Sunday, December 25, 2011

My amalan harian

Just sharing with everyone...

I have 4 things that I must not lose sight

1. Able to read Jawi
2. Able to hafaz from Surah Annas (114) to Surah AtTariq (86)
3. Harfiyah
4. Able to remember Asmaul Husna

These 4 have been my daily practice & I seek doa from Allah that these 4 will always be in my soul until my last breath..


Saturday, December 24, 2011

3rd holiday outing- Singapore

3rd round family holiday.

My wife went to Florida (US) on 20th Dec until 2 Jan 2012.

That leaves me to be "Mr Mama" for 2 weeks. So we planned our trip also to US (Universal Studios, Singapore, that is)

Book thro on-line at SD650 for 5 tickets. Had to purchase the express lane as I anticipated a huge crowd during the pre-Christmas festive season.

Travel to Singapore without any problems as the traffic & weather was superb! Spent the night at relatives apartment in Bukit Panjang.

Early morning, woke up and took the bus to Habour Front (cheap & easy as I do not want to spend effort on parking & finding my way there). Then took the monorail (Sentosa Express) to USS.

There were many rides.. Transformers, Mummy, Lost World, Battleship Galactica, Jurrasic Park, New York, Far Far Away, Madagascar..

Spent time there from 10am until 5pm (tired!!)

Took a rest at a nearby Hotel, then proceed to Arab Street to eat "Murtabak Singapore". When stomach was filled, went site seeing at bazaar at Bugis Street. Then took the MRT back to Bukit Panjang feeling like both my feet having loose joints. There was a delay in the MRT due to some problems and we were stuck in it for 30 mins. What a day!!

My 3 family outings have brought me closer to my children. One tip for everyone, please2 during holidays... no tension. Just follow the flow, be happy & enjoy the atmosphere with family. There will be setbacks, but just enjoy & cherish every moment.. Lastly remember Allah & always SYUKUR... What a wonderful life!!!

2nd holiday outing- Penang

The second outing with family was to Penang island.

I had to attend an important meeting on 8th & 9th Dec 2011.

Travel to Penang and arrived at Royal Hotel at 1pm. I wanted and extra room but the Hotel said that they are full. Had to cram my family in 1 room. What happened was that single room that the Hotel gave was a apartment room. The room could accomodate all 7 of us... Allah hu Akbar.

We went to the famous "Line Clear Nasi Kandar", bought jeruk Penang, went to eat Pasembor & mee Penang at Esplanade & went visiting the historical Fort Cornwallis.

On the 9th, we had to move to Hotel Vistana at Bukit Jambul.. Did more shopping at the BJ Mall + another round of Nasi Kandar @ Kayu.

On the 10th, another round of sight seeing at the heart of Georgetown. Had biryani @ famous Hameediyah Restoran (Penang Road) & did shopping at Little India nearby..
I performed my Zuhor/Asar (jamak) at the famous Kapitan Keling Mosque.

Travelling back to KL was a challenge. It was raining all the way. Me & family observed the eclipse of the full moon from 8.45pm until 11pm. Subhanallah..

All in all, another great holiday with the family.

1st Holiday Outing- Janda Baik

Notes of school holidays 2011

3 out of 4 of my children are on holiday from mid-Nov until end -December.
1 will also be on holiday once her SPM exams finishes on 30 Nov 2011.

So, I planned a holiday on 1-3 Dec 2011.

1 Dec at 8am, we set our journey to our family favourite destination. Janda Baik. We stayed in Aman Rimba. You can check-out the website at

That very day, we went to Genting. Me + the kids (minus my wife who stayed at JB) went to the outdoor theme park. I let them be with themselves, while I took a spot at a cafe just relaxing & pondering the Greatness of Allah. When prayer time comes, I went to pray at the back of Arena of Stars. I did walk around both the outdoor & indoor theme parks & the only ride I went on was on a paddle boat.

They felt hungry (at last) at 5pm & we had Pizza Hut. Then off we went back to AmanRimba.

2 Dec, I woke up early and did my jogging around JB. Did some reading before going to Jumaat prayers at JB mosque. It was raining heavily. Evening was the usual futsal match with cousins.

3 Dec, my handphone just went out... Went back to KL to visit my subordinate's father who passed away. Climbed back to JB as I left my kids there, dipped into the nearby river & again pondering the Greatness of Allah.

We checked-out at 9pm after a splendid dinner in the jungle... I need to recover all my contacts & data in my handphone!!