Thursday, December 27, 2012

MILO & how I grew with it..

I was thinking about my past that I came across something that I must write.

It is about MILO. A NESTLE product chocolate drink that has been around for nearly 50 years.
When I was small, I drank 5 mugs of MILO everyday. The MILO was mixed with condensed milk (susu pekat) & was very sweet.

This nourishing drink was my favourite drink since I was 4 years old back in 1969. I remember drinking it until 1977 when I was in Standard 6 in SRK Alam Shah (1), Petaling Jaya. I obtained 5As in my so called UPSR examination.

When I entered Malay College Kuala Kangsar in 1978-82, MILO will be my order every weekend to KK town. Again, the MILO was served with condensed milk & I love the sweet & chocolate taste of it. On average, I took 2 mugs every week.

When I first went to England to take my "A" levels & OND in 1983, I finally managed to stop drinking MILO on a regular basis. Nonetheless, I used to pack 2.5kg of MILO to bring back to England whenever I came back to Malaysia for my summer break.  But that 2.5kg MILO will only last me for 1 month in the UK (1983-88). I could not find MILO in the UK. When I finally found a shop selling MILO in Woolwich, South East London in 1987, the taste is not the same as Malaysian produced MILO. So, I did not buy it.

When I came back to Malaysia in August 1988 to work, I started to drink MILO again on a regular basis. This time I took 2 mugs a day without fail, still with condensed milk (1 during breakfast and 1 after dinner).

When I got engaged in December 1992, one of my "hantaran" to the bride was a tin of MILO. That was to show the importance of the drink in my life. When I got married in 1993, I still drink MILO once a day (during breakfast). This habit went on until 2002, when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.

I started taking MILO "kosong" (no more condensed milk). This habit went on until October 2010 when I have a blocked artery. I finally stop drinking MILO on a regular basis. There will be the odd ocassion that I drink MILO, but I am no more a regular MILO drinker... only air kosong

MILO will be a part of my life... That Green tin/wrapper will forever be in my memory from the age of 4

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