Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thinking about.... death

I am writing about my feeling lately....

Nothing serious, but more of a reflection of my life. I suppose I come to a stage whereby I have to think about... preparation to meet Allah.

Life is about making the most before you eventually die. Everyone must die. It is a question of how you die, rather than when you die.

I have started jogging again, just to keep my health in good shape. I also did a lot of reflection about my life until now. Well, I can afford to smile, as I think I have been living a good life. Alhamdulillah, there is not much pain that I went through.

I learn that life is what you make from it. Your reaction towards life shapes you. If we always have a positive attitude, then life is such a wonderful thing..

If love is what you show to people, then love is what you feel coming back to you...
We cannot change the past, neither can we control the future. It is the present that we really have to manage. Anger must always be checked. If we can refrain from talking too much, then it is for the better. Solat must be perform as early as when we hear the azan.

Syukur to Allah for whatever He has given to me until this moment. Allah knows best of what to give to me & I am in a state of redha. 

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