Saturday, February 4, 2012

Electricity demand growth in Pen Malaysia

It has been a while since I write about work.

It is about electricity demand, (my own analysis)

Doing forecast is more of an art rather than science. It is the starting point for planning. It will start by having an assumption(s) of the future outlook.

Just sharing my thoughts, I assume that 2012 will see a 2% growth in electricity demand in Peninsular Malaysia. I assume that natural growth will just about dominate the electricity growth. The Government of Malaysia will not be able to attract FDI as much as they promised, simply because they are busy preparing for the GE13.

Demand in Europe will slow down. US is always planning to attack Iran. The future really looks fragile. As for TNB, no need to worry too much about supply of electricity with a 2% annual demand growth. Business as usual.

This is my take. In planning, my forecast can be totally wrong, but plan we MUST.

Allah hu bikulli syai'in alim
(Allah knows everything)

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