Saturday, March 31, 2012

A tale of 2 GLCs

This is what I think will happen within this year. For the benefit of my followers within the MESI circle, feel free to comment as this is my take on what is going to happen on the matter.

T & P are 2 GLCs negotiating on the new pricing formula for imported gas. Future gas will be imported in liquid form (LNG) and P is currently building RGT (facility that re-gasify gas from LNG). Gas volume will not be an issue, but the pricing will.

I do not think that both T&P will ever come to any agreement on the pricing. So both will seek the help of Brother Jib (or is it Brother War) to settle the issue. Not wanting to upset the Rakyat, either Brother will not make that decision as any price hike will lead to increase in electricity tariff.

So, P will tell T to find contract LNG on your own, and use the RGT to re-gasify at a certain rate. T will find out that imported gas is INDEED expensive and will again seek advice from Big Brother. Big Brother will not make that decision, so again it will be a stale-mate. The RGT is ready but will not take LNG until the issue is resolved.

In the mean time, coal will be at maximum. Any further energy mix growth will be on MFO until the imported gas is resolved..

Wallah huallam

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