Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reviewing Yr2012

2012 will come to an end. Another year passed by. We are all nearer to the grave. Who knows what lies ahead in 2013?

People always make a remark that.. how time flies..

Time does not fly, only us are being deceived by time. Time is the same be it in 2012 or 1912. Most people fail to reflect on their lives as they are always "busy" on doing things..

I took 11 days leave to reflect of what I have achieved in 2012. When I review back, there was a lot that I achieved in 2012. My "IngatAllah" always reminded me of my 4 objectives. Hafazan (Surah2 lazim), Jawi, Asmaul Husna & Bahasa Arab.

My constant conciousness of the existence of ALLAH is always being checked. Next 27th Ramadan 1434, I will celebrate my 50th birthday in Islamic Lunar calender.

"Ya Allah, give to me strength, so that I can be your slave in true sense like Prophet Muhammad SAW. Please do not test me with something that I cannot handle. Protect me & my family from the fire of hell. Give me the knowledge to eleviate myself higher. Give me sincerity in doing ibdah to you" Amiiiin ya Allah