Saturday, December 1, 2012

London Underground

When I used the London Underground (famously known as the TUBE) every morning & evening during my business trip to London recently, I observed that almost ALL of the passengers are like in a hurry. Their facial expression showed they are not happy. The TUBE is very packed during rush hours (7-9am). That is why they are in a hurry, it is Rush Hour..

I asked myself, are these people happy? Here I am in arguably the most modern & fashionable City in the world asking this question.

I found out that the majority are not. They are like a bunch of bees, flying around to find food for the day. It this the way of life? No doubt, most of them dress in a fashionable manner, carrying smartphones, reading newspapers and listening to Ipods. But, they looked that there is still something that is missing from their lives.

Then I realised that only in the rememberence of Allah will you find peace and happiness. I smiled to an elderly lady in the Tube, and she smiled back. That made my day.. and hers too! At least I know.. one person is happy!

Remembering Allah in a sincere manner makes you happy wherever you are in the world.. whether in the remote areas of Bawean, Indonesia or in Leceister Square, London, UK... 

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