Friday, July 9, 2010

World Cup 2010

Now that the WC2010 is about to finish, I am evaluating what I posted in my blog.

Now we know that Holland & Spain is in the Finals.

What did I predict:-
1. Winner will be from the previous 7 past winners. Well we will have a new winner this time. (x)
2. Winner will be from South America (Brazil). Well it will be a European team. (x)
3. Defence is the KEY, and counter attacking can win games. Well, not really... The 2 finalist possess strong players in ALL departments.
4. Penalty kick & mental strenght is VITAL. Not really... only 2 results on penalty shoot-out

So, I am only human. In Cup games like the World Cup, anything can happen. The better team over 90/120 minutes will win. Penalty shoot-out is a "gamble".

Prediction.. well I'd rather not. I will just want to enjoy watching the Finals.

But, just sharing with you what I experienced. I happened to visit Brazil in 1995. I can tell you that the nation is VERY passionate about the game. They are just CRAZY about football. I think when you are passionate about something, then you give 100% to it. That is why Brazil has won the Cup more than anyone else. And when they lose, they were really upset. The 2014 WC will be hosted by Brazil. and I can see them prepare for WC2014 the minute they lost 1-2 to Holland.

Enjoy.... just don't ever believe in the octopuss....

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ibnujusup said...

Now , they want to make a movie specially for Paul, the octopus

what a Word Cup, this is..:-)