Saturday, March 31, 2012

A tale of 2 GLCs

This is what I think will happen within this year. For the benefit of my followers within the MESI circle, feel free to comment as this is my take on what is going to happen on the matter.

T & P are 2 GLCs negotiating on the new pricing formula for imported gas. Future gas will be imported in liquid form (LNG) and P is currently building RGT (facility that re-gasify gas from LNG). Gas volume will not be an issue, but the pricing will.

I do not think that both T&P will ever come to any agreement on the pricing. So both will seek the help of Brother Jib (or is it Brother War) to settle the issue. Not wanting to upset the Rakyat, either Brother will not make that decision as any price hike will lead to increase in electricity tariff.

So, P will tell T to find contract LNG on your own, and use the RGT to re-gasify at a certain rate. T will find out that imported gas is INDEED expensive and will again seek advice from Big Brother. Big Brother will not make that decision, so again it will be a stale-mate. The RGT is ready but will not take LNG until the issue is resolved.

In the mean time, coal will be at maximum. Any further energy mix growth will be on MFO until the imported gas is resolved..

Wallah huallam

Thursday, March 22, 2012

SPM results

My daughter's SPM results was announced on this date 21 Mar 2012

She got 7As & 2Bs. That to me is very good. To her, she expected 8As & 1B.

Anyway, it is still a proud result, considering it is the beginning of your career. There will be many more exams coming.

My daughter is still in Auckland, NZ. I planned for her to be with my sister in NZ for 3 whole months. She went to summer camp, did some work in a vet & earn some money baby-sitting.

She cried when she knew her results. I did call her and said,
in working life, people no longer strive for As (Allah).

They want Cs. 6C is the maximum
C- Being Chief (CEO/COO)
C- Cash, lots of them
C- Credit Cards (lots of them)
C- Condos (People can easily score C+; ie Condo + Cows)
C- Car (a lavish one)
C- Club membership..

She did not take the joke!! Anyway, syukur to Allah, my daughter has SPM certificate. Praise be to Allah (Alhamdulillah)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ingat 5 sebelum 5

Sejak kebelakangan ini saya merasakan otot2 badan sudah mula menunjukkan tanda2 tua (aging).

Pertama, mata. Sekarang hendak membaca kena membuka cermin mata. Ini ialah kerana otot2 mata dah mula tidak boleh memfokus dengan baik seperti semasa muda dahulu

Kedua, rambut. Rambut dah mula botak (sebenarnya dah lama dah rambut ini menipis) & berubah menjadi putih (yang ini baru!).

Ketiga, otot2 kaki. Dahulu kalau lari itu boleh pantas aje. Tapi sekarang cuma boleh buat macam jalan pantas (ala-ala Big Walk) aje. Lepas jalan pantas, sekejap aje dah mula rasa penat.Lagipun lutut ni dah buat operation ACL pada tahun 1988.

Keempat, saluran jantung. Dah ada sumbat & doktor dah letak "stent" (spring) kat dalam saluran otot2 jantung tersebut pada tahun 2010.

Kelima, gigi. Ada yg dah mula goyang2. Nak makan benda2 keraspun dah tak boleh sekarang.

Itulah, Allah nak tunjuk yg proses penuaan telahpun bermula.

Saya bersyukur pada Allah kerna tanda2 seperti ini adalah sebagai satu peringatan kpd saya yg hidup dah semakin menuju kepenghujung. Namun itulah lumrah & fitrah hidup.

Ingatlah 5 sebelum datang 5
Senang sebelum susah
Kaya sebelum miskin
Muda sebelum tua
Sihat sebelum sakit
Hidup sebelum mati

Allah humma..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

School Holidays 1st Term 2012

School holidays started on 10th March 2012.

Went to Hyatt Kuantan with family members. Had a good time basking on the beach, poolside, good dinner (seafood) at Tree Under.

Today marked 6 years my father passed away. My doa for arwah Mustaffa @ Ahamad Hj Menfari.

11th Mar 2012, marked one year Tsunami hit Japan..

Stayed in Kuantan until 12th Mar 2012. Really had a wonderful time.. Not forgetting Allah coz He gave us EVERYTHING.

On this date too, my youngest daughter (Anis) turned 9 years old. Happy birthday.

Man Utd were top of the heap for the first time this season.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Turn to ALLAH, you will get yr wish!

I had a proposal turned down on Friday 17Feb 2012.

So, nowhere to turn to, I realised that I always have ALLAH as the ultimate level to ask for my wishes.

I realised that if I turn people, then I will definitely be frustrated if a person turned down my proposal.

So from that day, I have been making doa to Allah to grant my wish.
Not only that, I will have to check my actions in order to comply with ALLAH's rule.

Until now, my doa has not been fulfilled, but I know one day, ALLAH will DEFINITELY grant my wish, because I have this strong feeling of bond with my CREATOR.

Thank you ALLAH..