Friday, May 30, 2014

Journey of recovery from knee operation

As my journey to fully recover from the right knee operation slowly takes shape, I look at the healing process as a peaceful journey with me and my Rabb (Allah).

I am doing pysiotheraphy three times a week. The knee can now bend a bit and I can walk again, but slowly with crutches.

I began to feel the bond with my Maker. I also realise that He is the Most Merciful and He is also the Most Powerful in the entire Universe. It is like you are a dear friend to someone VERY POWERFUL.

It is the feeling of asking for mercy from the MOST Merciful, but one must also realise that THE MAKER is also the ultimate MASTER. He calls the shots. He knows what is good for you, eventhough you might think that something bad has happened to you.

This feeling of hope plus fear is a resultant of a slave to a POWERFUL Master. The Master is pleased with you and you are pleased with HIM. That is the ultimate aim.

In order to please Him, follow the life of Rasulullah SAW and also follow the teachings in the Quran. That is the correct path.

One must realise that the life ends with us being dead. But death is the journey towards returning back to the Master to either be rewarded or be punished.

Ya Rabb, I make doa to You to give me guidance, in order for me to return back to You in a way that pleases You.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Updating blog, similar to Doogie Howser MD

Whenever I write something on my blog, it reminds me of a TV series that I watched in the late 1980s.

The TV series was "Doogie Howser.M.D". It was a story about a 16 year-old who became the youngest licensed doctor in the US.

The thing about this teenage doctor, at the end of every episode, he would write a diary on his computer. No doubt that the computer back then (1989) is not as advanced as today. But, this doctor documented whatever he learnt from his life.
So whenever I updated my blog, the feeling of documenting my findings in life is being shared with others.

Thank you all and Thank you Allah

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Surah Furqan:30 and Surah Sad:29 - powerful verses

Another 2 verses in the Quran that I find very awesome and powerful.

Surah Furqan:30 - And the messenger will say" Oh my Rabb! Surely my people took this Quran as a thing that is abandoned"

This is a scene whereby as Rasulullah & the people of Iman are marching towards paradise, and Allah asked His messenger to say something. What Rasulullah said is that there will be many people among his ummah that took the Quran and abandon it.

We should be referring to the Quran as a means of guidebook to us in life towards peace and paradise. Instead, in this modern life, Quran is only referred to during times of ritual and worship.
This is the word of our Maker and yet, we take the Quran very lightly. We take our logical and "reasonable" reasoning in our daily decision making. What a waste!

There is another power ayat in the Holy Quran. Surah Sad:29 "A book (Quran), that we have sent down to you (Muhammad saw), full of blessings, that they may ponder over its verses, and those who are endowed with understanding may take heed (from it)".

Masyaallah, this Quran. It has so many things inside it. Blessings, lessons, guidance, peace and we abandon it.

Come, my friends. Take a little bit of time to read the Quran, understand the meaning, summarise the lesson learnt and put it into practice. We will definitely find peace in our life in this world and the hereafter.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Recuperating after operation on ACL by reading books & remember Allah

The doctors did a reconstruction of my knee on the 7th May 2014. The operation is very common to footballers and sportsmen. In short, they call this kind of operation ACL ( Anternal Crutiate Ligament).

They knocked me out at 2.15pm and by 5pm, I woke up with my right knee heavily strapped with bandage.

They took a piece of tendon on my thigh. Then they drill holes in my 2 main bones (tibia and fibula). In between the holes in the bones, they run through the tendon and tie the 2 bones together to replace the torn crutiate ligament. At the end of the bones, they use 2 titanium screws to tighten them together.

The operation took 2 hours. But the complete recovery to full knee function will take 6 months (standard).

The 1st 4 to 5 weeks is to make sure I can walk properly without aid (1st phase). Weeks 6 to 15 weeks to ensure that the bones will be as strong as before (2nd phase). Week 16 to 25 is to ensure that the whole knee can be fully functional as before (3rd phase).

I will be on medical leave for the whole of 5 weeks. I have to do pysiotheraphy 3 times a week.

That gave me a lot of time, which I spend reading. I read books and Quran in my spare time. I am fully enjoying my spare time with books.

Allah has given me the oppoturnity of time to really fulfill them with something useful. I am grateful to Allah. It is me, my knee and Allah as my very close friend.

I will share with you some important points that is worth mentioning. Let us all pray to Allah for all the blessings that He he has bestowed to all of us..

We might not realize that something happen for a reason and Allah is the ALL knowing. Whatever happened to us is for a reason. We just have to look further, and find that a bad thing is actually good for you, if you give trust to Allah.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Asking Allah to forgive our sins on a daily basis - as Allah is Most Merciful

I discovered another powerful ayat that I need to share with my friends.

Surah Azzumar:53-54
In this ayat, Allah Azzawajal said that "Never ever give up in the mercy of Allah, Allah forgives ALL your sins as He is the Most Merciful" "And return to your Lord, and surrender to Him before calamity (death) comes to you, then you cannot be helped"

There are many target groups that can get benefit from this ayat.
For those who want to commit sin, knowing that Allah is Most Merciful, you can try to commit one. But you are taking a huge risk, as you will not know what behold you when you commit sin. When you commit sin, before you can repent, then you will be thrown in the hell-fire.

For those who abstain from committing for the sake of Allah, consciencely knowing that Allah is Most Merciful, you are rewarded huge gains in the akhirat. 

For those who are doing sin and having a large amount of sin, make repentence, as Never ever give up hope from the Mercy of Allah, Allah will forgive ALL your sins.

There you are. Planning to do sin, abstaining from doing sin, committing sin and have committed a lot of sin, everyone will be forgiven, provided you are still alive.

So, brothers and sisters, always make repentence. Make it a daily routine. Does not matter you have committ small sins or huge sins, as Allah is waiting for us to forgive our sins.

He is more loving than a mother that is feeding her infant child. Let us not make repentence to Allah on a daily basis.

"Allah, please forgive me, forgive my parents, forgive my children & forgive All mankind in this World"   Ameen