Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Allah... my Rabb

There are people on this earth who may seem insignificant to you and me.
But they are beloved to Allah and their names are constantly mentioned among the angels

I should be ever grateful to Allah for the tough times because Allah chose me, thought I was good enough to go through it.

People look for ways to point out your flaws. Allah looks for ways to cover them.

Allah created the bonds of family, so who are you to cut the bonds that Allah has created.

Some come to the Quran to seek benefit and others seek criticism. Allah increases each in what they came for.

You know what is in your past, but only Allah knows what is in your future. Be near Him through patience and prayer.

Realize that Allah knows what is best for us better than ourselves and that He cares more for us than anyone in the world would ever care.

People can put you down and they will. But Allah will never abandon you so long as you don't.

Allah praises the ones swallowing their anger. Good people also get angry but suppress it like swallowing something quickly.

It doesn't matter what people say about you. As long as you have Allah.

Your connection with the Quran is a reflection of your relationship with Allah.

Oh Allah... Help me be among your slaves

Eid Fitri 1438H

This year Aidil Fitri is no different from other years

6am - Subuh at Surau (+Takbir)

7am - Went to mother's grave

9am - Solat Aidil Fitri at Sek16 mosque

10am - Breakfast & gathering at Aunt's house

12pm - Went to father's grave

1pm - At Che Yah's

3pm - At Pokda's

6pm - At Tokcik's

9pm - At Ok's

Ketupat, Rendang and F&N Orange is my signature raya dish since 1972

Ramadan 1438H

This Ramadan is very special to me (1438H).

This year, Ramadan has 29 days. 29 meaningful days.

This Ramadan is special in a sense that the days are filled with small but consistent deeds.

2 pages of Quran in a day
Isya & Subuh prayers in Jamaah
8 rakaat of tarawih.
2 rakaat of tahajjud after sahur and just before fajr.
No talking about other people
Always smiling

Continue my hafazan of Surah Naziat....

The above deeds will continue after Ramadan (except for 8 rakaat of tarawih)

Forgive me Allah..... You are the Most forgiving

I forgive ALL my family and friends