Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MU without Rooney


This posting is about my passion in football.

I still remember back in 1983 when I went for the interview for overseas scholarship. The panel asked what is my ambition. Frankly, back then, I just wanted to be a footbal manager. I did not say that in the interview, I just said any course will do, but please send me to UK and not US. They gave me scholarship to do Electrical Engineer in England.

Anyway, back to the main topic, Rooney got injured in the Champions League QF against Bayern Munich. The press all wrote that MU will be difficult without the talismanic Rooney. Almost half of MU's goals in all competition comes from Rooney. Without Rooney, MU is as good as gone.

I am writing this on Thu 1 Apr (my 3rd daughter's birthday). And readers can review at the end of the season my personal view. Yes, Rooney will be sorely missed. But the most important man in MU is Sir Alex Ferguson and not Rooney. He will ensure that MU is a SQUAD and not just a one man team. I can recall many instances where MU lost key match winning players, but at the end, the team responded by winning. Take this season, many belief that without Ronaldo, MU is as good as finishing 2nd fiddle to Chelsea. But in came Rooney to replace Ronaldo. Business as usual.

1999, MU lost their most influential players (their captain Roy Keane and strikers Andy Cole & Dwight Yorke) during the most vital part of the season. In came Solskjaer & Sheringham to win the treble.

The game against Bayern on 30 Mar is a fair result. MU lead for most part of the game yet lost it thro injury time goal. Back in 1999, Bayern lead for most part of the game, but MU won 2-1 and scored 2 goals in 89th & 92nd minute. That's football!

Interesting to see how the team responded without Rooney. You will be amazed at the spirit & character of the teams. I sincerely know the atmosphere where a team lost their hero, yet responded positively after that to win the tournament. MU players will show that the team is intact. In fact, the spirit is higher!

I use to see advertisement of BFM radio at the back of taxis. Now I can see BFM stands for Berbatov Ferguson Macheda. The manager + the 2 strikers will provide MU the winning formula - insyaallah

My view only - maybe I can replace Shebby Singh someday...


ibnujusup said...

assalamualaikum uncle..

lame x dengar berite uncle..:-)
harap uncle sekeluarga semua sihat walafiat di PJ...
insyaallah, ade rezeki, kami sekeluarga akan pegi sana juga...
anyway, selamat hari lahir untuk anak uncle... moga menjadi anak yang solehah amin... :-)

minta doa uncle untuk adik saya , Raihanah di MMP.. die menang pidato bahasa arab periingkat sekolah2 Yayasan Islam Kelantan... minggu depan lawan peringkat negeri, lawan seolah2 harian , SBP dan MRSM...moga berjaya..

ni link pidato die haritu..

kirim salam untuk keluarga semua di PJ... moga selalu dalam lindungan Allah..amin... :-)

minggu lepas pakcik suki dari singapore datang... silaturrahim..

ayah dan emak kirim salam untuk keluarga di PJ...

PS: I'm a chelsa fan.. thank god chelsea defeated manchester..nothing personal, it is just football.. :-) personally, without rooney, manchester is not sharp enough in attacking..maybe macheda can take over, but he still need time and experience.. looking forward for the second leg with bayern... how manchester will respond for the second consecutive defeated.. i wonder...

Zaidah M said...

Yes, you can replace Shebby Singh ANYTIME! Football manager eh? I still remember kena baling bola to you (and ran after the ball) for you to practice your tandukan.