.

We can make people happy. In fact we should make people happy with our good deeds.

But we also must make ourselves happy. There is no better way to be happy than to remember Allah.
It is very difficult to really express happiness when remembering Allah.

No doubt that syaitan is making extra effort to these kind of people to make them further away from Allah.

The entertainment business is full of activities that make you further and further away from Allah. But that will not stop people to make dakwah and pray to Allah to give all mankind hidayah.

Allah is the ALL KNOWING. We just make effort and doa. Everything will turn out good.

Put our whole trust to Allah alone..

May Allah grant us all (His slaves) forgiveness

Some awesome quotation from brother Nouman(2)

Your sin is NOT GREATER than Allah's MERCY

Do not expect from others, expect ONLY from Allah

The people who test your patience are a blessing, without them you cannot practice patience

We live in a society that wake our kids for school but not for fajr

When you talk, you are repeating what you already know, but if you listen, you may learn something new

If you love someone, then commit. If you don't commit, then your claim of love is not real

Do not force religion on your family, show them the beauty of religion through you own sincere practice

The signs of a beautiful person is that he always sees beauty in others

Hurt me with truth, but never comfort me with lie

You have 2 friends; 1. Allah 2. those who reminds you of Allah

You don't have to insult other people's opinion to make your opinion heard

What men should know.. is that a woman who truly loves you will be angry at you for so many things, but will stick with you