Wednesday, March 14, 2012

School Holidays 1st Term 2012

School holidays started on 10th March 2012.

Went to Hyatt Kuantan with family members. Had a good time basking on the beach, poolside, good dinner (seafood) at Tree Under.

Today marked 6 years my father passed away. My doa for arwah Mustaffa @ Ahamad Hj Menfari.

11th Mar 2012, marked one year Tsunami hit Japan..

Stayed in Kuantan until 12th Mar 2012. Really had a wonderful time.. Not forgetting Allah coz He gave us EVERYTHING.

On this date too, my youngest daughter (Anis) turned 9 years old. Happy birthday.

Man Utd were top of the heap for the first time this season.

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