Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Surah2 that starts with letters (Muqattaat)

This time I am writing to remind myself of the power of AlQuran.

I have been mesmerised by its content and word structure of this miraculous book. No doubt that it is not written by a human.

I made a research on the surah in the Quran that starts with alphabet. There are 29 surahs in this category. They call this as Muqattaat. In ALL instances, the ayat after the alphabet explains about the Quran.

Masyaallah.. a reminder to us all that Quran is indeed the book from Allah, our Maker.
I pray hard to Allah, please Ya Rabb, do not let me go astray from the guidance that you have given to me.

Their meanings remain unclear and are considered by most Muslims to be divine secrets.

Please make me be from the people of taqwa and please let me be your slave that worship you at ALL times.