Monday, June 21, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Home Made

Coretan kali ini adalah mengenai produk yg saya jual sejak tahun 1999 lagi.Ia adalah chocolate-chip cookies. Alah, macam Famous Amos kat kedai tu!

My better half (wife) has been making the cookies since that year in Ramadan. She already quit her job at that time, and found time to make it.I started selling at the office and I managed to sell 30 "balangs". Last year it has reached to 700 "balangs" of a nett weight of 450 grams per balang. Retail price is RM23 per balang. Of course it is cheaper than Famous Amos. And it is home made!

Since then it has grown tremendously, mainly through word of mouth. Now that Rejab has come, I am taking the opportunity in my blog to promote the cookies. I will not say about it, but let people who have tasted it do the promotion. This will be my 11th year selling the cookies, and insyaallah like the past Ramadans, the sales has been very good.

I attach the picture of the cookies for your viewing, but you really got to taste it in order to appreciate it.

Please call me at 019-310 4463 for advance booking.

Apa yg saya boleh kata ia adalah produk ini halal & baik (hallalan taiyiban)..

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ibnujusup said...

hebatnye keluarge pakcik...mesti sedap.. order satu pakcik.. nak testing :-)