Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Man Utd Season 2009/10

There is one more game left in the season.

As I write, MU trail Chelsea by 1 (one) point. Many footbal pundits feel that Chelsea will win the EPL and the Double. As the saying goes "It ain't over until the fat lady sings".

Yes, the EPL is for Chelsea to lose. I also have the feeling that way too. But football can be a funny game. Many things can happen. I still remember season 94/95. MU was behind Blackburn by 2 points and playing West Ham while Blackburn was againts Liverpool. It was title to Blackburn to lose. They lost to Liverpool, while MU could only draw & Cole hit the post for a sure goal. MU was 2nd by ONE point.

Chelsea will feel the pressure-definitely. As the game progresses, the pressure increases and if their fans began to feel the pressure, so too will the players.... You never know... MU has the experience to keep the pressure intact...

Anyway, for this season I remember notably 4 MU games.

1. vs Man City (home) - it was Aidil Fitri and MU won 4-3 with Owen scoring in 95th min
2. vs Fulham (away) - MU was playing Carrick & Evra as central defenders. Ferdinand, Vidic, Evans, Brown, O'Shea & Neville which have played central defenders before are ALL injured. MU lost (0-3)
3. vs Arsenal (away) - MU won 3-1 (Mr Wenger was fuming!)
4. vs Man City (away) - MU won 1-0. Scholes scoring in the 93rd minute.

Whatever the outcome, it has been a good season for MU!!!


Anonymous said...

Apa ni. Tak rancak la. Sokong la Man City, ada up and down, like real life.

Anonymous said...

No more rooting for Man City?

ibnujusup said...

ya.. MU memang hebat... tapi rasanye musim depan paling best...
kedatangan havier hernandez... skill , kelajuan dan instinct die memang top...

dan juga last musim ferguson...
tak tau samada ji sung akan still stay ??

tapi prediction sya... tottenham akan naik mendadak... :-)

m city akan still jadi m city..