Sunday, September 9, 2012

If you have Allah, you have EVERYTHING

‘Reality is, mostly, not as we perceive it to be. We view it through lenses painted by our current state of mind. There are many shades of interpretation and sometimes we need to change the lenses with which we view the world. We will not understand the wisdom behind every moment in time unless He (Allah) blesses us with the ability to discern between what is reality and what is, in reality, a figment of our imagination.’

So how would we know what we really want?’
‘Well, that’s a bit harder to know, and it takes quite a bit of work and effort,’
'You see, what we understand depends on the state of our heart… So the better I make myself the less cluttered my heart will become, and the more clear my view of the world and the better I would understand things.’

'So… what I need to do is to try and make sure that I keep my heart at its best and put my trust in Allah to help me to see everything for what it really means. And He will help me to realize what it is that I really need.’

‘No one loves you more than Allah. No one cares for you more than Allah. No one knows what is best for you except Allah. Even we don’t know what’s best for us most of the time. But He does—always. He knows what is best for you, when it’s best for you, where it’s best for you and in what way it’s best for you. All you need to do is just hand it all to Him and He’ll take care of it all and give you, without doubt, what is best for you.’

If you have ALLAH, you have everything!!!

If we are close to ALLAH, everything in LIFE is so WONDERFULL.... You are very happy & smiling ALL the time, knowing that ALLAH is always close to you....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Perkara2 Fardu & IngatAllah at ALL times

We just finished Aidil Fitri and time for most people to start Puasa6 sunat Syawal.

It just crossed my mind that we must ensure we do the fardu first, and then supplement it with the sunat.Dari itu, saya cuba menyenaraikan amalan2 fardu supaya boleh dibuat dengan baik & mendapat reda Allah

Fardu Ain. Dimana ia WAJIB dilakukan oleh setiap Muslim.

Ibadah2 khusus seperti solat, zakat (puasa & haji) sudah sedia maklum.

Amalan2 baik seperti bersih, cekap, amanah, berbuat baik, rendah diri, tolong menolong, tawakkal, malu, kasih, reda, sabar, syukur, jujur, adil, silaturrahim, tepati janji .. seolah2 tidak ditekankan kerana ini merupakan amalan2 yg bukan khusus.

Namun begitu, saya telah senaraikan amalan2 ini supaya saya cuba dgn segala daya upaya untuk menjadi seorang Muslim yg sebenar.

Sempena pemergian Ramadan, kita harus memeriksa bahwa adakah peningkatan dalam taqwa kita kpd Allah? Ini yg harus kita titik beratkan.

Bukan satu perkara yg sukar untuk menjadi seorang insan yg baik. Tapi kita harus selalu ingat-mengingati sesama kita kerana kita hidup dalam suasana (persekitaran) yg tebal dari segi material & kita dgn senang boleh dilalaikan oleh "kebendaan2" ini.

Satu perkara yg mesti ditekankan kpd diri saya sendiri adalah - The Allah factor.

Allah MUST ALWAYS be in our hearts & mind at ALL TIMES. This is VERY IMPORTANT as only with this kind of constant awareness can we be at peace & Allah's help is achieved.

I seek doa to Allah to give me the strenght to ALWAYS remember ALLAH at ALL times. & I plead to my dear readers to make doa for me to remember Allah at ALL times.

Thank you...