Thursday, December 27, 2012

Outing with family and the story of mosquitoes..

On Christmas Day 2012, me & my family (wife, 4 daughters, 1 niece) 7 of us, we went excursion to Kuala Selangor Nature Park, near Bukit Malawati,Kuala Selangor.

It was a very nice outing. Driving thro 2 new expressways (Guthrie & Latta), we reached Kuala Selangor from Petaling Jaya in 50 munites. We took off from PJ at 11.15am. Took lunch, perform Zuhor prayers at nearby surau & commence our walk thro the Mangrove swamp area beside the Malawati Hill.

There were many floura & fauna, but what really strike us were the amount of mosquitoes that bite us. Literally, hundreds of them. Maybe it is the rainy season that made this situation. We were the only 7 people in the Nature Park. Kind of imagine that the whole area belongs to us..

My youngest daughter (Anis) again asked me, why did Allah make mosquitoes? Well, I did tell her once that whatever Allah create in this world, there is a use to it... Now how shall I answer this question.. I asked her to walk along, as I buy some time for me to find the perfect answer..

This was my answer
 In Surah AlBaqarah:26 Allah did mention about mosquito. In fact that is the only surah that mentioned about mosquito in the whole of Quran. It says that "Allah tidak segan untuk membuat perumpamaan berupa NYAMUK". Allah made mosquitoes to make a comparison that this WORLD and whatever contains in it is like a mosquito to Allah, something that is NOT WORTH and make your life miserable.

Allah also made mosquitoes so that human being must keep their compound clean & make sure that there is no contained water that can breed mosquitoes. He made mosquitoes so that humans take good care of their houses and compounds. 

So there you go Anis, Allah made mosquitoes for a purpose.
1. To compare that this WORLD means almost like mosquitoes (almost worthless)
2. To make humans to take care of their surroundings to be clean with no contained water that can breed mosquitoes..

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