Saturday, August 24, 2013

Spending time with my 2 teenage daughters..

It has been a while since I write about my kids..

My wife went to London on 9 August 2013 with my two (2) youngest daughters. They will be there for 15 days.

That leaves me the time with my (2) eldest daughters age 19 and 17 respectively. We know that at that age, they have their friends that they like hanging out with. Well, this is a golden opportunity for me to hang out with them, when they are not hanging out with their friends. At that age, they do not like hanging out with their parents... Not fun

Firstly, I must act like their friends, not like a father.

That is easier said that done. Because once you are a father, you will remain a father, bossy & wanting to be in control ALL the time.

Secondly, I must appreciate what are their passion (music & movies).
Again easier said than done. Because of 30 years of gap, things are very different between us. The key word is "appreciate" not follow blindly..

Anyway, I took those 2 above principles, and we had a "good" time together amid many differences.. When there are differences, we just have to accept it, value them & explain the rational and go on...

They are grownups now and as a father, I realize that I may soon have to let them go...

May Allah protect them and make them to be good Muslimats and eventually become Mukminats

David Moyes for United is like Bob Paisley for Liverpool

BPL 2013/14 kicks off on 18 August 2013.

Favourite team to win BPL: Chelsea or Manchester City

I like that prediction. Pundits say that Manchester United are in a transition period whereby this will be a year where David Moyes is rebuilding Manchester United. Well good comments.

I beg to differ. When Liverpool great manager Bill Shankly retired in 1974, he chose an relatively unknown assistant manager of his to be the new Liverpool manager. His name is Bob Paisley. When Bob Paisley took the helm of Liverpool,  people say that Liverpool is in a transition period. The rest, as they say, is HISTORY

Part of being a GREAT manager, is also knowing & identifying who is your successor. And I truly believe that Moyes is the one that Sir Alex has always wanted to be his successor.

Bill Shankly and Sir Alex Ferguson are great managers. Great managers know their SUCCESSOR..

He is a good proven manager during his Everton days, and he will be a GREAT manager for United. I have every confidence that Manchester United will be fighting for the BPL title this season and many more seasons to come.

But my main concern is Rooney. He wants to have a regular place in MU line-up so that he will be an automatic choice for England to be able to play in World Cup 2014 in Brazil. I hope that he stays with MU..

He is a fantastic player, slightly out of position at the moment..

Accept our ibadah this Ramadan ya Rabb..

This year Ramadan finished in a flash for me...

The moment I realized, it is the end of Ramadan. I did the usual routine works during end of Ramadan.
Like cleaning my grandparents and parents grave, making sure that the decorative lights are ALL light up.

During Eidul Fitri, I did what I always did every year. Sunat prayers, congregate at relatives house and having good food, taking pictures, visiting the grave, going to 3 must visit houses.

I did not manage to finish the whole Quran this Ramadan, but I did learn the deeper tafseer of certain selected Surah.

But what are the changes of this Ramadan compared to previous Ramadan?

1. I did not push myself when doing the "ibadah" this time. When I really feel like doing, I started doing it for the sake of Allah, not for my satisfaction. Even though the deeds are small, I make sure the intentions are purely to satisfy Allah.

2. During Eid, I wish people "Takabbalallah hu minha wa minkum" literally meaning, "May Allah accepts your ibadah (this Ramadan) and mine too". This means that we wish that ALLAH azzawajal will accept ALL our ibadah during the whole of this Ramadan, because if he accepts our ibadah, the reward is non other than entering paradise. And we must not forget that there is this ONE (1) special night in Ramadan that is better than 1,000 months and if Allah accepts our ibadah, than we get to be in worship equal to 1,000 months.. Masyaallah..

Back to Allah accepting our ibadah. There are 2 (two) significant signs that Allah accepts our ibadah.  These are merely signs, but Allah can do what HE pleases because He is the GREATEST.

1. The slave of Allah continues doing whatever he/she does during Ramadan. If he goes to the masjid to perform Isya in jamaah during Ramadan, then he continues to perform them in other months

2. The slave of Allah's akhlak is good (his character is good). He/she maintains being a good person to other people. He/She does not hurt anyone's feelings and does not do bad things.

Just look at our Prophet Muhammad SAW. Both the above signs were clearly showed by Rasulullah.
Our relation with Allah has improved, so is our relation with mankind..

Back to the objective why we fast in the first place.. to become muttaqin.. and the 2 signs above are signs of the slave becoming a muttaqin..

May Allah choose us to be muttaqin and we all sincerely seek constant guidance from Allah & please protect us from syaitan...

Ameen ya rabb.. Till we meet again in the next Ramadan..

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why do we hate death??

Why do we hate death?

We have built this present world and we have destroyed our akhirah, that is the reason we hate death.

We do not want to even think about leaving something that we have built (make tremendous effort) and go to something that we have destroyed ..

That is why we hate death so much. Even the word "death" is a taboo..

Most of us have done all the preparation for themselves for a good life in this world. But very little of us have done the effort to have a good life in the hereafter.

But those people who have made the money, effort & time in building for themselves a better life in the akhirah, for them they would love to go from this world to the akhirah.

A lot of people say that, lack of money is a test by Allah. In actual fact too much money is also a test by Allah. Many people pass the test when they have less money. But many people fail the test when they have lots of money.

So friends, be mindful that death is a sure thing. Be prepared to invest your time, effort and money to build a better life in the akhirah, which is where we will be living forever...

Ya Rabb, help us in building a better life in the akhirah. Give us taufik and guidance to the right path.. Select us among the people of jannah...Ameen..

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Be a true slave of Allah by following Rasullah SAW...... to be a Muttaqin

I am writing something that I think must be emphasis in being a Muttaqin.

1. To bear witness that Allah is our master is easy. To behave as a true slave of Allah is very difficult.
Even syaitan (may Allah protect us from syaitan) admits that Allah is the master. That is the easy part. But to enslave ourselves to be the true SLAVE of Allah is very difficult indeed. We must do what Allah says and must abstain from what Allah forbids. That is indeed very difficult.

We need to constantly seek guidance from Allah in order to be His Slave. This we do 17 times a-day in Surah Fatihah in our 5 time prayers. Ihdinassirathol mustaqim. Allah is the one who chooses you as the one who He will give guidance. He is fair in his Judgement. We must have this intention that ALL that we do, we do it for the sake of Allah our Master..

2. To really realise that Prophet Mohammad SAW is the messenger of Allah.
Prophet Mohammad SAW is a human being, just like you and me. But, he is the best human being ever lived. Allah has chosen Prophet Mohammad SAW as His messenger, and he is the masterpiece that Allah created. His examplary life is SO GREAT that he is the Rahmat to all mankind. He is the one that can save us on judgement day. I can go on and on writing about this great man, but sufficient to say that we all must follow what the does and make salawat to him as much as we possibly can.

Here you go, 2 main things for Muslims to ponder:-
1. Be the True Slave of Allah, by following His commands and abstain from His prohibition. Have this niat (intention) that we do things for the sake of Allah our Master...

2. Follow what Prophet Mohammad's SAW sunnah. He is our messenger & the greatest creation ever created by Allah. To follow Rasulullah is our ticket to jannah. He is the one to save us on judgement day..

Ya Allah, give me the guidance to be your slave and to follow what Rasulullah SAW has taught us.
And please help us from the fire of hell... Amin ya rabb...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Latvia - My new blog followers

Recently, I found out that I have relatively large audience in the a country called Latvia.

I must write something about this country, just like I did write about Norway, who has the 2nd highest audience behind my native country, Malaysia.

I must admit, I do not know much about this ex-Soviet Empire. I know the capital city is Riga.
Latvia is in the Baltic region having border with Russia, Estonia & Lithuania.

I do not know whether there a Muslims in Latvia. I presume, there are Muslims there. But I welcome their people reading my blog and I sincerely hope my blog adds value to them...

I sincerely urge my readers to really submit ourselves to Allah azzawajal.. to be the true Slave of Allah

Most memorable football match of my life : Brazil vs Italy WC1982 (Spain)

I love football so much. I enjoy playing football & I enjoy watching it as well.

One particular game stands out as the most exciting match that I will remember in my lifetime.
It happened in a World Cup 1982 Finals (in Spain) between Brazil vs Italy. Brazil needed just a draw to advance to the semi-final, while Italy needed a win.

Brazil 1982 was a very exciting team having got Zico, Socrates, Junior, Eder & Falcao in the team. But, Italy was very good defensively and very dangerous when counter attacking.

I was a 17-year old boy at the time, in a boarding school in Kuala Kangsar. RTM showed the match live on TV, and the headmaster was kind enough to give the students a hall with a TV to watch the game.

Most of the possession were by Brazil in the Italian half.

Italy won 3-2 with all 3 goals coming from Paulo Rossi. Brazil goals were scored by Junior & Falcao respectively. Italy went on to win the World Cup 1982.

I can still remember the Italian team line-up.
Zoff, Scirea, Gentile, Bergomi, Collovati, Cabrini, Antognioni, Tardelli, Conti, Grazianni & Rossi (subs Altobelli).

Observe that the first 3 names did not end with I, making remembering the team so much easy..

Brazilian team was the most exciting team in the tournament. Actually what made the game so memorable was that both teams played good and exciting football.

Congatulations to BOTH teams for giving us the excitement that I remembered until today....
I will remember this game until I die... Football won that day!!

Ramadan 1434H.. training to be patient

This time, the blessed month of Ramadan, I prepare myself to be a patient person.

I read the Quran not for the soul purpose of khatam, but with the purpose of pleasing Allah. I admit that I will not finish the whole Quran once Ramadan is finished, but for sure I read the Quran in a proper and orderly manner. & I will continue to read Quran even after Ramadan.

I do the sunnat tarawikh prayers as much as I can, again not pushing myself, but for the sake of Allah.
There was this one night, 16th of Ramadan. My patience was put to test.

I was already ready to go to Isya prayers, when my aunt wanted to come along. My aunt is coming to 72 years old and her kness are weak. As Isya' azan has been heard, she told me to wait for her, because she had to go to the toilet (1). By the time I reached the mosque, is was jammed packed and I had to drop her off near the mosque so that not to burden my aunt by having to walk far. The situation near the mosque was packed, and there were 2 cars double parking, making it almost impossible to pass through. My car "touched" one of the cars  causing slight dent (2). I parked quite a distance from the mosque & only barely get the last rakaat of Isya prayers. As I was late, I put my spectacles (glasses) in such a way that it was relatively far from where I prayed. One 7-year old boy came and stepped on my spectacles, breaking it into 2 pieces (3)
3 things that made me angry
1. aunt being late
2. car being dented
3. glasses broken

Yes, I was angry. But I thought for a moment.. what was my reaction... should I do the usual blame game, blame my aunt, curse the car driver and scold the boy that stepped by spectacles...

No, I decided to take a deep breath, accept those things that happened as fate. I am not angry at my aunt, the driver nor the boy. I smiled to myself and almost certainly knew that what I did was the best thing...

Ya Allah, give me the strength to be patient at all times...