Saturday, March 29, 2014

Man United and Moyes season 2013/14......

Manchester United season as compared to the past 10 seasons is considered a DISASTER.

The key word in the above statement is "compared to". Because MU has been in the top 2 season for the past 10 years.

After 32 games, they are at 7th place and this is a LOW position considering their outstanding record under Sir Alex Ferguson.

They are still in the European Champions League quarter-finals. A win against the current ECL champions League Bayern Munich looks very unlikely.

The did reach the semi final of the League Cup, losing on penalties to Sunderland (at Old Trafford). They lost in the 3rd round of the FA Cup to Swansea (at Old Trafford). They lost 6 games at home to Liverpool (0-3), Manchester City (0-3), Spurs (1-2), Everton (0-1),
Newcastle (0-1) and West Brom (1-2).

The best position they can achieve is 5th place. They have to climb above Everton & Spurs which is not easy.

Besides the Bayern games, the away game at Everton is very crutial, so are the remaining 6 games of the season.

Anyway, with Moyes' past track record, I do not know whether he still will be MU manager come next season.

But one thing for sure, MU fans have not got this feeling of LOW for a long time. MU fans have long been pampered with trophies and finishing in the top 2, let alone in 7th place.

3-0 defeats to bitter rivals Liverpool and Man City also means that MU fans have lost the bragging rights to their rivals.

Tribute to the late Mr Lawrence How, who is the founder of Man United Supporters Club (Malaysia). He is a truely MU supporter having to run MUSCM on his own initiative, mainly through his passion of Man United. He used to call me "Duxbury", knowing well that Mike Duxbury is one of my favourite MU player of all time. Mike Duxbury is a utility player who can play in any outfield position and he never complaint to the gaffer. A true professional who has 400 over appearances for MU. 

Thank you Man United for all the entertainment that you have given me. I will support MU whatever is their position...

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