Sunday, October 3, 2010

Man Utd Season 10/11

Time to write a bit about MU this season.

My last posting was about women in my life. MU is also part of my life.

I am now relating both.

My real name is Hisham. My MU connection is Hernandez
My wife's name Rosiniwati. She is Rooney
My kids all start with alphabet A. They are Anderson
My mother is Nekmah = Nani
My cat is Blue = Berbatov

My family is very important to me.
The MU connection (in my opinion) is going to be very vital for MU this season.

I do not want to make any predictions. But like any other season before, MU will be either Champions or a close second in the EPL.

Hernadez, Rooney, Anderson, Nani & Berba in my opinion will play a very important role in MU's quests for success. Whatever the outcome, I will support MU.

Lastly, another H will no doubt will make a welcome comeback. He is Hargreaves.