Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BPL Season 2013/14

The BPL season will close in 2 weeks time. There are 3 teams still fighting for the Title. They are Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City.

I know a lot of my friends are Liverpool supporters. They have very little to cheer since MU dominated the English Football since early 1990.

I wish Liverpool fans all the best for their team. Frankly, I do not mind any of the three teams winning. I am indifferent.

But looking at the odds, I think the title is Man City's to lose. They are in the driving seat as they know exactly what they need to do in order to win.

I pity David Moyes for his sacking. I somewhat knew that he will be sacked. His selection of players and tactics are somewhat questioanable. Anyway, I still have a small hope that MU can finish above Spurs in 6th place. No doubt that finishing 6th or 7th will be the lowest position MU achieve for the past 30 years.

Whatever the outcome, it has been a good season of football. Thank you BPL.

Injury in football tournament

I got myself injured playing in a Senior Category Football tournament.

The tournament is called HoD Cup, being played at senior level (above 35 years old), comprising of teams around Peninsular Malaysia in Tenaga Nasional Berhad Transmission Division.

During team selection, I was being chosen to represent HQ1 team.

My original position is the second goalkeeper. But I told the team manager that I can also play as a back-up striker, as I have been a "goal poacher" during my younger days.

I have undergone a major knee operation (PCL) on my left knee in 1988, due to a knee injury that I sustained when I played very fast football during my university student days in England. I also did angio plasty on my main heart artery due to blockage in 2010. So, I am not a fully fit footballer.

It is a good balance team and they made it to the final only to lose on a penalty shoot-out 4-5. I played 2 substitute games from 6 games and managed to score 1 goal.

I sustained the new injury on my RIGHT KNEE and immediately when I got it I knew this is serious.

I can feel that something has torn. It happened on my DOMINANT feet, as the left feet is my DORMANT feet.

The tournament was in Sintok (500KM to the north of KL). When the tournament ended about 2am Sunday morning (27 Apr'14), I went straight to sleep. At around 7am, I drove back to KL with great difficulty. Syukur, I arrived in KL safely.

X-Ray did not show any broken bone, but MRI showed a tear in the cruciate ligament. I will operate my knee scheduled on 7th May 2014. Make doa for me....

Thank you

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My cats

This post is for my cats that I have been taking care of, since my eldest daughter went for further studies in NZ.

There are 7 of them all together. The amount of food and effort to take care of them on a daily basis demands some sacrifice.

These cats are also the creations of Allah. They are creatures that are very tame and playful. They wanted us (humans) to caress, stroke and touch them, and they in turn will be very close to us.

But the effort to clean their surroundings is very challenging.

All in all, taking care of all these cats makes me realize that we praise Allah for creating these creatures. It gives us the chance to take good care of them for the sake of the Maker and the Owner of the Universe.

Good deeds to animals will DEFINITELY be reciprocated..

This picture was taken during feeding time. All the cats in this picture are females. The male went missing, but it came back 5 minutes later.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Positive attitude at workplace

I have completely changed my attitude towards my work begining 2014.

I have detached myself emotionally from whatever is the outcome of my work. Yes, I have been given a set of KPI (Key Peformance Indicators) for me to deliver my work. But, these KPIs are merely an assessment of my performance.

If I do well, then I am OK. If I do not do well, then I am also OK.

If the boss or other stakeholders make a comment on my work, whether in a positive or a negative way, it is their prerogative. I am all right with it.

I must have the right frame of mind about my scope of work. As a good employee, I must fulfill my role. I must fully understand my role. As a network planner, my main function is to propose a plan.

Whether my plan is being accepted or otherwise is NOT for me to decide. I must ensure that I must come up with the plan that will cover all possible angles and have considered all possible options. I must be able to balance between performance and cost, taking risks into consideration. And I must ensure that the plan is feasible.

This posting is mainly to remind myself that work is work. Never be emotionally attached to the work. If my work is good and I am not being properly acknowledged by my immediate manager, it is completely all right. It must not affect my relationship with Allah.

Because Allah is the ultimate boss. It is the satisfaction of Allah that I am aiming for.

"Taking care, making use and developing the properties of Allah, in the best and correct manner, in accordance to HIS commands" is my main objective

"Jaga, guna and membangunkan harta Allah, dengan baik dan betul, mengikut kehendakNya" itu adalah matlamat kerja saya.

Make doa for me that I can maintain this attitude towards my work. Ameen