Sunday, April 28, 2013

Malaysia 13th General Election 2013

I do not know how to link to a youtube address.. but check out this link..

2 of my family members are in this video clip..

You help me, I help you.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Manchester United 20th League title secured

On the 22 Apr 2013, Man Utd are crowned Barclays Premier League (BPL) Champions for the 20th time.

This achievement is very sweet indeed, having tasted being Champions of BPL last year for a mere 2 minutes, before Sergio Aguero scored the last minute winner for Man City against QPR 3 minutes into injury time. Man City won the BPL on goal difference. That was very hard to swallow. Losing on goal difference for a goal deep into injury time (virtually the last kick of the season).

But, what happened after that day, Sir Alex started his strategy to win back the BPL. He purchased RVP & Kagawa. Those signings were brilliant.

Man Utd started with a lost on the opening day of the season at Everton. The captain (Vidic) was injured at the time & Rio Ferdinand was also being treated on his back pain and was not 100% fit. Johnny Evans & Phil Jones became the centrebacks and the early games saw Man Utd not being able to keep a clean sheet. Luckily their strikers (RVP in particular) was scoring regularly. They won many games from being behind.

From Nov 2012 when they were top of the table, they never looked back. They lost the Champions League Cup to Real Madrid & League Cup & FA Cup to Chelsea. But they never lose sight of getting the BPL back from their neighbours.

On the 22 Apr 1994, my eldest daughter was born & Man Utd also became Premier League Champions on that year. In fact, during the season that my other three daughters were born - 1996, 2000 & 2003,  Man Utd also became Champions.

During the treble winning year 1999, there were 3 Norwegians in Man Utd squad. Solksjaer, Berg & Johnsen. Thank you Norway for your contribution to Man Utd success & keep reading my blog.

It has been a very satisfying season as far as I (as a Man Utd supporter) am concerned. Thank you every player in the squad, the manager, the back room staff & all that are associated to the club for a very satisfying season.

Lesson learnt: Do not let frustration dampen your spirit. Analyse what needs to be improved & make improvements to make it better. No doubt, losing the BPL on goal difference, the squad has to improve up-front. But during RVP barren spell, the defenders kept clean sheets to enable the team to stay top of the table & win the BPL.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Giving dakwah..

This time I am writing about the people who makes dakwah.

Myself, as a father and a leader of a family member, is currently trying my best to seek knowledge of deen in order that I can guide myself as well as my family from to the right path. I am trying my best in a manner of creativity & love to educate & reming myself & family members to practice Islam as much as possible.

No doubt, this dakwah needs a lot of patience & peserverance.

I did pledge to myself to start doing some basic things in order to follow the sunnah of Rasulullah SAW. To enter the toilet with my left leg & exit with my right. To use the slippers in the toilet, in order to ensure that it is clean & to recite doa when entering the toilet as well as wanting to go out of the house.

Apparently, these small things that I have NOT done for the past 48 years of my life does not come automatically. My other (better) half has to remind me to do it on a constant basis. Sometimes, when I was being reminded in a slightly "above tune" manner, the level of patience is sometimes being tested. This is where, as a normal human being, a stern reminder can normally lead to denial & trying to find excuses for my shortcomings.

On the other side of the coin, the person reminding must also lower down his/her level of expectations, as people (however pious they are) makes mistakes & are subject to forgetfulness & carelessness. Human are never perfect. So, when giving reminder, please be more forgiving & remind in a nice way, without having to raise the voice. Please also make doa to Allah, so that the person will be given hidayah to give him strength to change for the better.

The person who makes dakwah & making reminder, must always have the empathy to ensure that the dakwah will be given in a attractive and creative manner. It must be given with actions & non offending manner.

In conclusion:-
1. When giving dakwah, be creative just like our prophet Muhammad SAW. Actions usually speaks louder than words
2. When giving reminder, ensure that the tone is checked, in order to critic on the action(s), rather than the person
3. Do not have high expectations for the person giving dakwah, as that person also is a normal human being, and is subjected to forgetfulness & imperfection. Just give him doa.....

We all need each other to attain jannah & fight against our nafs & syaitan.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March 2013 diary - wonderful things happening

This time writing about the wonderful things that happened in March 2013 for my record.

I apologize for not writing something useful to share in this posting. This posting is more like a diary to me.

9th Mar, my 2nd daughter came back from New Zealand after 2 months there. I sent her to NZ to help my youngest sister who is undergoing chemotherapy.

12th Mar, my 4th daughter's 10th birthday. She was very happy on the day. She also had to take her term exam on the day. She wanted LEGO for her birthday.

21st Mar, my 2nd daughter's SPM results. She got 6As and 3Bs. Before her results, I told her that I am proud of her, whatever is her result. I just wanted her to not miss her solat.  I took the "trouble" to teach her SPM Physics, as she could not find a suitable physics tuition class. She got a B for her Physics, making me one proud father as well as a proud teacher.
22nd Mar, Mufti Menk was in Malaysia. The scholar whom I listen to his series of lectures & have affected my life in a positive way

23rd Mar, I had a wonderful holiday break in Hyatt Kuantan, Teluk Cempedak. Watching sunrise & lying by the sandy beach,  remembering Allah's great creations. Being with my kids, masyaallah, what a wonderful feeling.

1st Apr, my 3rd daughter's 13th birthday. She wanted IPOD for her birthday.

For my blog postings, I have finally achieved an average of 3 postings per month- Alhamdulillah

Man Utd are top of the BPL with a massive 15 points lead over Man City (WoW). But they lost the Champions League quarter-Finals to Real Madrid & the FA Cup QF to Chelsea. Again, I am happy for them to win their 20th  BPL.  I will not trade winning BPL with not winning BPL but win BOTH the ECL & FAC.

Thank you Allah for giving me such a blessed month full of wonderful2 things....