Saturday, October 20, 2012

My short trip to Auckland, New Zealand 7-9 Oct

I got a telephone call from my sister (NZ) at 7pm on 2nd October 2012. She said, she was just diagnosed by the doctor of having breast cancer.

I felt shocked, but I knew that this is qadar from Allah. She told me she is going to do an operation on 8th October 2012. She asked me whether I should break the news to everyone. Not knowing anything, I asked her what she thinks, and she said, she does not know. I said, let us keep it to ourselves first. But, she wanted everyone to make doa for her. I said, let me think first. I will tell everyone when I think that they can take it, and then we make the doa and solat hajat for you.

On 4th October, I told my wife and my kids. Then, I called her to tell our brother and sister herself.

On the 5th (Fri), I told everyone in the family. On that day, I made solat hajat and doa after Isya' prayers specifically for her.

I also told my Bawean counterpart to make similar solat hajat & doa for Zaidah Mustaffa.

On 6th October, my uncle called. He said, why don't I fly to Auckland and give Zaidah moral support. That will really boast her spirit before the operation. I said okay, & my uncle was kind enough to buy the ticket for me. I flew from KLIA at 2145hr and arrive in Auckland at 1300hr (7th October). I was questioned by the NZ immigration for buying the flight ticket less than 12 hour before departure time. I explained the true story. They believed me, but not until my luggage was completely checked.

I was received by my sister & her husband. We talked, mainly about her (Zaidah) ambition to help sisters who are newly converts to Islam. We did not discuss much about the operation tomorrow. We solat at Manukau mosques, then proceed to Mission Bay by the sea & my favourite walking trail in Auckland, the Domain. Beautiful walk. I told her to be strong & always remember Allah. Everything that happens, has its silver lining.

Next day was operations day. First stop, to the imaging place, then had some breakfast. We went to the surgery place at 12.30pm. The breast doctor & the surgeon (Dr Crenshaw) came at 1pm. Again I asked Zaidah to be strong.

By 2.30pm, the operation was completed. No real complications. From 1-2.30pm, me and Rudy (brother-in-law), went to pray at Ponsomby mosque and had fish & chips for lunch. We always have faith in Allah. Zaidah came out from ops room at 3pm (still feeling very dizzy because of the GA).

Her friends came at 4pm, but she was still sleepy. She was fully awake at 7pm. Alhamdulillah.

Next day, the surgeon said that she can be discharged, but having this drip to help drain her blood. Both Zaidah & Rudy sent me to Auckland airport. I smiled at both of them. Zaidah is on high spirit. I am very confident that she can overcome this shortfall & become a much stronger & better person. That was my 48 hours experience to boost the morale of my youngest sister in Auckland. The 10 hr 15 min flight started from 1515hr NZ time and arrive at KLIA at 2045 (Mal time). NZ and Malaysia have 5 hours time difference.


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