Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend 27Mar2010

Last Sat 27 Mar 2010, I went to Pekan, Pahang with my mother to attend my cousin's wedding. We started at 7am and arrive in Pekan at 10am. Weather was fine and I enjoyed the morning drive on LPT (Lebuhraya Pantai Timur). Exit at Gambang and took the road to Pekan.

My cousin (the groom) is the Chief Police Officer of the Pekan District. His wedding was a state affair with Sultan Pahang & Tengku Mahkota coming to the wedding.The venue is the Main Dewan in Pekan. Well, a very high protocol wedding!

The groom is 44 years old and this being his 2nd time after his divorce some 12 years ago. Nice setting (pelamin & decoration), good food, good music by the police band and most of all I got the chance to meet the Sultan. This is my second time watching him "life". I saw him during sports day at MCKK in 1981. My mother really got to talk to him briefly and she was flattered.
The bride is from Tawau, Sabah.

At 4pm, after getting half an hour nap, I drove back to KL. Another enjoyable drive with temperature around 40 deg Celcius.

8.30pm that day, I observed the start of Earth Hour in my neighbourhood, with very little response. Only 1 house shut their light out of 15 houses.

Sun morning, checked the internet and got to know ManU won 4-0 against Bolton (away), while Arsenal drew with Birmingham (1-1). A very good weekend indeed. Praise be to Allah.

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ibnujusup said...

tahniah untuk perkahwinan cousin uncle...

wa.. uncle slh seorang macoba rupenye.. :-)

persatuan sekolah saya, is not as strong as macoba yet... but alhamdulillah, after being choosen as an SBT... maybe something will happen..:-)

adik saya sekolah kat pahang... tapi bukan pekan la, raub, batu talam...

lame x pi pahang..