Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stress Test

On the 6th October 2010, I did light jogging. It has been a while since I did my last jogging. That was 1 week before the start of Ramadan which was end of Jul 2010.

It has been 2 months since I did the exercise. Usually I jog at the nearby park called Taman Aman. I usually do 3 rounds, where 1 round is approx 1.2KM. On that day, as I approached half a round, I began to feel tightness in my chest. I thought that I was really unfit after not jogging for more than 2 months. But the pain became more intense as I continued my jog. I had to stop! The pain remained for 5 minutes and I said to myself, take a rest & jog tomorrow..

The next day, I was more determined and I wanted to finish my routine of 3 rounds. Again, approaching the half a round, the feeling of chest pain came and immediately I realised that something was wrong with my heart. I have never felt the tightness in my chest before, and this pain came way before the first round of my routine.

I contacted my friend, who is a cardiologist and he explained to me that I am experiencing "angina". The best thing is to see him on 11th Oct (Mon) and he will further analyse my situation.

True enough, when he did stress test & echo on my heart, it is confirmed that I am having coronary artery disease. I need to do coronary angiogram & angioplasty. What this means is they need to know where is the blockage in my heart artery and try to remove the block. The date for the angiogram will be on 18th Oct 2010.Masyaallah..

I seek readers of my blog to make doa for me so that Allah make it easy for me as well as my family. This is one of the test that Allah has given to me and I redha dgn ketentuan ini. In the mean time, I have to take 5 medicines Coversyl 5mg (hypertention), Ternomin 10mg (hypertention), Cardiprin 100mg (blood thinning), Imdur 60mg, Plavix 75mg & Lypitol 40mg (cholestrol).

Thank you all & always remember Allah


Anonymous said...

Semuga sembuh dah sihat sejahtera, insyAllah

ibnujusup said...

alhamdulillah, kami disini mendoakan kesihatan pakcik hisyam sekeluarga...amin...