Saturday, December 13, 2014

High Expectations

Expectations are always high when you deal with High Ranking officers (like company CEOs) as they want the organisation to excel.

Nothing wrong with it. But High expectations WITHOUT Allah in the equation usually brings a lot of tension, frustration, confusion and unnecessary negative feelings.

Mukmins must remember that there are 2 components when we do things:-
1. If Allah permits
2. Our own efforts

When we execute things in order to achieve a certain objective, we have to do our best and make dua to Allah to achieve it. Then the execution becomes complete.

If we have done our level best and we achieve the objective, thank Allah for the success.

If we have done our level best, but still did not achieve the objective, then Allah did not permit it due to His All Knowing. He has something better for you.

If we have NOT done our best and we achieve the objective, thank Allah but be conscience that next time we must give our best because we got lucky this time.

Most of the time, we pity people who have high expectations, and are constantly leading a life full of tense and never at peace.

Make dua to Allah to protect us from the above. Aamiin.