Saturday, January 26, 2013

Maulidur Rasul 12 Rabiul Awal 1433 (24 Jan 2013)

I am writing this post to remember Maulidul Rasul Muhammad SAW. His birthday is on 12 Rabiulawal each year.

I have been listening to series of lectures by Mufti Ismail Musa Menk on a CD given by a dear friend.
These series of lectures is about the sirah of Rasulullah SAW that Mufti Menk wrote specific regarding the life of Rasulullah SAW - the finest creation that Allah has made for all of us to follow.

In our 2 kalimah syahadah- Muslims bear witness that there is NO God to worship but ALLAH & Muhammad is the messanger of ALLAH. The 2 kalimahs is our belief. If we belief in ONE and do not believe the other, then we are not among the believers (Muslimeen). May Allah gather us to be a true Muslim & grant us Jannah.

Interestingly, what we can conclude from the Sirah is that, we as humans can only make dakwah & make doa that, what we do will influence/convince other people. But, the hidayah comes from Allah.

Similarly, in our day-to-day life, we can only manage things that are in our control/influence. What we cannot control, we make doa & leave it to Allah to determine the results. There is an English saying that "You can bring the horse to the river, but you can never force the horse to drink the water" 

Similarly with people, you can tell them what they should be doing, but you can never have full control of what they do 24/7. This concept is what makes a lot of people STRESSFUL. They always believe that they are in FULL CONTROL in their efforts & outcomes. The ALLAH factor has always been neglected & replaced by ME factor alone.

Rasulullah made dakwah in Makkah, but hidayah came in Madinah. You make effort in one thing, only to find out the outcome/result was transformed into another thing.

I write this blog to share my thoughts & experience in order that my writings are shared among fellow Malaysians. That was why my writings are in Malay language. But off late, when I checked my audience, the highest readers of my blog came from NORWAY. Mashaallah... I know no one from Norway. I never dream that my blog is read by people 15,000KM across the globe.
It is Allah that transformed this outcome. I do not know whether this phenomena will continue or will not, but I am really amazed with the statistics.

I have readers from United States, but I am not that surprised, because in US, English is widely used. Internet access is at it's maturity level & there are many Muslims in the US.  But Norway, with them speaking Norwegian & I write mainly about IngatAllah (remember Allah), Kerja (My work), Anak2 (my children) & Manchester United... never in my wildest imagination that this will happen.

Imagine, a person saying to me when I first blog in Jul 2008, your blog followers are highest from Norway, I say to them that "you are crazy". They are half way round the globe & I have no friends there, how can that be. This shows that nothing is impossible when it comes to Allah. He is the Almighty.

Back to Maulud Nabi, I make doa that everyone of us will make Rasulullah SAW their "role model" & follow his sunnah, however small it is, as he is the examplary to humans to be successful in this world & the hereafter. There is never an example that WEALTH will lead to TOTAL happiness & peacefullness. Rasulullah never live in a mansion & nor did he have the best vehicle (horse at the time) for us to follow. But his closeness to Allah & his followers (us including) with all sincerity, is the solution to life in this world & the hereafter.

Salawat & salam to Rasulullah SAW (Peace be upon him)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ham Radio - handler 9M2HH

I am a member of MARTS (Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitter's Society). My callsign is 9M2HH.

I was introduced by my late father about this group of people who has licence to operate CB (Citizen Band) Radio. For whatever reason, they called this CB Radio "Ham Radio". It is a hobby whereby they can operate a base radio station that can receive (as well as transmit) radio signals to the whole world.

Before the Government can allow these things, who must obtain a valid licence & you must pass 2 tests.
1. RAE (Radio Amateur Examination) which consists of 2 parts
(a) Basic Radio theory - that covers the technical knowledge of the applicant
(b) International Communication Law - that covers the International Law pertaining to transmitting radio waves to the world
2. Morse Code test (2 parts)
(a) Able to transmit Morse Code signal 12 words/minute
(b) Able to receive Morse Code signal 12 words/minute

My late father was very much into this stuff in 1988. That was the year I started working. He convinced me to join him into taking the RAE test in 1992. I obliged. I passed and he failed. After that, he asked me to proceed taking the Morse Code test (you have to pass RAE before you can take Morse Code test). He is very good in Morse Code, as he was in Military when he was young. He could send/receive Morse Code close to 30 words/ minute, that is nearly 3 times the passing speed!

He told me only concentrate in receiving Morse Code, do not take too much effort in transmitting Morse Code. He was RIGHT. I passed the Morse Code & the Government gave me a Full Amateur Radio Licence by the callsign 9M2HH in 1993.

It took my late father 3 more RAE tests before he passed his RAE. I did gave him lecture in basic electronics theory, but at the age of 60, I realised that he could not absorb a lot that I taught him. His 4th RAE test, I got him past papers of RAE & asked him to just memorize the answers as the RAE test is choosing multiple answer questions (objective). It finally worked in 1996. He (father) passed his Morse Code test with flying colors. His callsign is 9M2MX.

Back to me, 9M denotes Malaysia while 2 denotes West Malaysia. HH is unique to me. Hotel-Hotel, Honolulu-Hawaii, Harry-Houdini, Huru-Hara was what I called myself when I talk on the air with fellow hams. But my radio & antenna could only go as far as Thailand/Singapore/Indon. I made the antenna together with dad for free. This 9M for Malaysia is also the callsign for every aeroplane. If you notice at the tail of say Malaysia Airlines plane, there is 9M-xxx label attached to it. xxx can be any character/numeric. If the plane is from UK, then Ax-xxx, US Ax-xxx,  Norway JW-xxx.
My late father, he bought a set & antenna that has gone to the entire world (using sky-wave). America, Japan, Soviet Russia, Europe were among the countries that he has made contact with. Once you have established contact with your counterpart, they compliment each other by sending QSL cards. My father has a lot of these cards, while I have mainly local ones to show.

When he passed away in 2006, there were MANY amateur radio friends that came to the house/mosque to give their last respect to PakMus 9M2MX. He was top 3, as far as Morse Code speed competition is concerned. After his death, his radio sets (HF, VHF & UHF) has been silent. Mine too, because every time I try to operate the radio sets, they really remind me of him. I have not been on air since 2006!

Al-Fatihah to "abah" @ PakMus @ 9M2MX.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Norway - My 2nd highest audience after Malaysia

I am surprise that my blog audience in recent months are coming from Norway.

I do not know the reason, but for the viewers in Norway, I dedicate this posting to all of you.

I have been to Norway twice. Once when I was a student in England in summer of 1985. The second visit was attending a hydro conference in Trondheim, Norway in summer of 2002. I only got to visit 2 cities, Oslo the capital & Trondheim (a town north of Oslo).

Comparing Norway with UK (where I studied), it is an expensive country. The standard of living in Norway is higher than in the UK.

What I can gather is that Norway generates electricity from hydro power in the summer. Norway & Brazil are 2 countries that depends a lot on hydro generation for electricity production. During cold winter when the fjods are frozen, they import power from neighbouring Sweden (nuclear). During summer, when Sweden nuclear power plant is out on maintenance, Norway sells electricity back to Sweden as the fjods are melting.

I think there are many Muslims in Norway now, although when I was there in 2002, I did not find any Muslim either in Trondheim or in Oslo. Maybe it is not fated by Allah for me to find a fellow Muslim at that time.

There are 2 players from Norway that plays for Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer & Ronnie Johnsen.

Assalamualaikum to fellow Muslim readers from Norway

Reading newspapers in Malaysia

I do not buy any daily newspaper nowadays simply because there are too many "rubbish" that they write in them.

I was doing my Sunday morning walk when I saw the newspaper man delivering newspapers to every household in my neighbourhood. It is like every household have been thrown with "rubbish". Our minds have been fed with so much hatred & negativity on a daily basis.

Not only that, the advertisements are full of "worldly" things that enhances everyone's material needs. In fact these "needs" have become "greeds".

No wonder there are so many social problems around. We are all being fed with "rubbish" on a daily basis. Rubbish in-> rubbish out. There a loads of writing condemning certain individual on a daily basis. If ever you collect ALL the newspaper cuttings in main stream media, DSAI will be the most guilty criminal ever existed in the entire Malaysian history. Botak Chin is a "minor" as compared to the negetive publicity in the all time media coverage comparison.

I took the cutting below on a topic of managing stress in Islam:
Avoid Media Overexposure: Switch from News to Books/Quran
Don't spend too much time checking out the news on the radio, television or  internet. Spend more time reading good books and Quran. When you listen to the persistent barrage of bad news, especially relating to Muslims nowadays, you feel not only depressed, but powerless. Cut down media time to reduce your stress and anxiety. It's important to know what's going on, but not to an extent that it ruins your day or your mood.

"Selamat beramal"

Saturday, January 12, 2013

My family trail is complete..

In Dec 2012, I went to trace my aunt (late father's younger sister) in Bintan Island, Indonesia.
Me & wife took a boat from Stulang, Johor to Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia. The boat ride was 2.5 hours. It went thro Singapore & Batam Island, before reaching Tanjung Pinang, which is in South West Bintan Island. Then I took a hired car to a town called Kijang, 45 minutes from Tanjung Pinang. Kijang is a small town in South East of Bintan Island.

They greeted me with joy & tears. Her name is Kamariah, one of my late father's younger sister (same father) but with different mother. I stayed there for 1 night and visited my cousins & close relatives.

It seems that the Baweanese, they travel from Bawean to Belitong Island then Bintan Island, then Singapore & eventually to Peninsular Malaysia. In Bintan Island, they found job in an aluminum mine in Kijang and settled down there.

So, that completes my "family trail". My late father has 12 siblings in all (from the same father). I traced them from KL, Singapore, JB, Bawean Island (Indon) & Bintan Island (Indon). He (father) also have 6 siblings from the same mother (all in Peninsular Malaysia). Out of the 12, 4 have passed away, when I got discovered them (2006). 2 of the 6 (from same mother) has passed away since 2006. So in total, I traced 12 of them, spanning 6 years.

In summary, my father passed away in 2006.
2007 - tracing 4 of his siblings (same mother) aroung KL & JB
2008 - tracing 1 of his sister in Singapore
2009 - take a break
2010 - tracing 4 of his siblings in JB
2011-  trace 2 of his siblings in Bawean island
2012 - trace 1 of his sister in Bintan island

When I first met them, what I needed from them is to forgive my father. I explained to them the story about my father. He may have a reason for not wanting to contact them.. (I will tell in my future blog posting..). But for now, let us all forgive him & let us connect back the relationship for the sake of ALLAH.

What a finding.... What a discovery.... 

Places that I do my prayers

I am writing to record the places that I have perform solat in Jamaah.

I divide them into 3 categories
1. Masjid - where I perform Friday prayers within my Qariah (locality)
2. Surau - Small surau where I perform 5 time prayers in Jamaah
3. Musollah - small dedicated room where I have perform 5 time prayers in Jamaah

In PJ, there are 4 Masjids (Bulat, Kg Tunku, Kamaruddin & Sek16)
there are 2 Surau (Salahuddin & Pajar)

In Kajang, 2 Masjid (Jamek Kajang & Kajang Utama) & 1 Surau (Tmn Bukit)

In KK, there is 1 Masjid & 3 Musollah (Prep School, New Hostel & Big School)

In Cheras SMSS, there is 1 Masjid (Bdr Tun Razak) & 1 Musollah

In Brighton, there is 1 Masjid (Dyke Road)
In Woolwich, there is 1 Masjid (Woolwich mosque)

In TNB MPE building, 1 Musollah
In TNB Crystal Plaza, 1 Musollah
In TNB-HQ, 1 Masjid & 1 Musollah (7th Floor, NLDC)

All in all 10 Masjid, 3 Surau & 7 Musollah. They are all house of Allah the AlMighthy where I perform my regular prayers.

Top 2 of my frequently visit list will be Masjid Bulat & Surau Pajar.

I post this not to show-off, that I am pious & religious. It is mainly for my record keeping.

Lesson learnt from this post, always have to niat to solat in Jamaah & on-time for the sake of ALLAH

Man Utd vs Liverpool 2012/13

This weekend (13 Jan 2013) will feature Man United against Liverpool. Currently Man City is the main rival of Man Utd, but traditionally, Man Utd vs Liverpool has something extra to show.

As for me, I respect Liverpool as a Football Club. I grew in the seventies & eighties, where Liverpool was the supreme team. During my primary school days, I played for a football team that we call ourselves "Looprevil". That is Liverpool spelled backwards. I used to watch Kevin Keegan partnering John Toshak upfront. Liverpool captain at that time was Emilyn Hughes, with a Liverpool hardman "Tommy Smith". They have Steve Heighway on the wings, and a supersub by the name of David Fairclough. They practically win everything from 1975-1977. The keeper was Ray Clemence.

I consider Man Utd vs Arsenal as a more "special" feature simply because of Mr Arsene Wenger. I love to see him lose his temper..

I hope Man Utd win, and Mr Wenger's Arsenal defeat Man City. That will be the perfect combination.