Friday, December 31, 2010

Last posting for 2010

This posting will be the last for 2010.

For Kerja - It has been a very2 good year as far as work is concerned. Semuanya beres.

For MU - What can I say, MU are top of BPL with 2 games in hand. Hope they can win back the BPL.

For Anak2 - My 2nd daughter got 8As in her PMR. Alhadulillah. I thought the most she can get is 7As. Anyway Congratulations Aisyah

For IngatAllah - Just finish hafazan surah At-Tarrik (86). Must be consistent in my Arabic, Asmaulhusna, Hafazan & Harfiyah.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Travel Blog 2-11 Dec 2010

Continue my travel blog..

2 Dec
After checking out from camp-site at Roturua, we went to Te Puia (pronouce - Te Puya). It is a volcanic area with geyser (a hot water coming out from earth) and they converted this place to a Mouri Village. Firstly, they showed us how Mouri's treat their guests inside a Mouri hall. There was this Mouri culture show and showed the Hakka dance, a dance to intimidate the enemy. This dance is a ritual when the NZ Rugby team (All-Blacks) do before every game.

We were guided by a tour-guide (Mouri woman). She greeted with "Haire Mai" (welcome) and showed us Mouri homes, Mouri dishes, Mouri handycrafts & Mouri cultures. Nice to learn about other peoples culture. I went for another round of walk around the 10 acres Te Puia. Another nice walk through volcanic paths and hot springs. For me- this is my best place..

After finishing Te Puia, we proceed to Roturua town Centre. It was by the lake and we had a good picnic by the lake. We also feed the birds who joined us for lunch. Next, we went to Kuirau park, which is literally have many hot springs. We dipped our feet in the warm water, but the smell of sulphur was very strong. But they said, it acts as good mineral for the body.

Then we proceed to Lake Toupo, another gorgeous place by a huge lake. The lake is like an ocean. Very scenic drive along 50km stretch by the vast lake. We finally stopped at the National Park (Fakapapa) camping site, and as usual, having to connect electricity mains to the van. When we finally arrived at this place, it was raining heavily, and because this is high altitude, the temperature was 10 Celsius (cold). We spent the night in the van talking and playing computer games, after another wonderful dinner together.

3 Dec,
Went to Mount Raupehu, the highest mountain in the North Island. It is an active volcano. Even though it is summer, but the mountain is filled with snow-cap. It is a skiing resort, but it is closed in the summer. We took lots of pictures with Mt Raupehu as the backdrop. The next destination is Waitomo, which is 200km from Mt Raupehu. I had to drive fast to reach Waitomo, cos we were heading to a cave with glow-worms and the last show was at 3.30pm. When we left Mt Raupehu, it was 12 noon. I managed to reach the destination at 3.05pm and we got the chance to watch the worms glow inside a cave by boat. Mashaallah, the worms did glow and it was like a Christmas light in a cave. As it was our last destination before heading back to Auckland, we decided to stop by the road overlooking the farm, and cooking and eating like having a picnic. It was very enjoyable, having to eat in an evening overlooking a farm with hills & sheep on a mid summer in NZ. Then the last stretch was Waitomo- Auckland (200km) and we reached back to sisters place at 10pm unpacking and feeling really happy..

4thDec (Sat) - Me & wife went to Auckland museum. Main reason for going to the museum was to get free parking for 4 hours. Particularly like the Mouri & Polynesian history & culture. There was this section about Kiwis soldiers having to serve in Malaya in 1950s. Interesting.... Afternoon, when all the kids were ready, we went to shopping mall in Albany (another suburb), while I send back to campervan to change to a MPV. After hopping, we went to Mission Bay (another suburb) to have an evening picnic by the beach.

5th Dec (Sun) - Morning, went to French market in Parnell (another suburb) and proceed to Rose garden to take pictures. Interestingly, there is this rose called PJ Rose. Wife took a picture there, which she said represented her (Her name is Ros and lives in PJ). Afternoon, went to Beachlands (another suurb), to have lunch (Halal BBQ) served by Linda & Shane. Linda spent 1 year (1983) in Malaysia with my family as an exchange student and she still call me "abang". Good lunch and good walk by the beach as her house is near the beach. Linda also showed her old photos of her stay in Kajang. Bring back nice memories. After we say goodbye to Linda & Shane, we went to drive around Auckland at night looking at a giant Christmas tree in Ponsonby Street

6th Dec (Mon) - Went for a walk in the morning. Another trip to the museum for the free parking, before driving everyone for another round of shopping in Albany. After they finally finish their shopping at 3.30pm, had to rush to the rent-a-car to send back the rented car. We spent the night watching TV and sisters apartment after a nice dinner.

7th Dec (Tue) - Went walking alone in the early morning. Then went to Panmure (another suburb) with wife by bus, as wife wants to visit this patch work warehouse. As for me, had another good walk up Mt Wellington, near Panmure by myself. When we finally came back, the kids had gone to the museum with my sister, and we met them back at Chocolate Boutique - where we all have a nice chocolate cake & drinks outside the shop in the summer and waiting for the sun to set...

8th Dec (Wed), As usual, my morning walk along Domain. Then final shopping around Newmarket (another suburb) and Central Auckland. I had to go back to apartment with the 2 small kids & mother as they already very felt tired. Wife & teenage kids went to K Road to see secondhand stuffs. Dinner, we had dinner at Nando's (Halal) as the owner is a Indian Muslim.

9th Dec (Thu) Morning walk. No more shopping, just packing & cooking. All the kids went to watch movie (Narnia). In the evening, we took a car and went site seeking for the final time. Went to One Tree Hill, the highest point in Auckland. Took pictures on top of the hill with sheep and the hill as backdrop. Watch the sun set and mashaallah... beautiful

10th Dec (Fri), To airport, but not until I finish my morning walk. Had to check in early as mother needs a wheel chair while having to sort out the 6 heavy luggage. Flight was at 1pm, but by 11 am, we were already saying goodbye to sister & his hubby. Reached BSB at 6pm local time. Checked in Terrace Hotel and straight went to sleep at 9pm.

11th Dec (Sat), Woke up at 4am. Waited for Subuh. Went for morning walk in BSB town Centre and Kampong Ayer, a floating village. Checked out of BSB at 10am, spent 2 hours at "Gedung", the biggest shopping mall in BSB and straight to airport. No need to go to counter as we already got our boarding pass fron Auckland. Flight from BSB-KL was at 3pm an we were joined by many jemaah Haji Malaysia using agents from Brunei. It was really a "blessed" journey all the way. I can say that I achieved both objective (Silaturrahim & Melihat kebesaran Allah)

Alhamdulillah, everything is safe and sound. Thank you Allah...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

NZ travel blog 25Nov-1Dec

Assalamualaikum semua,

A bit of my travelblog mainly for my reference.

On Thu 25 Nov, me, wife, 4 daughters & mother were ready to start our holiday. Took a taxi to KLIA at 3pm. Our flight is to Bandar Seri Bengawan, Brunei which took-off at 6pm.

Reached BSB International airport at 8.30pm. Since our connecting flight was at 11am next day, we decided to sleep at the airport. We were given the transfer lounge by ourselves. For me, it looked like a huge room, with TV that we can watch, a shower & toilet for a good bath and surau for performing Tahajjud. Subhanallah, sleeping at the airport lounge was nice for all of us.

I woke up at 4am and waited for Subuh. As it was a Friday, I managed to recite Surah Sajdah, Mulk and Waqiah before the azan. After performing the Subuh prayers, I woke everyone up and get ready as by 6am, the lounge was full of people. At 8am that day, I got the privilege of watching the Minister of Brunei waiting to greet the coming back of Brunei pilgrims. Masyaallah, he really hug everyone. Imagine our Minister having to do that...

Flight from BSB to Auckland went smooth. Landed in NZ at 1am Saturday. NZ time is 5 hours ahead of Mal/Brunei time + 9 hours of flying time. Royal Brunei Airlines had one channel on Quran reading and I tuned to that channel all the way.

My sister took us all to her apartment in Central Auckland. At noon, she brought us to the other side of Auckland sub-urban. We went by ferry to Devonport. We played freeze-be and had a good picnic by the beach. Also we went up Mount Victoria near Devonport & took lots of pictures. It was a good climb for me especially for my heart.

Sunday, 28/11, we went shopping in Auckland High street. But the shopping street closed at 1pm as there was a Santa Parade starting 2-3pm signifying that Xmas sales was officially started. It was a good parade, but the temperature on that day was EXTREMELY hot!

Monday, 29/11. Went to Slyvia Park, another posh shopping mall, kind of like BB in KL.

Tuesday, 30/11. Went to take the Campervan. It was a like a mobile home for 6-people. Had to learn about how to maneuver the vehicle. From Auckland, we went to a small town of Matamata. This town is famous for the shooting of the film Lord of the Rings. I did not see the movie, but they have this character called Hobbit & the town has the Hobbit statue. From there we proceed to Tauranga & Mount Manganui. This towns are by the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful white sandy beaches and we had a good time near the beach.

Then we proceed to our final destination of the day - Roturua. We stopped at the camping site. It was my first experience to park at the camping site to connect the electricity to the van. Wife & daughters started to cook and when we finally ate, it was the most wonderful meal. This is what they called barakah, cos we did it all together, cook, eat and finally clean. This was also my first experience having to sleep on a caravan. All of us had a good sleep.

Wed 1-Dec. 1st destination, Skyrides Roturua. The kids love this. We have to go up to the top of the hill. They have a cable car called "Gondola ride", which we took. At the top, the kids went downhill on a Luge, which basically is like a cart with brakes. They have 3 paths and the kids went down on all three paths slow, medium & fast tracks. After finishing 1 path, they went up again by a lift. As for me, I had a good walk downhill and back uphill.

In the afternoon, we proceed to a place called Agrodome. My wife love this the most. This place is a farm, and they converted this to be a farm tour. They showed how to sheer wool from the sheep professionally and they can do it in 3 minutes. They also showed how to milking the cow. Then there is this farm tour by tractor, to feed the sheeps, llama and cows. It was really wonderful feeling to feel the animals come to you and eat food from your palm. They showed the kiwi trees and how they produce the kiwi juice. They also have bees to produce honey.

After the farm tour, we went to ride Zorb, which basically is a giant ball. You are in the giant ball and you move with the ball downhill! Apparently it was 4.50pm & they close at 5pm. They say they are done for the day.. Back to the camp-site and again a good team work to cook, eat and clean-up together.

We had a wonderful time .. Alhamdulillah

Monday, December 6, 2010

Preparation for holiday in NZ

I spent 6-9 Nov 2010 at Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I stayed for the 3 nights of tahlil and I managed to finish Surah Baqarah & Surah Al-Imran. I still feel sad to lose my mother-in-law. But I also "reda" for her passing away.

On 16th Nov 2010, my own mother was admitted to the emergency ward in University Hospital (UH). She is on insulin since early Sep2010. I gave her the jab at 2pm. After the insulin injection, she MUST take food, however little. After I injected her, I went straight to work as I needed to finish work before the Aidil Adha holidays. Unfortunately, she fell asleep and did not take her lunch. Her body sugar level went to bare minimum and she could hardly stand up. She was unconscious and that made it difficult for us to force food to her. We brought her straight to the Emergency ward. They straight-away gave her the drip and by midnight her sugar level was back to normal. I was very afraid that barely 10 days ago, I lost my mother-in-law & now I might lose my mother.Nevertheless I did my Maghrib & Takbir at the emergency ward surau and I also remembered that at this moment, there were 3 million people in Arafah doing their wukuf for the sake of Allah.

My wife & brother stayed back at the hospital, while I went back preparing something for tomorrow (Aidil Adha). Brother called at 5am, saying that mother can be discharged. I told him to wait for me until Fajr prayers that I will fetch both of them. Alhamdulillah mother came back home on morning Aidil Adha.

I went for sunnat prayers, then to my father's & grandparents' grave & straightway went to surau for the korban rituals. Many relatives also came to house to visit mother. Thank you Allah for the blessings that you gave to me & family. Also not forgetting mom-in-law who just passed away. The next 3 days were all reciting takbir & also eating red meat from kurban's. Alhamdulillah.

The following week was preparation to go to Auckland, NZ to visit my sister. This will be my first time to NZ. I am bringing the entire family for this trip including mother. I have 2 main niat for this trip:-

1. To close my relationship with sister (silaturrahim)
2. To observe the beautiful scenes in NZ and praise Allah for all the creation that He made so perfectly.

Verse from Al-Imran 190-191. The creations of heaven & the earth & the alteration of night and day are signs of the people who understand. Who remember Allah while standing, sitting or lying down, & give thought to the creations of heaven & the earth and say "You did not create this aimlessly, exalted are you, then protect us from the punishment of fire"

Bye2 Malaysia & hello NZ...

Mak mertua kembali kerahmat Allah

Sudah sekian lama tak menulis.

Saya tak berkesempatan utk menulis. Tanggal 6 Nov 2010 (Sabtu) adalah tarikh yg tidak dapat saya lupa.

Pada pagi tersebut, memang saya & keluarga dah rancang utk ke Merlimau, Melaka utk satu majlis perkahwinan kak Maznah. Kak Maznah pernah menjaga saya sewaktu saya darjah 1 hingga darjah 3. Beliau menolong emak di rumah semasa saya kehilangan nenek. Selepas tahun 1975, beliau kembali kekampung setelah 3 tahun bekerja di PJ.

Kak Maznah mempunyai seorang anak sahaja & beliau memang berharap saya & keluarga datang pada hari tersebut.

Namun panggilan telefon pada pukul 6.30 pagi mengubah segala perancangan. Emak mertua saya kembali kerahmat Allah dan kami terus ke Kota Bharu. Kami samapai pukul 2 petang & saya terus baca Quran (Fatihah & Baqarah) disisi beliau. Jam 3 petang, jenazah dimandi & dikafankan. Jam 5 petang, jenazah di sembahyangkan. Sejurus setelah disembahyangkan jenazah dibawa dari Tumpat ke Tanah Perkuburan Tok Panjang, Kota untuk dikebumikan. Saya menaiki van jenazah.

Jenazah selamat dikebumikan jam 6.30 petang. Saya rasa sedih atas pemergian beliau.

Sepanjang saya mengenali maa, beliau TIDAK pernah memarahi atau meninggikan suara kpd saya. Saya mula mengenali beliau semasa majlis pertunangan saya pada akhir tahun 1992. Beliau menerima saya seadanya. Sepanjang mengenali beliau, beliau mengidap penyakit darah tinggi & lelah. Tetapi sejak 3 minggu yg lalu, paru2 beliau rosak menyebabkan beliau terpaksa bernafas menggunakan bantuan mesin oksigen. Setahu saya beliau tidak pernah tinggal solat & tdk pernah marah pada orang. Saya yakin yg beliau tergolong dlm orang2 yg beruntung.

Sepotong ayat dari Surah AlFajr (27-30): Wahai org2 bernafsu mutmainnah. Kembali kesisi Tuhanmu dgn reda & meredai. & masuklah bersama hamba2 yg mengabdikan diri pdKu . & masuklah kedalam syurgaKu.

Kepada ibu tersayang.. kembalilah pada Allah dgn rasa penuh reda.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bercuti dirumah sambil berfikir

Alhamdulillah, satu episod dlm kehidupan saya telah berlalu.

Pada 19-25 Okt 2010, saya berihat dirumah setelah menjalani angioplasti.
Semasa berehat dirumah, saya penuhkan masa dgn banyak berfikir. Berfikir tentang kehidupan & erti kehidupan itu sendiri.

Saya banyak mengingati Allah & mensyukuri nikmat Allah. Saya dapat rasakan ketenangan yg betul2 tenang. Tergerak utk menulis bahwa ramai manusia tertipu dgn kehidupan. Ramai yg beranggapan bahwa dgn mempunyai wang (material) serta pangkat, hidup ini indah sekali. Betapa itu satu tanggapan yg salah. Betul, kalau ada wang, hidup menjadi mudah.. Tapi kalau ada banyak wang, sehingga wang itu menguasai setiap gerak geri kita, itu bukan lagi kehidupan yg baik.

Saya dinasihatkan doktor supaya mengawal stress terutama semasa kerja. Saya tahu bahwa semasa waktu kerja, penyebab kpd stress selalunya adalah "expectation" kita pada kerja itu sendiri. You have to be calm & let go some of the high expectation of work. To be calm -> is to remember Allah. To let go the expectation -> you have to be sabr & tawakkal kpd Allah. It is time to do your best & leave it to Allah. If it goes well -> thank Allah. If it does not go well -> there must be something wrong with yr relationship with Allah or/and with yr community. Improve that in the future.

If yr relation with Allah & yr community is good, then yr expectation will be granted by Allah - CONFIRMED.

I know it sounds not logic, but that is what we call IMAN & TAQWA. Try it!!

Selamat beramal...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Angiogram & Angioplasty

Posting kali ini adalah catatan proses angiogram & angioplasty yg saya lalui tanggal 18 Oktober 2010.

From posting terakhir saya, dari keputusan ECG, memang sah saya mempunyai sumbat pada arteri jantung saya. Saya dinasihatkan oleh doktor utk proses angioplasty.

Sedikit mengenai doktor yg merawat saya. Prof Dr Haizal adalah pakar jantung di hospital Tropicana Medical Centre (TMC). Beliau berada di Universiti Hospital selama 12 tahun sebelum berpindah ke TMC. Beliau juga adalah sahabat saya semasa di MCKK. Beliau juga pernah merawat arwah ayah saya & anak beliau bersahabat baik dgn anak saya.

Beliau telah memberi penerangan berkenaan proses yg akan saya lalui. Dia inginkan saya berkeadaan sedar. Angiogram adalah proses mengenalpasti dimanakah sumbat pada arteri jantung dgn memasukkan dakwat pada arteri dan x-ray akan menunjukkan dimana sebenarnya kedudukan sumbat tersebut. Angioplasty pula adalah proses membesarkan kembali sumbat tersebut supaya darah beroksigen cukup untuk otot2 jantung dipam keseluruh bahagian badan. Teknologi terkini menggunakan belon utk besarkan arteri & disumbatkan "spring" supaya arteri ini terbuka kembali.

Doktor memasukkan "dawai" melalui pembuluh utama pada lengan kanan saya & ini adalah jalan paling mudah ke arteri jantung tanpa perlu membedah dada. Bayangkan saya sedar semasa Dr memotong pembuluh pada pergelangan tangan saya & saya boleh rasa "dawai tersebut masuk dalam lengan saya.

Alhamdulillah kedua2 proses berjalan lancar. Bermula jam 1235 dan selesai jam 1308 (32 minit). Saya memang merasa cemas semasa proses tersebut berlaku kerana ada kemungkinan serangan jantung dlm proses ini. Sepanjang proses, saya hanya berserah penuh pada Allah & jika ajal saya setakat ini, saya sudah redha. Setidak2nya ingatan pada Allah adalah ingatan terakhir jika ini adalah hembusan nafas saya yg terakhir.

Setelah semuanya selesai, saya seperti orang yg baru lahir. Sumbat pd arteri telah terbuka kembali & tiada komplikasi pada jantung. Kepada Allah saya bersyukur & saya anggap apa yg terjadi ini adalah seolah2 satu peluang kedua kpd saya. Perspektif saya berubah & saya akan menggunakan peluang ini utk beriman kpdMU.

Saya dapat rasakan dgn mengingati Allah hati ini menjadi tenang & perasaan ini adalah perasaan yg paling indah dlm hidup ini.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stress Test

On the 6th October 2010, I did light jogging. It has been a while since I did my last jogging. That was 1 week before the start of Ramadan which was end of Jul 2010.

It has been 2 months since I did the exercise. Usually I jog at the nearby park called Taman Aman. I usually do 3 rounds, where 1 round is approx 1.2KM. On that day, as I approached half a round, I began to feel tightness in my chest. I thought that I was really unfit after not jogging for more than 2 months. But the pain became more intense as I continued my jog. I had to stop! The pain remained for 5 minutes and I said to myself, take a rest & jog tomorrow..

The next day, I was more determined and I wanted to finish my routine of 3 rounds. Again, approaching the half a round, the feeling of chest pain came and immediately I realised that something was wrong with my heart. I have never felt the tightness in my chest before, and this pain came way before the first round of my routine.

I contacted my friend, who is a cardiologist and he explained to me that I am experiencing "angina". The best thing is to see him on 11th Oct (Mon) and he will further analyse my situation.

True enough, when he did stress test & echo on my heart, it is confirmed that I am having coronary artery disease. I need to do coronary angiogram & angioplasty. What this means is they need to know where is the blockage in my heart artery and try to remove the block. The date for the angiogram will be on 18th Oct 2010.Masyaallah..

I seek readers of my blog to make doa for me so that Allah make it easy for me as well as my family. This is one of the test that Allah has given to me and I redha dgn ketentuan ini. In the mean time, I have to take 5 medicines Coversyl 5mg (hypertention), Ternomin 10mg (hypertention), Cardiprin 100mg (blood thinning), Imdur 60mg, Plavix 75mg & Lypitol 40mg (cholestrol).

Thank you all & always remember Allah

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PMR 2010

Sedikit coretan khas utk anak saya yg kedua.

Aisyah akan mendudukki PMR bermula 5 Okt 2010. 6 bulan pertama dulu, dia tak banyak buat ulangkaji. Tapi masuk saja Julai 2010, nampak beliau terus "pulun".

The way she studied, reminds me of the way I used to study SRP & SPM. Last minute study. No doubt that when we are young, we tend to think short term and try as much as possible to enjoy ourselves. But studying last minute has got it's risks and as we grow older and realise how important the exams are, we then revert to a more consistent way of doing things.

I make dua that my daughter does well in her studies. Whatever the outcome, she has demonstrated that she has tried her best, albeit last minute. I also always advise her not to tinggal solat. Kita mesti serah pada Allah setelah berusaha bersungguh2.

Amalan saya, sebelum mula peperiksaan baca Surah Alam Nashrah. Pernyataan Allah dlm surah ini bahwa disamping kesukaran ada kemudahan karena itu diperintahkan kepada Nabi & manusia agar tetap melakukan amal-amal baik dan bertawakkal kepada-Nya.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Man Utd Season 10/11

Time to write a bit about MU this season.

My last posting was about women in my life. MU is also part of my life.

I am now relating both.

My real name is Hisham. My MU connection is Hernandez
My wife's name Rosiniwati. She is Rooney
My kids all start with alphabet A. They are Anderson
My mother is Nekmah = Nani
My cat is Blue = Berbatov

My family is very important to me.
The MU connection (in my opinion) is going to be very vital for MU this season.

I do not want to make any predictions. But like any other season before, MU will be either Champions or a close second in the EPL.

Hernadez, Rooney, Anderson, Nani & Berba in my opinion will play a very important role in MU's quests for success. Whatever the outcome, I will support MU.

Lastly, another H will no doubt will make a welcome comeback. He is Hargreaves.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Perihal wanita

Catitan kali ini khas menyingkap balik sejarah saya dgn kaum hawa..

Saya dibesarkan oleh nenek dgn penuh kasih sayang. Saya diambil oleh datuk/nenek selepas saya lahir kedunia ini. Saya cuma kembali kepangkuan emak saya semasa nenek meninggal sejak usia 7 tahun.

Besides nenek & mak, my contact with perempuan is almost nil. Semasa sekolah rendah, saya langsung tak kenal seorang perempuanpun. Cousin2 sebaya semuanya boys belaka. Then masa masuk MCKK, lagilah... semuanya balak. Even cikgu2pun cikgu lelaki belaka.

I got a sister when I was 10. Then came another sister. Barulah ada additional women in my life.

So, it is natural that I find it very uncomfortable being with women. My first real contact with women friend was when I got to further my studies in England. That lady became my first girlfriend.

There was once, a long time ago, I wish that I have many daughters. That wish came true.

As time passes by, I got to be comfortable with women. This came when I was in England. One fine day, I said to myself that women need men. And women were made for men.

Now, I am surrounded by women. My wife, 4 daughters, 2 sisters, 1 maid. At the office, most of my collegue are women, not to mention my boss. Even my cats & rabbit are female!

Surah AlBaqarah:"..mereka (wanita) adalah pakaian bagi kamu, dan kamu adalah pakaian bagi mereka..

For all women followers of my blog, I thank you all for being my friend. I really appreciate it.Saya bersyukur kpd Allah kerana telah memberikan kekuatan & kesihatan kpd saya sepanjang hidup didunia ini..


Monday, September 20, 2010

Sikap kebanyakan manusia sekarang

Sempena menyambut Syawal 1431h, saya sempat mengunjung saudara yg sedang sakit. Beliau mengidap penyakit "Azhemeir", iaitu pengecutan otak serta saraf2 utama. Beliau tidak dapat bertutur dan berjalan, dan beliau tidak mengenali sesiapa kecuali suami beliau.

Saya lihat sang suami dgn rasa penuh sabar, menjaga isteri yg sakit dengan hati yg penuh reda. Sebenarnya, ujian Allah adalah kpd sang suami.

Disamping itu, bulan Syawal disambut dgn menghadiri banyak rumah2 terbuka. Terdapat begitu banyak makanan yg dihidang. Betul kata kawan saya, bahwa sewaktu kita makan dirmh2 terbuka ini, perut terasa kenyang, tapi macam kita rasa tak puas.... Ada yg komplen lagi dgn hidangan yg ada..

Saya membuat kesimpulan, bahwa ramai dari golongan kita yg kurang sangat bersyukur dengan apa yg Allah telah beri kpd kita. Kita tahu nak merungut aje dan sedikit sekali kita merasa puas & reda dgn apa yg Allah telah beri. Ini adalah satu2nya ciri org yg tidak puas, kerna hati sentiasa inginkan yg lebih & jiwa mengikut nafsu yg tak pernah puas. Beruntunglah mrk yg Allah berikan hidayah dari latihan Ramadan, supaya nafsu harus ditundukkan & kita merasa syukur dgn apa yg ada. Besederhanalah kita dlm semua aspek.

Rumusannya, saya terpanggil dgn amalan 5S oleh org2 Jepun. Orang Islampun ada 5S jugak. Sikap - Syukur, Sabar, Sederhana & jgn tinggal SOLAT..

Aidil Fitri

Catitan kali ini ialah mengenai Fitri (Fitrah)

Sesuai dgn berakhirnya Ramadan, umat Islam meraikan Aidil Fitri.

Hari kemenangan ini disambut umat Islam setelah kita menyelesaikan ibadat dibulan Ramadan. Kita menunaikan 4 drpd 5 rukun Islam dibulan yg terdapat didalamnya malam yg lebih baik dari 1000 bulan.

Ramadan ibarat satu sekolah latihan dimana jiwa & nafsu kita dilatih. Bukan saja kita dilarang makan & minum diwaktu siang, kita juga dilatih supaya menjaga tingkah laku, tuturkata, dan segala gerak-geri kita supaya kita menjadi orang yg bertaqwa.

Kita digalakkan membuat amal2 baik (baca Quran & bersedekah) supaya latihan ini dapat kita amalkan sepanjang hayat. Kita dilatih supaya bersembahyang jemaah dimasjid (tarawikh) & cintakan masjid dgn amalan iktikaf.

Terdapat 3 peringkat dlm bulan Ramadan. 10 pertama ialah keberkatan Allah, 10 kedua ialah keampunaan Allah. 10 terakhir ialah kebebasan dari api neraka. Dan kalau kita buat semua amalan2 ini sepanjang bulan Ramadan secara konsisten, PASTI kita akan dapat ganjaran LAILATUL QADAR.

Oleh itu hari raya disambut dgn memuji Allah kerana kita sudah "graduate" setelah menyelesaikan kursus dibulan Ramadan. Allah telah memberikan kita keampunannya, dan kita kembali kepada FITRAH, iaitu seumpama bayi yg suci dari segala dosa.

Marilah kita teruskan mengamalkan latihan yg kita buat dlm sekolah Ramadan supaya kita menjadi orang yg benar2 BERTAQWA.
Amin.. Allah kau terimalah hambamu dgn keredaanMu.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nikmat sihat

Coretan kali ini ialah perihal nikmat yg kita selalu lupa... sihat.

Waktu buka puasa, memasukki 15 Ramadan, saya lihat ibu saya tiba-tiba rebah terus ke lantai. Dia memang sudah 1 minggu demam panas, tapi kali ini, badan dia memang cukup lemah, sehingga nak bangun dengan sendiripun tak terdaya.

Tanpa melengah2 lagi, saya terus bawa dia ke hospital UH, ke wad kecemasan & trauma. Sampel darah & air kencing serta x-ray dibuat kepada ibu. Kandungan gula pada darah ibu adalah 4 kali ganda paras normal. Dia terus dimasukkan ke wad untuk rawatan lanjut. Buah pinggangnya terlalu kering akibat kandungan gula yg cukup tinggi dan rawatan IV terus diberi. Insulin juga terus di "inject" untuk menurunkan kadar gula dalam darahnya.

Pada masa saya tulis ini, tanggal 21 Ramadan, sudah 6 hari ibu berada di hospital. Dia beransur pulih, dan saya menemani beliau pada waktu antara 11 pagi hingga 6 petang.

Saya sentiasa memerhatikan suasana disekitar hospital. Ramai pesakit-pesakit yg berada di wad dgn sikap yg berbeza2. Ada yg takut, ada yg sedih dan ada yg menerima sakit dgn hati yg cukup tenang. Saya cuba bayangkan, jika saya yg terlantar dihospital, bagaimana pula sikap saya pada waktu tersebut?

Para pelawat juga memainkan peranan yg cukup besar. Ada satu pesakit yg langsung tak ada pengunjung. Dia berasa sedih melihat orang lain mempunyai pelawat. Saya tak sampai hati nak tanya perasaan beliau, tapi dari air mukanya, memang dia rasa sedih. Memang kita digalakkan utk mengunjung mereka yg sakit, kerana kesan pada pesakit cukup besar sekali. Disamping itu, kita dapat merasakan bahwa nikmat sihat adalah satu2 nikmat yg kita sentiasa ambil ringan.

Setiap anggota badan yg Allah ciptakan mempunyai fungsi masing2. Maha Suci Allah yg mencipta manusia dengan sebaik2nya. Setiap enzim dalam badan amat penting demi untuk sistem badan kita. Tidak mungkin jika semua ini terjadi dengan sendiri. Yakinlah bahwa ada satu Zat yg mengawal segala yg dilangit & dibumi.

Sambil saya melihat wajah ibu, saya terkenang akan kisah2 silam semasa saya masih kecil bersama mak. Walaupun saya dibesarkan oleh datuk & nenek, namun mak mula menjaga saya pada usia 8 tahun setelah nenek meninggal dunia. Berada dihospital bersama mak pada Ramadan ini saya kira adalah sebagai suatu pengajaran bagi saya, bahwa nikmat sihat adalah satu2 nikmat yg kita sering lupa. Dari itu, marilah sama2 kita panjatkan puji2an pada Allah yg dgn nikmat sihat yg diberi dapat kita beribadat kpdNya.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Demand of electricity is going down

As Production Planner for the electricity, the main input to the plan is the electricity demand forecast.

For the past 2 years, the electricity forecast is becoming very challenging indeed. The electricity demand has been growing steadily and predictably since 2001 at an average rate of 4% per annum. In 2009, the demand for the VERY 1st time went into -2%. This is the effect of the global economic slowdown. It really hit hard on many companies, more than the slowdown in 1997 and 1987.

Anyway, 2010 the Malaysian economy bounce back strongly at 9% (1st half). This has a lot to do with the stimulus package from the government to kick-start the economy back on-track. Jan-May 2010 has seen phenomenal surge in demand of electricity. But come the 1/2 half of 2010, we began to see the dip in demand. That must be a start of another downward trend of electricity demand, as it dip 3 months straight.

I can see that, the fund for stimulus package has been used and a further injection is needed. This time around, has the Government money to inject? As for me, from electricity demand standpoint, I can see the downward trend and will be ready to lower down orders for fuel for electricity generation. A 0% growth rate is a very possible outcome.

My doa to Allah that my forecast is correct. Amin

Berpuasa - semoga bertaqwa

Dalam surah Baqarah:183 " Wahai org2 beriman, diwajibkan keatas kamu berpuasa, sebagaimana diwajibkan atas org2 sebelum kamu, semoga kamu bertaqwa"

Ini adalah dalil kita wajib berpuasa dibulan Ramadan sebagai rukun Islam ke3.

Kalau amati betul2, Allah mewajibkan puasa supaya kita meningkatkan taqwa kita kpd Allah.

That is the main intention. Puasa adalah latihan utk meningkatkan ketaqwaan. Cuba kita ambil contoh, org yg berpuasa, jika dia makan sembunyi2, siapa yg tahu. Tiada siapa yg tahu kecuali Allah. Kalau kita apply latihan rohani ini pada setiap masa, kalau kita buat dosa, contohnya tak solat, siapa yg tahu kecuali Allah. Jadi puasa adalah latihan meningkatkan taqwa.

Bulan Ramadan adalah bulan diturunkan Al-Quran. Jadi ramai yg mengambil kesempatan ini bertadarus membaca Al-quran hingga khatam. Alhamdulillah pahalanya besar sekali. Tapi doa & nasihat saya pada semua, selepas berlalunya Ramadan apa salahnya kita istiqamah & teruskan baca Quran sebagai amalan harian kita, setidak2nya sehari semuka. Kan puasa latihan utk meningkatkan taqwa pada Allah. Besar pahalanya.

Bulan Ramadan, kita dapat menunaikan solat terawih dimasjid. Besar pahalanya. Apa kata lepas Ramadan kita istiqamah & teruskan solat dimasjid, setidak2nya solat dimasjid 1 drpd 5 solat fardu. Kan puasa latihan utk tingkatkan taqwa. Besar pahalanya.

Bulan Ramadan, kita bangun sahur kerana Allah. Besar pahalanya. Apa kata lepas Ramadan kita istiqamah bangun solat malam setidak2nya 1 kali dalam 1 minggu. Kan puasa latihan utk tingkatkan taqwa. Besar pahalanya.

Bulan Ramadan, kita bersabar & bersedekah dlm hidup kita. Besar pahalanya. Apakata lepas Ramadan kita istiqamah & teruskan bersabar & bersedekah. Kan puasa latihan utk tingkatkan taqwa. Besar pahalanya.

Sebenarnya nasihat ini berupa utk saya, sebab saya perlukan teguran supaya terus beramal.Rumusan saya ialah puasa utk tingkatkan taqwa. Teruskan dgn amalan2 soleh selepas Ramadan, semoga kita berjaya dunia & akhirat.

Doa kesejahteraan utk semua... Selamat beramal

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Posting kali ini fasal bertekak.

Memang lazimnya manusia ini nak lebih dari orang lain. Bila dah lebih itu, rasa hati ini macam seronok sangat. Ialah adat, kalau bertengkar mesti nak menang. Barulah kita "tera".

Di rumah, pejabat, surau mahupun di kedai mamak, kita asyik mahu pendapat kita ini diterima orang. Ialah, kita yg tahu about the subject matter. Lagi2 kalau cakap pasal politik. Kita mahukan pendapat kita diterima & didengari.

Kalau ada pendapat yg bercanggah, kita mulalah nak bertekak dgn orang tersebut. Mana boleh, in an aurgument, you must stress your point until yr point is being excepted. Dengan isteri, boss, rakan qariah mahupun member bola, kalau dah start bertekak, mesti best! Terutamanya pasal soal2 isu hangat. Kalau argument became more intense, then the voice level starts to go high. And we ended up being emotional, because the other party still does not accept our point.

Sometimes we can argue on very petty issue like, why did you take this route, while the other route is nearer except it has 3 traffic lights more than the other... kenapa buat terawikh 8 rakaat & bukan 20 rakaat..

Kalau pendapat kita tak diterima orang lain, mula kita rasa "tension" dan moody tak pasal2.

Anyway, saja nak kongsi dengan pembaca yg budiman, sebenarnya nak argue memang boleh. Tapi ada batas2nya. Jangan kita sentuh peribadi orang & kita kena bertimbang rasa dalam mengutarakan pendapat kita. Kalau argument dah mula panas & kita tahu orang ini memang dah tak terima pendapat kita, beritahu dia "I respect your opinion, but beg to defer. Thank you for your input & excuse me". Lepas itu, kita beredar dari situ.

Itu bukan bermakna kita kalah dlm bertekak. Tapi itu menandakan kita mengambil pendekatan yg cukup bijaksana. Orang akan dapat mengenali siapa yg baik diantara kita, dan cukup umtuk kita berundur dengan cara yg sopan & berhemah.

Oleh itu, jagalah batas2 semasa berselisih faham. Dan kalau rasa kita mula rasa marah/emosi, kawal kemarahan kita dgn mengambil langkah untuk berdiam diri. Kita serah semua urusan pada Allah yg Maha Mengetahui.
Ingin mengambil kesempatan ini mengucapkan selamat menyambut bulan Ramadan penuh berkat & doa saya agar kita semua dapat menemui malam Lailatul Qadr.
Salam Sejahtera

Monday, July 26, 2010


Posting kali ini nak sentuh sikit pasal dzikir.

Memang amalan dzikir ini sangat dialu-alukan. Dalam bahasa Arab dzikir ini ialah "mengingati".

Jadi berdzikir adalah amalan mengingati Allah. Tapi dalam istilah Melayu, dzikir ini adalah lafaz2 seperti "Allahu akbar" dan banyak lagi.

Anyway, nak share dgn para pembaca, jika kita ingat pada Allah, semestinya Allah akan ingat kpd kita. Bukan susah sangat, ingatlah Allah semasa berdiri, duduk atau baring. Tak payah lafazpun tak apa, cuma sentiasa ingat akan Allah dalam segala keadaan.

Allah suka pada 4 kalimah dzikir
1. Tasbih - Subhanallah
2. Tahmid - Alhamdulillah
3. Takbir - Allahhuakbar
4. Tahlil - La ila ha illallah

Tapi dalam istilah Melayu Tasbih tu ialah tasbih yg seperti manek2. Takbir pula ialah takbir raya dari rumah ke rumah. Tahlil pula adalah majlis kenduri yg kena pergi, selalunya tahlil arwah yg baru meninggal. Cuma Tahmid aje yg tak ada istilah Melayu, maybe sebab Tahmid macam nama orang...

Berbalik pada dzikir, sempena hari ini (Nisfu Syaaban), kita digalakkan berbanyaklah ingat pada Allah. Pada saya tak payah nak kira berapa banyak kita bertasbih, tahmid, takbir atau tahlil, pokoknya kita selalu ingat pdNya.

Ahad lepas, saya berjalan bersama anak2 ke PutraJaya. Saya singgah di masjid baru PutraJaya (Masjid Sultan Zainal Abdin). Indah sungguh masjid ini. Sama indah dgn masjid PutraJaya yg lama dan masjid Wilayah. Tapi fikir2 balik pahalanya sama dgn pahala salat kat surau pondok usang diJeli, Ulu Kelantan. Satu masjid harga 1,000 juta dgn satu surau usang berharga 1,000 ringgit, disisi Allah pahalanya sama saja.

Renung2kan & selamat beramal

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hasad dengki

Posting kali ini nak share pasal topik dengki.

Memang lazimnya manusia ini nak lebih dari orang lain. Bila dah lebih itu,rasa hati ini macam seronok sangat. Ialah adat, kalau main mesti nak menang.

Dari kecil lagi, kita diajar supaya belajar rajin2. Dalam kelas mesti selalu kena dapat nombor satu. Barulah syok. Baru boleh tayang kat orang kita ni "tera". Kalau ada exam UPSR, PMR, kita kena score.Orang mesti tanya, berapa A kamu dapat. Sekarangni dah ramai sangat dapat A, kena dapat A+ pulak, baru "cool".

Yang mediapun, apa lagi pukul cananglah, interview pelajar2 cemerlang.

Dah kerja pulak, 1st sekali nak beli kereta apa.. Mesti yg ada "class", baru orang pandang....

Masyaallah.. Padanlah kita tak habis2 kejar dunia kebendaan. Dah dari kecil kita diajar sebegitu. Macamana hati nak dapat ketenangan kalau kita tak henti2 nak lebih dari orang lain. Kalau tak dapat lebih dari orang lain, mula kita rasa "tension" dan moody tak pasal2. Inilah dia penyakit oden sekarang. "Healthy competition" konon. Kita mesti ada "Daya Saing" supaya kita boleh dilihat dimata dunia. Kita kena "World Class" baru betul.

Anyway, saja nak kongsi dengan pembaca yg budiman, saya tak kisahpun kalau seseorang tu dapat lebih dari saya. Malahan saya bersyukur yg dia dapat lebih & saya dapat kurang. Setidak2nya saya terlepas dari perasaan riak.

Alhamdulillah, jika saya telah beri yg terbaik & dah berserah pada Allah, walau apa jadi sekalipun, saya terima dengan baik. Tak ada rasa dengki, cemburu atau tension. Semuanya ok saja.

Kalau main bola, kalau dah main bersungguh2, menang, kalah atau seri tak menjadi hal. Setidak2nya kita dapat keluar peluh dan berjumpa dengan kawan2 yg minat main bola.

Sepotong ayat dari Quran"Wahai jiwa yg tenang! Kembalilah kpd TuhanMu dengan hati yg reda & diredai. Maka masukkan kedalam golongan hamba2Ku, dan masuklah kedalam syurgaKu" Surah AlFajr 27-30.

Kepada hamba2 Allah yg jiwanya sentiasa tenang, semasa mereka bertemu Allah nanti (mati), mereka merasa reda & diredai. Mereka masuk kedalam syurga Allah dengan kemenangan yg abadi.

Oleh itu, jangan rasa dengki jika orang lain dapat sementara kita tidak. Yakin bahwa Allah telah mengatur yg terbaik untuk kita. Oleh itu, bersyukur kpd yg dapat & bersyukur juga dengan apa jua yg kita dapat...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Isra' Mikraj

Posting kali ini sedikit mengenai peristiwa Isra' Mikraj. Kebetulan juga posting ini tepat pd tarikh Isra' Mikraj (27 Rejab).

Ia adalah perjalanan Rasulullah SAW dari Masjidil Haram ke Majidil Aqsa. Kemudian dari Masjid Aqsa bertemu Allah dilangit.
Banyak cerita berkenaan topik diatas. Tapi apa yg SANGAT penting ialah Islam adalah kepercayaan kpd benda2 ghaib. Dan jika kita betul2 beriman dgn rukum iman yg 6, maka percaya kepada peristiwa Isra' & Mikraj mengukuhkan lagi keimanan kita pd Allah.

Saya cuma nak berpesan bahwa -
Allah yg Maha Pemurah lagi Pengasihani kpd hambaNya & Rasulullah yg amat mencintai umatnya. Dengan kepercayaan ini, kita tidak perlu risau lagi. Yakinlah bahwa Allah bersama2 kita & Rasul juga sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan kita.

Dgn mengingati Allah & berselawat kpd Nabi, kita sudah mempunyai Pelindung di dunia & akhirat, dan segala dugaan yg berlaku kpd kita, adalah supaya kita lebih dekat & bertaqwa kpd Allah.

Salam sejahtera kpd semua Muslimin & Mukminin...

World Cup 2010

Now that the WC2010 is about to finish, I am evaluating what I posted in my blog.

Now we know that Holland & Spain is in the Finals.

What did I predict:-
1. Winner will be from the previous 7 past winners. Well we will have a new winner this time. (x)
2. Winner will be from South America (Brazil). Well it will be a European team. (x)
3. Defence is the KEY, and counter attacking can win games. Well, not really... The 2 finalist possess strong players in ALL departments.
4. Penalty kick & mental strenght is VITAL. Not really... only 2 results on penalty shoot-out

So, I am only human. In Cup games like the World Cup, anything can happen. The better team over 90/120 minutes will win. Penalty shoot-out is a "gamble".

Prediction.. well I'd rather not. I will just want to enjoy watching the Finals.

But, just sharing with you what I experienced. I happened to visit Brazil in 1995. I can tell you that the nation is VERY passionate about the game. They are just CRAZY about football. I think when you are passionate about something, then you give 100% to it. That is why Brazil has won the Cup more than anyone else. And when they lose, they were really upset. The 2014 WC will be hosted by Brazil. and I can see them prepare for WC2014 the minute they lost 1-2 to Holland.

Enjoy.... just don't ever believe in the octopuss....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Beriman kpd Qada' & Qadar

Catatan kali ini tergerak nak tulis fasal rukun ian ke-6. Percaya kepada Qada' & Qadar.
Ini adalah rukun iman yg selalu kita "confuse"(keliru).

Kalau 5 rukun iman pertama iaitu percaya kpd Allah, Malaikat, Rasul, Kitab & Hari Akhirat.

Yg keenam adalah pelengkap iaitu percaya pada Qadar (taqdir) dan Qada' (ketentuan Allah sejak dahulu lagi). Qada' ialah yg tertulis dan Qadar adalah perlaksanaan Qada'.

Kita mula dgn yakin kita pada Allah. Allah Maha Mengetahui akan setiap sesuatu. Jadi, yakinlah bahwa Allah sudah mengetahui segala urusan sebelum ia berlaku. Tetapi benda yg belum berlaku, boleh berubah. Dengan usaha dan doa, takdir boleh berubah. Allah sudah Mengetahui, tetapi manusia boleh mengubah taqdir. Ada lapangan usaha manusia dan ada lapangan taqdir Allah. Cuma kita tidak tahu dimana batasnya kerana kita tak mampu memikirkannya.

Oleh itu, jangan hanya tunggu takdir Allah, & jangan pula percaya pada ikhtiar manusia 100% dalam sesuatu urusan. Berusahalah sebaik mungkin, kemudian berserahlah pada Allah.
Mari kita beri yg terbaik dan kmd berserah pada Allah dlm segala urusan kita. Baik atau buruk, kita yakin bahwa Allah bersama2 kita.

Renung2kan & Selamat Beramal...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ujian Allah

Kali ini nak tulis fasal topik "Ujian Allah"

Topik ini dikupas oleh ustaz pada 19Jun lepas dalam satu majlis taklim. Keluarga saya akan mengadakan majlis "silaturrahim & taklim" setiap 3 bulan. Tujuan utama majlis serupa ini ada 2:-
1. Bertujuan merapatkan hubungan sesama keluarga
2. Disamping berjumpa setiap 3 bulan, kami juga menjemput ustaz supaya sedikit majlis ilmu dapat diisi semasa kita berjumpa sesama keluarga.

Semoga dengan majlis ini mendapat keredaan dari Allah

Berbalik kepada topik "ujian"Terdapat 3 perkara kita diuji didunia ini.

1. Supaya Allah menaikkan martabat kita disisiNya. Rasul2 diuji Allah supaya mereka dinaikkan mertabat mereka. Lazimnya macam kita juga. Kalau nak masuk Universiti, mesti lulus ujian dahulu. Baru boleh masuk U. Begitu juga kita, kalau nak masuk syurga Allah, Allah nak pastikan hambanya diuji dan lulus untuk layak masuk syurga Allah yg sungguh indah sekali.
2. Allah nak beri "warning". Ada ujian Allah berupa peringatan kerana fitrah manusia sentiasa lupa.Banyak perkara2 yg berlaku, jika kita ambil iktibar, ia berlaku seperti satu peringatan kepada kita supaya sentiasa dekat & bergantung kepada Allah. Ia berlaku kpd orang lain, tetapi kita mesti ambil iktibar daripadanya. Bencana alam seperti tsunami, jika kita ambil iktibar drpdnya, adalah supaya kita sentiasa ingat bahwa bencana Allah boleh menimpa jika kita sentiasa lupa & tenggelam dlm keduniaan & kebendaan.Akhirnya, Allah boleh tarik dengan sekelip mata saja, dan kita tak mampu nak berbuat apa2.
3. Allah murka terhadap manusia yg sudah melampaui batas. Firman Allah Surah Rum:41 "Kerosakan didarat & dilaut adalah kerana tangan manusia, Allah ingin mereka merasakan sebahagian dari akibat perbuatan mereka, agar mereka kembali kejalan yg benar". Kalau Allah dah murka, maka Dia menurunkan azab kepada kaum tersebut, kerana kaum itu telah membuat kerosakan dimuka bumi ini dan melampaui batas.

Jadi, pada setiap ujian Allah, ada tujuan & muslihat disebalik setiap sesuatu. Allah amat penyayang lagi Maha Mengasihani dan yakinlah bahwa segala ujian itu adalah untuk kebaikan kita sebagai hambaNya dan kepada Allah jua kita akan kembali kelak. Walau seberat manapun ujian Allah, maka sentiasalah bersabar menghadapinya.
Insyaallah Allah akan bersama2 kita.


Kali ini format tulisan saya adalah saya gabungkan 3 topik iaitu anak2, Man Utd (bola) & kerja supaya ia menjadi 1.

Bagi anak2, mereka mula kembali bersekolah pada 21 Jun 2010.
Sedikit liat pada hari pertama, biasalah dah 16 hari cuti. Saya minta yang 2 besar itu cuba gantikan puasa tahun lepas kerana sekarang sudah bulan Rejab dan kurang 2 bulan lagi kita akan menyambut kedatangan Ramadan.
Soalan saya setiasa ajukan pada anak2 ialah "Dah solat?". Anak2 kita ini harus dipantau aktiviti solat mereka, kerana memang solat adalah perbuatan yg paling sukar untuk dilaksanakan.

Untuk bolasepak Piala Dunia. 2 out of 7 past winners are out. Ironically, both 2006 Finalist are out! No surprise for me. Because in a Cup game, anything can happen. Interesting to see now that we have reached the knock-out phase. By the time I post this on my blog, another past winner will be out (either England or Germany). That leaves 4 out of 7 to pick the winner from.
I still think that the World Cup is too tactical. But, I still stick to 2 fundamental things.
1. Defence is the key & counter-attacking can win games
2. Penalty and mental strength is vital

Work, I have been extremely busy. I am supporting another department to simulate a run for capacity planning in 2015, as this nation needs new capacity plant-up by early that year. What I can stress is that it is an additional work from my routine Production Planning work and I have been stretched a bit. But, I treat it all as a challenge to me.

Bye for now..

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Home Made

Coretan kali ini adalah mengenai produk yg saya jual sejak tahun 1999 lagi.Ia adalah chocolate-chip cookies. Alah, macam Famous Amos kat kedai tu!

My better half (wife) has been making the cookies since that year in Ramadan. She already quit her job at that time, and found time to make it.I started selling at the office and I managed to sell 30 "balangs". Last year it has reached to 700 "balangs" of a nett weight of 450 grams per balang. Retail price is RM23 per balang. Of course it is cheaper than Famous Amos. And it is home made!

Since then it has grown tremendously, mainly through word of mouth. Now that Rejab has come, I am taking the opportunity in my blog to promote the cookies. I will not say about it, but let people who have tasted it do the promotion. This will be my 11th year selling the cookies, and insyaallah like the past Ramadans, the sales has been very good.

I attach the picture of the cookies for your viewing, but you really got to taste it in order to appreciate it.

Please call me at 019-310 4463 for advance booking.

Apa yg saya boleh kata ia adalah produk ini halal & baik (hallalan taiyiban)..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

MU finished 2nd in EPL2010

Walaupun topik blog pasal MU, tapi dimulai dgn update anak2

Anak2 sekarang cuti sekolah. Lega juga mereka cuti kerana masa inilah kita berpeluang "take a break" bersama2 mereka. Harus diingat, anak kedua saya akan menduduki peperiksaan UPSR pada Oktober ini. Namun begitu, sedikit berbeza dgn anak sulong, yg angah ini sangat berminat melayari Internet. Setiap kali di "surfing", saya akan menegurnya supaya berhenti "surfing" kerana dah lebih had, dan mulakan ulangkaji. sebenarnya beliau boleh buat, cuma nak study atau sebaliknya saja. Iringan doa buat dia supaya sukses.
Back to main topic MU;
Musim EPL sudah berakhir dengan MU ditempat 2 (1 markah dibelakang Chelsea). Apakan daya, mereka telah cuba sedaya upaya mereka, tapi Chelsea berhak menjuarai EPL. If I look back at all the games, MU vs Blackburn will stand as a game they should have won 1-0. Berbatov had many chances that he should have put it in, but he failed. Talking about Berba, he should be playing behind the strikers, rather than as a striker as his style of play is that, he can hold the ball and pass it on to the fast players (Nani & Valencia).

World Cup, well I do not follow it that much. Simply because since 1990, it has become very tactical game. I still remember 1982 World Cup when Brazil played really exciting footbal, but Italy really got stronger as the tournament progressed. Brazil'82 - Breathtaking skills Zico, Socrates, Falcao & Eder.

To win the World Cup, you must have a SOLID defence. Attacking wise, it can be a fast counter-attack that can kill your opponent. Iwould like to see a new winner in this coming WC. Spain looks a good team. But I do not think so. It will be from the previous 7 winners. For statistical purposes, European team has never won it outside Europe. Outside Europe & South America, there are 4 occassions. 1970 & 1986 in Mexico won by Brazil & Argentina respectively.In USA 1994 - won by Brazil. In 2002 Japan - won by Brazil. So, we are down to 3 teams. The most solid defence from these 3 teams will win the World Cup.
Yes, my prediction - Brazil.
We will soon find out.

Saya sibuk - tapi mula blog balik

It has been a while seen I last blog.

Saya ada sedikit sibuk kerana perlu menyiapkan satu lapuran sebelum 31 May 2010. Berbeza dengan tahun2 lalu, lapuran ini ok aje. Cuma pada tahun ini, lapuran tersebut mengundang kontrovesi, oleh itu lapuran harus diolah supaya ia nampak ok.

Oklah dimulakan dengan sedikit tazkirah. Tips2 mudah untuk amalan harian.

Mulakan setiap kerja dengan berniat kerana Allah. Kalau niat kerana Allah, kerja tersebut mesti:-
1. Baca niat mula kerja
2. Kerja yang baik dan halal
3. Lakukan kerja dengan yang terbaik mungkin
4. Lakukan dengan jujur dan ikhlas
5. Jangan ditinggalkan suruhan Allah seperti sampai waktu solat, kita solat
6. Bertawakkal kepada Allah

Semasa hendak tidur, juga niat kerana Allah:
1. Baca niat sebelum tidur juga surah2 lazim
2. Tekad untuk bangun malam untuk solat
3. Tekad untuk bangun solat subuh awal waktu
4. Bertawakkal kpd Allah

Nah! Dengan melakukan kedua2 perkara diatas, kita dah boleh cover at least 16 jam dari 24 jam kita beribadat pada Allah.

Selamat beramal

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Man Utd Season 2009/10

There is one more game left in the season.

As I write, MU trail Chelsea by 1 (one) point. Many footbal pundits feel that Chelsea will win the EPL and the Double. As the saying goes "It ain't over until the fat lady sings".

Yes, the EPL is for Chelsea to lose. I also have the feeling that way too. But football can be a funny game. Many things can happen. I still remember season 94/95. MU was behind Blackburn by 2 points and playing West Ham while Blackburn was againts Liverpool. It was title to Blackburn to lose. They lost to Liverpool, while MU could only draw & Cole hit the post for a sure goal. MU was 2nd by ONE point.

Chelsea will feel the pressure-definitely. As the game progresses, the pressure increases and if their fans began to feel the pressure, so too will the players.... You never know... MU has the experience to keep the pressure intact...

Anyway, for this season I remember notably 4 MU games.

1. vs Man City (home) - it was Aidil Fitri and MU won 4-3 with Owen scoring in 95th min
2. vs Fulham (away) - MU was playing Carrick & Evra as central defenders. Ferdinand, Vidic, Evans, Brown, O'Shea & Neville which have played central defenders before are ALL injured. MU lost (0-3)
3. vs Arsenal (away) - MU won 3-1 (Mr Wenger was fuming!)
4. vs Man City (away) - MU won 1-0. Scholes scoring in the 93rd minute.

Whatever the outcome, it has been a good season for MU!!!

I am a Production Planner

Posting kali menyentuh sedikit fasal my work.
I have been a production planner for the production of electricity for Peninsular Malaysia since 1994. Basically, I forecast for optimal use of fuel for Malaysia. In order to produce electricity, we need to have a balance of generation mix. There are 4 fuel used for electricity generation namely gas, coal, oil and hydro.

There is another fuel that has been promoted by many people, that is renewable energy from biomass, wind and solar; but these methods are expensive and will contribute to less than 0.2% of the current generation mix.

Back to the main fuel, gas is the biggest mix at the moment. Malaysia is blessed with natural gas and 59% of the mix comes from gas. The problem with gas forecast is you need to get it right. As gas being extracted from the earth, it will be straight-away be processed and transported for electricity generation. There is no storage of gas for electricity generation except in the main transported gas pipeline.

Next comes coal. It contributed to 35% of the total mix. Problem with coal is that it is 100% imported fuel and the supply chain is very long. We need to forecast the coal 3 months before we consume it because from the mine, it has to be crushed to a predetermined size, then transported via lorry to the nearest river. From the river, it is being transported to the loading port before it is being loaded to a huge vessel. Then the vessel will transport it to the coal power station to be stocked in the station coal stockyard before being burned in the station boiler. All the process chain from mine to generation takes 3 months.

Next comes hydro, which contributes to 5% of the mix. For hydro, there must be a plan as the dam will be replenish in the monsoon months (Nov-Jan), and we have to plan for the generation from Feb-Oct wisely. We need to plan not to use too much, as the dam can dry-up. If we use too little, then when big rain comes during the monsoon season, the dam will overflow, and there goes the water down the spillway thus the famous remark "money down the drain".

The remaining 1% of generation comes from oil. Oil is used as a backup fuel in case there is gas/coal being cutailed by suppliers.

So, the carbon fuel comes in 3 forms (solid-coal), liquid (Oil & hydro) and (gaseous-natural gas). My job is to ensure that the country will have adequate fuel for electricity generation. I always liase with fuel suppliers and finance managers as there is a huge amount of money that has to be allocated to purchase fuel for electricity generation.

Allah is Great in giving us humans fuel to benefit our life. Surah Imran: 191 "dan mereka memikirkan tentang ciptaan langit & bumi, lalu berkata - Ya Tuhan kami, tidaklah Kau ciptakan semua ini dgn sia-sia sahaja, Maha Suci Kau & lindungilah kami dari azab api neraka"
Praise be to Allah.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anak sulong dapat 8A pd PMR

Tanggal 24 Apr 2010, saya menghadiri majlis penyampaian hadiah untuk anak sulong saya.

Sebelum ini, pada 1 Apr yg lalu, anak saya telah mendapat penghargaan dari sebuah badan koperasi kerana berjaya dalam PMR beliau. Pada majlis tersebut, Tengku Puan Pahang telah memberi hadiah kepadanya.

Sebagai seorang bapa, saya rasa sangat bangga dengan anak saya mendapat penghargaan dari pihak sekolah kerana mendapat 8A dalam PMR tahun 2009.

Dari segi sekolah, anak saya ini ke SMK (P) Sri Aman di Petaling Jaya. Sekolah ini berhampiran dengan rumah saya (1km sahaja) dan saya bersyukur akan nikmat Allah yg diberi. Sekolah ini adalah antara 4 sekolah harian yg diberi status Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi (SBT) oleh Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia. Ia adalah SATU sekolah di seluruh negeri Selangor yg diberi pengiktirafan tersebut.

Anak sulong saya ini mulanya mempunyai sedikit kesukaran untuk menyesuaikan diri di sekolah ini semasa Tingkatan 1. Tetapi berkat dari Allah, dengan sifat sabar dan sungguh2 saya dan isteri, kami sentiasa memberi dorongan, sokongan diiringi doa supaya anak2 kami berjaya.Alhamdulillah, usaha serta doa kami berhasil. Beliau mendapat 8A dalam kesemua matapelajaran yg diambil.

Teringat semasa saya mendudukki SRP (Tingkatan 3) pada tahun 1980 yg lalu. Saya mendapat 7A dimana ada 1 matapelajaran yg saya tidak mendapat A. Seingat saya, saya tidak pernah mendapat apa2 hadiah akedemik semasa majlis penyampaian hadih di MCKK dahulu. Mungkin kerana di MCKK, memang sukar nak dapat anugerah akedemik kerana semua pelajar2nya sangat bagus. Saya cuma mendapat hadiah semasa Hari Sukan sahaja. Itupun kerana saya dianugerah Tuhan baik dalam acara olahraga.

Namun begitu, sebagai seorang bapa, rasanya lebih bangga melihat anak mendapat hadiah dari diri sendiri yg mendapat hadiah. Semoga kesemua anak2 saya mencapai kejayaan akademik dan menjadi anak2 yg solehah. Saya harus membimbing mereka agar jangan tinggal solat semasa hidup ini.


Mencapai IKHLAS

Posting kali ini berkenaan Ikhlas.

Terpanggil untuk menulis berkenaan dengan topik ini. Setiap perbuat yang dibuat dengan ikhlas mendapat ganjaran yg besar dari Allah taala.
Untuk mencapai tahap keikhlasan, terdapat 4 perkara yg harus dicapai.
1. Jika dia diberi nikmat dia SYUKUR
2. Jika dia diberi cubaan dia SABAR
3. Jika dia dizalimi dia MAAFKAN
4. Jika di menzalimi dia MINTA MAAF

Senang sungguh nak capai tahap ikhlas. Tapi cuba kita buat tengok. Senang ke?
Cakap memang senang, nak buat, hati ini kena betul2 bersih.
Untuk mencapai ke-4 perkara diatas, terdapat 4 sifat yg perlu ada pada diri kita
1. Yakin pada Rukun Iman yg 6
2. Sabar dalam segala urusan & situasi
3. Adil dalam segala urusan & situasi
4. Jihad (bersungguh2 dalam memerangi nafsu
Nampak macam boleh buat aje... Cuba buat tengok?
Untuk mencapai sifat-sifat 4 diatas ada 4 perkara yg harus kita buat
1. Selalu bangun solat malam (1/3 malam)
2. Selalu puasa sunat (Isnin & Khamis)
3. Selalu baca Quran (& belajar makna & pengajarannya)
4. Selalu berdamping dgn para ulamak ie.hadir majlis ilmu, solat berjemaah dll

Again, nampak macam boleh buat aje... Cubalah & lihat akan kesannya
Tak susah, ingat 4 perkara, 4 sifat & 4 perbuatan....

Selamat beramal

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tanggal 3-9 Apr - badan terasa penat sekali


Posting terbaru berkisar tentang apa yg berlaku pada minggu 3-9 Apr 2010.
Pada tanggal 3 dan 4 Apr 2010, syarikat tempat saya kerja ada buat kursus "team building" di Cherating, Pahang. Kami terpaksa menghadiri kursus dari 8.30 pagi hingga 11.30 malam pd 3 Apr. Penatnya bukan main, tapi seronok. Pada 4 Apr pula, kursus selesai jam 3, terus pulang keKL dan keesokkan harinya kerja. Badan yg telah berusia 46 tahun ini tidak dapat menahan kepenatan yg dialami* (Kerja)

Sampai nak solat fardu 5 waktupun terasa teramat penat. Inikan nak menunaikan solat berjamaah disurau berdekatan terasa penat sekali** (IngatAllah)

Ditambah pula dengan kerenah anak2 juga memberi cabaran yg sungguh besar dengan tidak mahu mendengar nasihat saya.*** (Anak2)

Pasukan yg diminati Man United pula mengalami kekalahan pada Chelsea & Bayern Munich melengkaplan minggu penuh cabaran**** (Man Utd)

Waw! Minggu ini, ke-empat2 label untuk blog ini sedang diuji Allah. Sehingga saya tak tahu mana label yg harus saya beri pada posting ini.

Namun begitu, syukur saya pada Allah kerana ujian sebegini diberi kepada saya, supaya saya merasa ujian sebagai satu bentuk proses utk lebih mensyukuri nikmat Allah.
Ya Allah, berikan aku kekuatan utk meredai ujian yg kau berikan kepadaku supaya aku lebih bertaqwa kepadaMu. Amin

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MU without Rooney


This posting is about my passion in football.

I still remember back in 1983 when I went for the interview for overseas scholarship. The panel asked what is my ambition. Frankly, back then, I just wanted to be a footbal manager. I did not say that in the interview, I just said any course will do, but please send me to UK and not US. They gave me scholarship to do Electrical Engineer in England.

Anyway, back to the main topic, Rooney got injured in the Champions League QF against Bayern Munich. The press all wrote that MU will be difficult without the talismanic Rooney. Almost half of MU's goals in all competition comes from Rooney. Without Rooney, MU is as good as gone.

I am writing this on Thu 1 Apr (my 3rd daughter's birthday). And readers can review at the end of the season my personal view. Yes, Rooney will be sorely missed. But the most important man in MU is Sir Alex Ferguson and not Rooney. He will ensure that MU is a SQUAD and not just a one man team. I can recall many instances where MU lost key match winning players, but at the end, the team responded by winning. Take this season, many belief that without Ronaldo, MU is as good as finishing 2nd fiddle to Chelsea. But in came Rooney to replace Ronaldo. Business as usual.

1999, MU lost their most influential players (their captain Roy Keane and strikers Andy Cole & Dwight Yorke) during the most vital part of the season. In came Solskjaer & Sheringham to win the treble.

The game against Bayern on 30 Mar is a fair result. MU lead for most part of the game yet lost it thro injury time goal. Back in 1999, Bayern lead for most part of the game, but MU won 2-1 and scored 2 goals in 89th & 92nd minute. That's football!

Interesting to see how the team responded without Rooney. You will be amazed at the spirit & character of the teams. I sincerely know the atmosphere where a team lost their hero, yet responded positively after that to win the tournament. MU players will show that the team is intact. In fact, the spirit is higher!

I use to see advertisement of BFM radio at the back of taxis. Now I can see BFM stands for Berbatov Ferguson Macheda. The manager + the 2 strikers will provide MU the winning formula - insyaallah

My view only - maybe I can replace Shebby Singh someday...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend 27Mar2010

Last Sat 27 Mar 2010, I went to Pekan, Pahang with my mother to attend my cousin's wedding. We started at 7am and arrive in Pekan at 10am. Weather was fine and I enjoyed the morning drive on LPT (Lebuhraya Pantai Timur). Exit at Gambang and took the road to Pekan.

My cousin (the groom) is the Chief Police Officer of the Pekan District. His wedding was a state affair with Sultan Pahang & Tengku Mahkota coming to the wedding.The venue is the Main Dewan in Pekan. Well, a very high protocol wedding!

The groom is 44 years old and this being his 2nd time after his divorce some 12 years ago. Nice setting (pelamin & decoration), good food, good music by the police band and most of all I got the chance to meet the Sultan. This is my second time watching him "life". I saw him during sports day at MCKK in 1981. My mother really got to talk to him briefly and she was flattered.
The bride is from Tawau, Sabah.

At 4pm, after getting half an hour nap, I drove back to KL. Another enjoyable drive with temperature around 40 deg Celcius.

8.30pm that day, I observed the start of Earth Hour in my neighbourhood, with very little response. Only 1 house shut their light out of 15 houses.

Sun morning, checked the internet and got to know ManU won 4-0 against Bolton (away), while Arsenal drew with Birmingham (1-1). A very good weekend indeed. Praise be to Allah.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ingat Allah semasa bercuti


Posting kali ini saya nak tulis dengan selamba aje. Apekebenda saya rasa nak tulis saya hentam aje.

Tapi walau apapun saya harus selitkan topik ingat pada Allah sebagai satu perkara yg mesti saya tulis. Ingat pada Allah ini mudah aje. Sambil2 kita atas kereta, sambil2 kita mengelamun sendiri, apa kata kita luangkan sedikit dari fikiran kita untuk ingat pada Allah. Tengah jalan, tengah duduk, tengah baringpun boleh kita boleh ingat.

Cuti sekolah 1 minggu yg lalu saya manafaatkan bercuti bersama keluarga. Kami bercuti di Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan mulai 13 Mar lalu. Sambil bersantai dipantai TC, bermain bola pantai, bermain lelayang, buat sand castle on the 1st day. 2nd day, swimming di swimming pool dari 10 pagi hingga 4 petang. Kulit saya & anak2 dah jadi hitam melegam.

3rd day- check-out dari Hyatt Kuantan, isteri & anak2 ke Kota Baru kerana mak saya admitted ke Hospital. Saya pula terpaksa pulang keKL kerana diminta boss utk hadiri satu mesyuarat.

Mak beransur pulih. Discharge dari hospital pada keesokkan harinya.

Bersyukur saya kpd Allah kerana telah diberi kesempatan bercuti bersama keluarga, menikmati keindahan pantai ciptaan Allah sambil mengingatinya.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Negara2 yg pernah saya lawati


Tergerak hati saya untuk mencatatkan negara2 yg pernah saya lawati.

Semasa belajar di England pada tahun 1983-88, saya pernah 2 kali bercuti diEropah.

1984 (spring) - Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemborg
1985 (summer) - France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Denmark & Sweden.

Semasa kerja - Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia

Semasa umrah - Saudi Arabia

Semasa lawatan teknikal - USA dan Ireland

Semasa lawatan hydro - Brazil dan Norway

Kesimpulannya - sebanyak 19 negara pernah saya lawati (13 diEropah, 1 Amerika Utara, 1 Amerika Selatan, 1 Asia Barat, 3 Asia Tenggara)

Maha suci Allah, bumi ini amat luas, orang2 pelbagai rupa dan perangai. Saya rasa sangat bersyukur pd Allah kerna dapat berpeluang untuk melawati negara2 diatas. Tidak sia2 Allah mencipta bumi dan isinya supaya kita yakin akan kebesaran Allah...

Hidup sepanjang hayat ibarat 24jam dalam sehari

Kali ini saya nak kongsi akan analogi hidup dengan 24 jam dalam sehari.

Sering saya ibaratkan umur kita sebagai perjalanan 24 jam dlm sehari. Saya assume a male Malaysian, purata umur ialah 72 tahun.

Jadi 72 tahun bersamaan dengan 24 jam. 1 jam bersamaan dengan 3 tahun. Oleh itu, jika umur saya sekarang 45 tahun, then the time is 3pm and I have 27 years left. Jadi pada waktu senja (1900hr), umur kita akan berada pada 19x3 = 57 tahun. Padanpun masa itu kita dah pencen!Seharusnya masa2 senja adalah masa yg sesuai utk kita beribadat. Masa itu hari dah gelap dan kita sebenarnya tunggu saat2 untuk kembali kerahmat Allah.

Jadi, sebaik2nya munafaatkan hidup ini dengan amal2 ibadat, amal2 saleh dan amal2 jariah. Kita akan bergelar dewasa pada waktu 7 pagi (langit dah cerah) (21 tahun). Life at 40 ibarat, pukul 1.20 tengahari. Masa-masa lunchtime begini kita akan bertanya diri sendiri kemanakah arah tujuan hidup yg dah melebihi separuh umur. Jadi umur di antara 40 hingga 56 tahun, adalah umur yg sangat "crucial". Rasullulah diangkat menjadi Nabi umur 40 tahun. Umur crutial ini harus dipenuhi dengan amal2 yg baik. Solat mesti dijaga dan segala perbuatan diniatkan kerna Allah. Walau apapun, jika kita sentiasa mengingati Allah, insyaallah pada umur apa sekalipun, kita reda akan hidup ini dan setiap hari mendatang adalah dianggap selangkah lagi kita akan menemui pencipta kita.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cuaca panas beserta hati panas

Assalamualaikum semua,

During second half of Feb and early March, the weather is very hot in Malaysia. Temperatures reached to nearly 40 degrees Celcius and demand for electricity is very high due mainly to the air-cond load.

Sometimes, saya terfikir apakah ini ujian Allah kepada umatnya? Cuaca panas sebegini, kita digalakkan minum banyak air. Sudah tentu dengan ujian sebegini, kesabaran & keyakinan kita pada Allah harus sentiasa dijaga.

Ujian dari Allah akan menentukan bahwa adakah kita sebagai ahli syurga atau sebaliknya. Bersama2 cuaca panas lazimnya diikuti dengan hati yg panas. Teringat saya akan seorang sahabat saya yg mengatakan jika hendak masuk syurga, janganlah kau marah. Hadis ke ini? Saya tak pasti, tapi ia harus saya dikaji. Kemarahan harus ditumpukan kepada perkara2 khusus. Jangan kita ikut nafsu dengan marah dengan membabi buta.

Sebaliknya, tumpukan kemarahan kita untuk kerja2 amal makruf nahi mungkar. Harus diingat, jika kita dapat mengawal kemarahan, dan tumpukan kemarahan kita pada perkara2 yg khusus, kita sudah dapat satu sifat yg boleh membawa kita kesyurga.

Sekian coretan buat kali ini... Jangan marah....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My family's pet


Teruja pula saya untuk menulis fasal peliharaan haiwan dirumah saya.Terdapat 3 haiwan peliharaan dirumah.

1. Arnab
Nama dia Lis. Dia arnab betina berwarna putih. Jinak, tapi akan bertukar "agresif" masa dia lapar. Dia makan rabbit food.

2. Kucing
Nama dia Blue. Dia kucing betina yg berbulu lebat. Kucing yang sangat manja. Makan cat food berjenama "Science Planet". Recently gave birth to 3 kittens (Coco, Caramel & Casper)

3. Hamster
Nama dia Blacky. Hamster jantan yg sangat aktif diwaktu subuh. Dia tidur waktu siang dan aktif diwaktu malam.

Setiap hari saya melihat ketiga2 binatang ini dengan memuji Allah. Ketiga2 binatang ini dijadikan Allah supaya manusia dapat melihat keindahan ciptaan Allah. Binatang2 ini jinak dan manja. Jika kita berbuat baik kpd mereka dgn ikhlas, maka lumrah alam, mereka akan baik dgn kita dan Allah akan memberkati kita. Maha suci Allah & segala pujian kepadaMu.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nabi Muhammad SAW


Posting kali ini berkenaan dengan Nabi Muhammad SAW. Ini bersempena sambutan Maulidur Rasul pada Jumaat depan.

Nabi Muhammad adalah Rasul Allah. Baginda adalah insan yg Allah sayangi. Baginda adalah insan yg harus kita contohi.

Dalam surah AlAhzab:56; "Sesungguhnya Allah & malaikat berselawat keatas nabi; Wahai orang2 beriman, selawatlah kamu kepadanya & ucaplah salam kepadanya (Nabi)". Oleh itu Allah dan para malaikat sentiasa berselawat keatas Nabi. Kita juga digalakkan berselawat keatas baginda.

Mengasihi Allah adalah mengasihi Rasulullah. Mengasihi Rasulullah bererti mengikut sunnah Rasul. Yakinlah bahwa kita memerlukan syafaat nabi diakhirat kelak. Dengan syafaat nabi, insyaallah dosa kita Allah ampunkan & kita masuk syurga. Hanya nabi Muhammad Allah anugerahkan syafaat kepada manusia.

Kalau kita tanya orang2 tertentu, beri satu sunnah Nabi, mereka akan jawab kahwin 4 itu sunnah Nabi. Kalau saya tanya anak bongsu saya (6 tahun), beri satu sunnah Nabi, dia jawab naik kuda.Lazimnya orang akan ingat kepada sunnah Nabi yg mereka suka.

Sesungguhnya sunnah Nabi amat luas sekali. Bekerja bersungguh-sungguh adalah sunnah nabi yg harus ditekankan.Setelah bekerja bersungguh-sungguh, kita mesti bertawakkal kepada Allah. Dan kita mesti buat apa yg Allah suruh & tinggalkan apa yg Allah larang.

Bekerja/berniaga dengan jujur & ikhlas juga satu sunnah Nabi. Orang2 kafir dapat memanafaatkan sunnah nabi lebih dari org2 Islam.Itu yg menyebabkan Allah berikan mereka kelebihan dari org2 Islam didunia ini.

Menjaga kebersihan, hormat orang lain, membuat kebaikan, semuanya sunnah nabi. Jika kita niatkan membuat kerja2 baik itu mengikut sunnah nabi, kita dah dapat pahala. Mudah nak dapat pahala.

Sempena Maulud Nabi ini marilah kita selawat keatas nabi & berniat mempraktikkan dgn bersungguh2 satu sunnah nabi dalam kehidupan kita. Semoga Allah beri kita kekuatan dlm mengerjakan amalan kita.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Man Utd - bersedia utk melakar sejarah

Manchester United sekarang dalam posisi yang baik. Selepas 25 perlawanan, mereka ditempat kedua dan jika mereka berada dalam 2/3 mata dari pendahulu EPL pada akhir Mac, saya berpendapat bahwa gelaran Juara EPL kali ke-empat boleh diperolehi.

Ini ialah kerana mereka mempunyai gandingan pemain2 berpengalaman dalam situasi "run-in". Pemain2 seperti Giggs, Scholes, Ven de Sar dan Ferdinand boleh melaksanakan strategi untuk menang dalam 5 perlawanan terakhir, seterusnya menjulang Liga EPL. Strategi Sir Alex sangat berkesan, dan saya yakin MU berjaya menjuarai EPL musim ini.

Jika MU menang Liga EPL musim ini, mereka akan mencatitkan 2 sejarah.

1. Kelab pertama memenangi Liga 4 kali berturut2

2. Piala musim ini adalah Piala Liga ke-19 dimenangi MU, yang akan memintas Liverpool yang telah memenangi Liga Inggeris sebanyak 18 kali.

OK, buat masa ini. Posting kali ini menggabungkan dakwah dan MU. Harap dimunafaatkan seadanya.

Yakin pd Allah - Allah pasti tolong hambanya

Assalamualaikum semua,

Sepanjang Jan 2010, saya tidak menulis. Saya sangat sibuk dengan tugas harian serta hal anak2.

Tanggal 29 Jan 2010, genaplah usia saya 45 tahun. Alhamdulillah, saya dipanjangkan umur setakat ini tanpa sebarang penyakit.Tarikh lahir disambut dengan majlis makan bersama keluarga terdekat disebuah restoran di PJ. Alhamdulillah, dapat sama2 menikmati makanan serta mengeratkan silaturrahim.

Tulisan kali ini berupa keyakinan dan menyerahkan diri kepada Allah. Saya menyeru kepada semua,kalau kita ambil Allah sebagai tempat bergantung, nescaya Allah akan bantu kita. Jangan kita bergantung kepada selain Allah. Kerana Allah adalah Tuhan kita. Yakinlah pada Allah- nescaya Allah akan bantu kita.

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