Saturday, May 26, 2012

What a wonderful morning to praise Allah

As I was writing this posting at 7am at my garden home, it strike my mind how lucky I am to be still alive & breathing.

I watch the sun rise (praise be to Allah). How much have we been taking for granted that the sun will rise everyday without fail. I watch the birds chirping, how much have we taken for granted that the birds are being protected by Allah and not being instinct.

Oxigen that I breathe into my lungs, they never become less. The fossil fuel (oil, gas & coal)that we use, there a abundance given by Allah to His slaves. Are we not being grateful to Allah for all that he has given to us
Good health. Again we take for granted. How many people realised that all the organs in the body are being given by God so that we can continue to live. What if the kidney failed, or if the heart wanted to stop because it has been working for years without stopping?

Anyway, I cannot list down all that Allah give to me & humankind. Sufficient to say that we must always be mindfull to praise Allah in a form of Syukur & Sabr. I almost forgot, my hot cup of tea. Wow, tastes wonderful together with the wondeful feeling that I feel this morning..... 

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