Saturday, November 30, 2013

Norway... an influx of my blog followers

Lately I have been getting huge amount of audience from Norway.

If the trend continues, in 1 year from now, Norway will overtake my home country Malaysia as my biggest audience.

Tracking on a daily, weekly and monthly (current) status, Norway is top of my stats.

Again, I do not know anyone from Norway. I thank you for reading my blog.

It is not my intention to have huge followers. It just amazes me that I have huge followers in a country that I have no friends. This is what technology has proven.

Rasulullah gave dakwah in Makkah, but hidayah came easily in Madinah.

I make a pledge that if Norway become my HIGHEST all time blog reader statistics, I will visit Norway and hopefully meet one of you. I will visit Oslo..

Thank you Norway..


Manchester United vs Spurs (away)

I am in London from 25 Nov until 5 Dec 2013.

On the 1 Dec, there is this match in North London, involving Spurs vs Man Utd.

What a match this will be, especially with 2 attacking minded teams. Also with 2 managers having mix season so far.

I wanted very much to watch the match. Apparently, the ticket is very expensive and I have take a short trip to Brussels on that day.

I strongly believe that Man Utd can win this match. A draw is highly probable as well.

This match is very important as to be within touch with the in-form Arsenal. Plus it will be a big boost coming to the busy Christmas schedule.

The weather in London is between 5-8 Celcius.. cold! I always wear the Man Utd cap during my stay in London.

One man came to me and asked "Are you still a believer?"
I smiled and answered "Yes!". I believe that David Moyes is the right person to replace Fergie!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My imam in solat is my CEO

6 Nov 2013.

For the very FIRST time in my entire life, I am a makmum to my No.1 company CEO in salat

It feels really awesome to have the opportunity to be a makmum of  your leader.

I make doa to Allah that my current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will have all the blessings from Allah azzawajal..

Man United vs Arsenal - a game I look forward to..

I always look forward to game between Manchester United against Arsenal.

I have this feeling about Mr Wenger that I consider him being arrogant & snobbish. Yes, I cannot change him, only Allah can do that.

But this is the opportunity to respond in a positive way to put a dent on his huge ego.
2 games stands up

1. Man Utd 8 Arsenal 2 (2011/12 season)

2. But the FA Cup semi-final 1999, where Giggs scored from half-way line will always be remembered as the best MU vs Arse game that I will remember for a long-long time..

What ever the result tonight, I am very confident that MU will give their very best.

My prediction, MU will win with a single goal, but my head says that it could end up in a score draw.

Enjoy the link

Be grateful (shukur)... really awesome

I am going to share with you my most favourite surah in the Quran.
Surah Ibrahim:7.

This ayat explains to us to be grateful to Allah, then Allah (for sure) will increase you..
Increase you in what? Allah does not mention increasing you in what. He just says that (for sure) He will increase you.

Meaning, He (the Almighty) will increase you in unlimited ways, you just have to be thankful & grateful to Allah.

If you just ponder of all that has happened to you, you will surely thank Allah a million times.
Please(x3), have the feeling of gratitude towards Allah & towards other people. Stop complaining, just ALWAYS see the positive side of things.. and you start to be grateful. It is a WONDERFUL feeling

I sincerely plead to my blog followers to follow this video (really awesome!)

Thank you for being grateful..