Monday, August 29, 2016

Be Grateful and Humble

I love to write short stories.

That is the main reason why I blog. I have been blogging since 2008. I take inspiration from my close friends who use to blog. Now I am the only one remaining that still actively blog.

Recently, my feeling is very much attached to my Maker (Allah). Not that I am pious.

But recent events have pulled me closer to Allah.

I share my experiences not because I try to show-off. I am very afraid that my postings makes me arrogant. Please tell me so...

I try very much to share what I went through in this beautiful life with other people.

This life is indeed wonderful and full of incidents. There are good things and there are bad ones as well. But if we are grateful, this life is so wonderful that every moment is so valuable.

Another trait is always be humble . There is no need for us to show-off. Everybody is being given blessings from Allah as a slave. Slaves need to be humble to his master.

There is no wonderful feeling than to be humble to one's Master. And to always be thankful to Him.

Ya Rabb, please always make me grateful and humble to You.


The month of Zulkaedah 2016

My earlier posts is referred.

My brother (in-law) passed away on 16 Zulkaedah 1437 (19 Aug 2016) in Kota Bharu

My uncle passed away 13 Zulkaedah 1437 (16 Aug 2016) in Johor Bahru.

I am deeply saddened on the loss of 2 close family members.

I went to both of their "perkebumian" (burial)

May Allah blessed on their souls and grant them jannah. Aamiin

One day I will join them to be returned to the Maker.