Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Choosing a career-passion

Lately, as I reflect myself of my age (47+), I began to wonder how much years I still have before I die & kembali keRahmat Allah.

At this juncture, I am assisting my daughter to apply for pre-University. My advice to her is to take up a career that you are PASSIONATE about. Do not choose a course because I asked you to.

I began to have reflections of what I was passionate about in the past. When I was 6 years old, I wanted to be truck driver. I used to have these small 18-wheeler trucks (MATCHBOX) in my collection, and someday, I want to drive one. There was this TV series back then (1971) (Pok Amai Amai) when I was a participant in that program, I brought my trucks along. The hostess asked, adik besar nak jadi apa? And without hesitation, I said I wanted to be a truck driver & proudly showed my 18-wheeler MATCHBOX truck. There was also this TV series entitled "BJ and the Bear" that I watched as a small kid. This TV series was about a trucker by the name of BJ with his pet Bear (a chimpanzee), a story about a trucker who drove an 18-wheeler truck across USA. That enhanced me to be a trucker.

After SPM, when I became a young boy (a bit mature), a wanted to be a Football Manager. I wanted to be like Ron Atkinson (Man Utd Manager at that time-1983), but not as flamboyant as him. I wanted badly to manage a football team, to strategies and to WIN trophies. I wanted to go to England to study about football coaching & management. I ended up taking Electrical Engineering in England.

After working for 10 years, I wanted to be a good person. I wanted to share my experience with others. I wanted to be a good Muslim, to learn about Quran & to make me a better person with knowledge. I went to UM to take Sijil Pengajian AlQuran (SPAQ).

In conclusion, your passion change with respect to time. I did become a truck driver (as I have an MPV). I became a football manager for SOFC(System Operation Football Club)in TNB from 2002-06 (eventhough I am an Electrical Engineer by profession). But most importantly, I strive to become a muttaqin (orang bertaqwa). Whatever we become, eventually the ultimate aim is to be a true.... Slave of Allah. It is the most satisfying passion of them all.


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