Saturday, March 29, 2014

Strategy in giving dakwah

I am writing mainly to those people who do dakwah out there.

I have outmost respect for them and I make doa that their efforts are rewarded by Allah azzawajal.
I seriously wanted to be a da'i one day, insyaallah. At the moment my dakwah is confined to my family members and close friends...And whatever I write in my blog.

There are several things that I think must be emphasis when giving dakwah:-

1. We give dakwah, hidayah comes from Allah. What this means is that we only give dakwah. The result of our dakwah is not for us to determine. It is the sole discretion of Allah. It is never a KPI for the one who gives dakwah on how many people that has been transformed into being mukminun. It is not an outcome based. It is the strategy that you adopted when giving dakwah and reaching it to as many people as possible. Follow Rasulullah, in the manner that he gave dakwah in terms of  convincing people that this Islam is for the good of oneself. Allah is not being affected by people not wanting Islam. People need Allah, and Allah does not need people. Sirah Rasulullah, when his very close uncle (guardian) did not join Islam even after many dakwah from Rasulullah.

2. Making doa. If a person makes a doa, and Allah granted that doa, then well and good. But, when doa is not granted, people think that Allah is being unfair. Actually people making dakwah have to emphasis that doa that is not granted  can be the best thing that can happen to you. By you getting what you wanted can spoil you in the coming future. What Allah gave is the best for you. Only in our limited knowledge that we think it is bad for us.

3. Kafir should NOT be treated in a bad way. This is what Rasulullah did. Do good deeds even to the kafirs. Show to them that Islam is the religion of love. Only confront them when they want to go to war with us. If they do good to us, never ever do bad things to them. If they oppress Islam, then will only we react.
4. When giving dakwah, do not start with all the don't in Islam. Start with giving all the good and awesome stuff in Islam. Always remind them of the Greatness of Allah and all the wonderful things that Allah has granted to us in this world. Remind them of Rasulullah's positive attitude towards life, with a lot of smile, love and compassion.

5. Always have sabr in the work of Allah. Rasulullah gave dakwah for 23 years. The first 13 years, there was only a handful of people who embrace Islam. But these few people's iman is so very strong because they know with all their heart that Islam is good for them. They believe in Allah, the akhirat, the Quran and Rasul so much that they gave their life for this course.

Masyaallah. If all the da'i can instill these 5 things, I sincerely believe that a lot more people will see Islam as truely wonderful and realise that they wanted to be a Muslim.

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