Monday, December 6, 2010

Preparation for holiday in NZ

I spent 6-9 Nov 2010 at Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I stayed for the 3 nights of tahlil and I managed to finish Surah Baqarah & Surah Al-Imran. I still feel sad to lose my mother-in-law. But I also "reda" for her passing away.

On 16th Nov 2010, my own mother was admitted to the emergency ward in University Hospital (UH). She is on insulin since early Sep2010. I gave her the jab at 2pm. After the insulin injection, she MUST take food, however little. After I injected her, I went straight to work as I needed to finish work before the Aidil Adha holidays. Unfortunately, she fell asleep and did not take her lunch. Her body sugar level went to bare minimum and she could hardly stand up. She was unconscious and that made it difficult for us to force food to her. We brought her straight to the Emergency ward. They straight-away gave her the drip and by midnight her sugar level was back to normal. I was very afraid that barely 10 days ago, I lost my mother-in-law & now I might lose my mother.Nevertheless I did my Maghrib & Takbir at the emergency ward surau and I also remembered that at this moment, there were 3 million people in Arafah doing their wukuf for the sake of Allah.

My wife & brother stayed back at the hospital, while I went back preparing something for tomorrow (Aidil Adha). Brother called at 5am, saying that mother can be discharged. I told him to wait for me until Fajr prayers that I will fetch both of them. Alhamdulillah mother came back home on morning Aidil Adha.

I went for sunnat prayers, then to my father's & grandparents' grave & straightway went to surau for the korban rituals. Many relatives also came to house to visit mother. Thank you Allah for the blessings that you gave to me & family. Also not forgetting mom-in-law who just passed away. The next 3 days were all reciting takbir & also eating red meat from kurban's. Alhamdulillah.

The following week was preparation to go to Auckland, NZ to visit my sister. This will be my first time to NZ. I am bringing the entire family for this trip including mother. I have 2 main niat for this trip:-

1. To close my relationship with sister (silaturrahim)
2. To observe the beautiful scenes in NZ and praise Allah for all the creation that He made so perfectly.

Verse from Al-Imran 190-191. The creations of heaven & the earth & the alteration of night and day are signs of the people who understand. Who remember Allah while standing, sitting or lying down, & give thought to the creations of heaven & the earth and say "You did not create this aimlessly, exalted are you, then protect us from the punishment of fire"

Bye2 Malaysia & hello NZ...

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