Saturday, May 26, 2012

BPL 2012 - The Conclusion

Man City won the BPL by defeating QPR 3-2 on final day.

I watched the BPL with my uncle. His house has 2 Astro channnels. One downstairs, the game was tuned on Sunderland vs Ma Utd. Upstairs TV was tuned to Man City vs QPR. On 90th minutes, the score was Sund 0 ManU 1; ManC 1 QPR 2.

I was downstairs, and I could not believe that ManU has won its 20th title. In my heart, I was very happy. Nonetheless, I felt sad that ManC were the better team for the whole season. They only have themselves to be blamed. They only drop 1 point at the Etihad, and what a way to finish the season by a home defeat to a 10-man relegation candidate team!

Sunderland match had 3 minutes of added time. While ManC match had 5 minutes of added time due to Joe Barton's sending off fiasco. On 2nd minute of extra time ManC scored. Sunderland game was over with MU winning 1-0. If the score stands now, still MU will be champions. Then on the 5th minute of added time Khun Aguero scored and that really was the last kick of the game. ManC won and that was really dramatic.

People asked me, am I frustrated that MU did not win. I did not feel that way at all. Man City deserved to win. Eventhough they win on goal difference, they were the better team. They led the table. They did the double against MU. MU had to bring back Scholes from retirement, even though long term injuries to Vidic, Fletcher & Anderson effected the team.

So from my forecast
Man City (Champions) - correct
Arsenal & Tottenham (ECL) - correct, although Tottenham did not qualify because Chelsea qualify due to them winning ECL.
Bolton (relegated) - correct.

3 out of 3. Not bad for a amateur football punter.
Man United has given their best. I love MU. Thank you for giving me entertainment every weekend and I will support MU more than ever... No sadness only proud for supporting a great team...

I close this posting by asking a question. Does winning a trophy makes a successful season. Liverpool won the League Cup, but they still sack their legendary manager.  Chelsea won the FA Cup & they too want to get rid of their manager. How do we define successful.

The answer is..... MONEY. Teams that qualify for ECL with huge TV income are the real winners. Teams with a lot of TV life matches, with full stadium capacity every other week, teams with big sponsors (Etihad,AON, Emirates, Samsung) and teams with big fan-base that can sell their merchadise worldwide. They are the WINNERS..

Can't wait for August 2012..

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